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Cloth Nappies and the impact of Microplastics

Added on 22 November 2019 in Darlings Downunder, Environmental considerations, General Info & Advice   |   0 comments

I know a lot of us are concerned about the number of news reports over the last few years regarding the shedding of microplastics from synthetic fabrics like polar fleece into waterways (and the wider environment) from the waste water of our laundries. While all fabrics shed in the process of their use and wash, microplastics don't break down, causing long term issues for marine life and the health of our waterways as well as the food chain. Microplastic originate from many industries, including... READ MORE

Behind the Brand: Close

Added on 07 July 2014 in Behind the Brand, Close, Environmental considerations, Ethical manufacture   |   0 comments

Close was started by two UK mums who were already running their own businesses focussed on baby carrying and reusable nappies. Martine Carroll and Claire Scott started the Close Parent company in 2004.  They launched their incredible popular carrier in 2007 (later revamped as the Caboo+organic in 2011), with the first version of the award winning Pop-In reusable nappy a year later. Ethical manufacture is incredibly important at Close. The nappies are made in a factory in China which is co... READ MORE

Behind the Brand: Tots Bots

Added on 17 June 2014 in Behind the Brand, Environmental considerations, Ethical manufacture, Tots Bots   |   0 comments

Fiona Smyth designed and made the first Tots Bots cloth nappies using an old towel in October 2000 for her own baby. "I was pretty surprised at how well my prototypes worked and took a very brave step….I ordered a 50 metre roll of towelling! I made some for friends and the feedback was really positive. I sent samples to a couple of internet nappy retailers (there were only about 8 at the time!) and they loved the nappies and placed their first orders immediately. At that point I didn’t even ... READ MORE

Nappies & Landfill

Added on 04 September 2013 in Environmental considerations, General Info & Advice   |   0 comments

No one's entirely sure how long it will take the disposable nappies that have been used over the last few decades to breakdown in landfill. The estimate is that it will take each disposable nappy 250-500 years to decompose*, depending on the landfill conditions. That's long after our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are gone. To put it in perspective: if Queen Elizabeth I of England (born 1533) has worn disposable nappies, it's likely that archaeologists would still be digging the... READ MORE

The Environmental Impact of Cloth versus Disposable Nappies

Added on 26 August 2013 in Environmental considerations   |   0 comments

The environmental impact of cloth nappies compared to disposable nappies, from the Life Cycle Assessment by the University of Queensland in 2009.This study considered the 'life cycle' impact: from the growing of cotton (for the cloth nappies) and timber (for the wood pulp used in disposables), the manufacture of the nappies and transportation, through to use (including water & energy used in washing cloth nappies) and disposal.Related post: https://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/blog/water-usa... READ MORE

Water Usage and Cloth Nappies, or, Does the water use argument wash?

Added on 08 October 2010 in Environmental considerations, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   5 comments

Water usage is a real issue for us in Australia, and it’s right that we should be concerned about how much water we use and do what we can to reduce our consumption. I just don’t believe that the water we use in washing reusable nappies is a valid argument against using cloth nappies, unless you’re on tank water or otherwise restricted in your access to water. There tend to be two water based arguments against using cloth nappies. 1. That the cost of the water and energy used in washing c... READ MORE