And now for something completely different: Songs about cloth nappies!

Did you know there was a song out there about using cloth nappies? Actually, so far we've found three!

It's true! And we've got them here for you!

The first one, written and performed by dad (and early childhood educator and kids' entertainer) Mr Mike, is called 'I Use Cloth'. The clip's not very interesting, but at least you get to hear how the song sounds. The music may not be to everyone's taste, but I'm sure the lyrics (below clip) will hit a chord (ha-ha) with many of us. And isn't it great to hear a man so enthusiastic about cloth?

By Mr Mike
Your baby poops and your baby pees,
Every time she sits on your knees.
You want solutions? You want answers? Well, I got 'em.
Stop letting that child crawl around your house bare-bottomed.

Try those disposables; Look, Ma, no more tears.
So what if they sit in a landfill for so, so many years?
But there's something else out there for you,
If you want to give it a try.
They can fit on your newborn, your crawler, your walker,
Or you can buy 'em, One Size.

Try using cloth - they're amazing.
And they come in different colors.
If you use cloth, imagine the savings.
Don't worry if you annoy your mother.

There are so many styles to try.
There are so many brands to buy.
If you use cloth, the limit's the sky.
And I can't imagine why,
You wouldn't use cloth.

They're great for when I'm at home or when I go outside.
My baby's bottom isn't something I'm always trying to hide.
They're great for during the day.
They're absorbent for overnight, too.
My baby's backside is cute even if it's covered in poo.

I gotta tell you something, darling, that don't worry me:
I don't mind it at all when my baby poops or pees.
I got something so soft and snuggly on my baby's bottom.
I don't need no diaper pins, no rubber pants - so don't think I forgot 'em.
I just use cloth; That's my story.
Though I think I just made my wife mad.
I just tossed them all in the laundry,
But I forgot to close the Velcro tabs.

All-in-Ones are a style to try.
Prefolds are a kind you can buy.
Just wash 'em out and then let 'em dry.
Only 1 stash to buy and then you've got all your cloth.

They're great for when I travel, even to my great aunts.
They're perfect for when I just can't find a pair of clean pants.
I've got lots of regular ol' diapers; I've got organic ones too.
Either way my baby's backside is still cute even all covered in poo.

Your baby poops and your baby pees.
You gonna throw away your money honey,
Or are you gonna use cloth diapers like me?

And here a couple more for you to enjoy:

LANDFILL SPOSIE from the Cloth Diaper Foundation

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