Australian Nappy Association: Launch of 'Get Into Cloth' Kits

We are thrilled to be involved in something very new and exciting in the cloth nappy world. It is the Australian Nappy Association! The ANA is a brand new not-for-profit association set up by and for cloth nappy businesses and advocates to work together to promote cloth nappies.


By working together, we believe the cloth nappy industry can achieve amazing things. As part of the ANA, Darlings Downunder will be pooling our strengths and skills with many other businesses, combining our resources to present a united and professional front. Through the provision of information, research, education, guidance and support to the industry and cloth nappy users, the ANA aims to grow the usage of cloth nappies. It is planned that the ANA website will become the primary source of accurate, up to date information on reusable nappies for parents, caregivers and government agencies in Australia.

There are some great projects in the works, including standardised washing instructions, and the 'Get Into Cloth' advocacy kit that launched at the Australian Breastfeeding Association's 'Liquid Gold' Conference on the weekend. And our own Fiona was there to help kick it off:

Each kit contains up to 6 nappies of different sizes and styles, detailed information about each nappy, flushable liners, myth busting & caring for cloth posters, ANA brochures & instructional DVD (you don't have to be an expert!) all packaged in a beautiful big wetbag.

So you want a closer look at the fabulous 'Get Into Cloth' advocacy kit? Here it is: 

If you think your ABA group, child health nurse, local council, maternity hospital, playgroup or other community group would benefit from having a 'Get into Cloth' kit that they can use to demonstrate reusable nappies to their clients, please point them in the direction of the ANA website.

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