8 Cloth Nappy New Year's Resolutions

Here are some Cloth Nappy related New Year's Resolutions for you to consider this year.

1. Switch to cloth (the obvious one!). If you're thinking about using reusable nappies, but haven't made the commitment, just try it. Find some great tips for transitioning from disposable nappies to cloth here.

2. Take part in a Great Cloth Diaper Change event. This global Guinness World Record attempt to raise awareness of cloth nappies will happen on 18th April and there are events being held around Australia (and the world). We're helping organise an event in Melbourne, but like the Australian Great Cloth Diaper Change Facebook page to be kept up to date with a location near you.

3. Donate. If you've finished with cloth nappies or have some that you don't use any more but are still in good condition, pass them on to a friend or consider donating them to an organisation like Nappies on a Mission.

4. Get together and have a 'nappycino'. Connect with other cloth nappy users in your area (if you'd like us to put a call out on Facebook, let us know) and meet up for a get together and a nappy chat. This can also be a great way to reach out to other parents in your community who are thinking about using cloth, or those who don't have anyone in real life to talk to about this stuff.

5. Use cloth at night. If you haven't made the leap to using cloth nappies at night, give it a shot!

6. Call your local council. Ask your local council whether their sustainability and waste minimisation programs encourage cloth nappy use. Some councils offer incentives (like rebates and nappy libraries) to encourage cloth nappy use. If yours doesn't, ask them to consider it. If you need any facts and figures for them to show that cloth nappies make a difference, let us know.

7. Use cloth wipes. It's surprising the number of people who use cloth nappies, but use disposable wipes. Reusable wipes are easy. Find some tips on using them here.

8. Chat to your midwife or health nurse at your next visit. Ask whether they'd consider introducing cloth nappy education in their classes (check out the Australian Nappy Association's Get Into Cloth Kit - it's a great education tool they can use).

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