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Designer Bums Mini Wetbag

Designer Bums Mini Wetbag

Designer Bums

Cute and compact mini wetbag from Designer Bums! More info

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Designer Bums Mini Wetbag
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Designer Bums Premium PUL Mini Wet Bags are a compact size 16cm x 24cm with a single opening and a snap handle.

These cute and useful Mini Wet Bags are perfect to fit one Designer Bums cloth nappy plus Inserts, a bundle of nursing pads, a single swaddle, menstrual pads, tampons or cups, cloth wipes, or can even be used for cosmetics, medications, snacks, breast pump parts or dummy storage and anything else you can think of!

Our Premium Mini Wet Bags feature gorgeous, signature artist and designer prints

Perfect for a single cloth nappy change on the go!

Premium Designer Bums Wet Bag made from fully water resistant PUL outer (polyurethane laminate).Internal binding for added strength, zipper reinforcement and air-tightness

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