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Flat Nappy Folds: Bat Wing or Origami Fold

Added on 23 June 2014 in Bumboo, General Info & Advice, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies

The Bat Wing Fold (aka Butterfly, Chinese or Origami Fold) is one of the very first flat nappy folds I learned and it's still one of my favourites. A midwife taught me in hospital - this was almost 13 years ago, and the hospital used cloth nappies then. I used it all the time - especially in the early months - with my babies.

This nappy fold puts lots of absorbency in the centre where it's needed without too much bulk around the sides. It creates a nappy with a shorter rise than some others so is excellent for newborns. It's also quick and easy.

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Posted by Janice on 31 July 2017

I learned this fold forty one years ago when I

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