4 Ways to fold a Prefold Nappy


Here, gathered in one spot, our favourite ways to fold a prefold nappy. This can be a bamboo prefold like the ones by Bubblebubs (see our post here for how to prep an unbleached cotton prefold),

Pad Fold

This is the easiest. Just fold the prefold into thirds and pop it in the cover.

You can fold the prefold horizontally or vertically: Horizontally gives you a shorter pad with lots of absorbency in the middle. Vertically gives you a longer pad with the absorbency evenly spread.

If the prefold is too long, shorten it by folding it down at the back (for extra poo containment) or the front (for more absorbency for a boy/tummy sleeper) before folding it into thirds.

Angel Wing Fold 

The most popular way to fold a prefold - especially for newborns when you need the extra coverage it provides for those explosive runny poos. It provides good absorbency at the front and the middle and reduced bulkiness at the back for comfort.

Jelly Roll Fold

A great fold for babies who need extra containment around the legs. It gives you a really good chance of holding explosive/runny poos in. It is a harder fold to do on a wriggly toddler, though!

Bikini Twist Fold

As the absorbency is concentrated in the middle, this can be a good fold for girls. It also works well for babies with chunky thighs. The trick is to cross your arms before grabbing hold of the corners of the prefold. Uncross your arms, and the 'twist' is made. You'll be in front or beside your baby rather than behind like in the video, but it's the same technique.

As with any of these folds, a snug, good fitting cover over the top is an important part of making the prefold + cover system work. We recommend covers with leg gussets (like Thirsties) for superior containment for runny newborn poos.

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