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Baby Bare 2-in-1 Double Wetbag

Baby Bare 2-in-1 Double Wetbag

Baby Bare

Two wetbags in one! More info

Darlings Tip: Really sturdy, double lined wetbags
Price $24.95
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Baby Bare 2-in-1 Double Wetbag
Otterley Adorable
Sea Turtles

Baby Bare's Double Wetbags have a gorgeous waterproof PUL outer and an additional PUL lining to keep everything dry (making them double lined and super sturdy and durable). Each bag features an exclusive Baby Bare printed fabric.

With a Double Wetbag, you get two wetbags in one: a larger bag measuring 35cm × 40cm, and a smaller detatchable bag measuring 20cm x 30cm that snaps to the front of the lager bag.

The new design wetbag has two looped handles to allow you to hang it from your pram. The two loops join together to make a great handle for easy carrying.

These wetbags are great for cloth nappies and accessories including your wipes, creams, and change mat. The bag strap has snaps to allow you to hang it from your pram or change table. You could use these while out and about, or instead of a nappy pail at home to collect a day's nappies at your change station. The wet bag can be used to store changes of clothes, your baby food, swimmers or anything else — wet or dry. These bags are incredibly useful!

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