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Baby Beehinds XL Hanging Wetbag

Baby Beehinds XL Hanging Wetbag

Baby Beehinds

This extra large hanging wet bag is a very versatile accessory for around the home More info

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Baby Beehinds XL Hanging Wetbag
Tutti Frutti

A great alternative to a nappy bucket for storing nappies prior to washing, this hanging wetbag has adjustable snap-in straps,and  it can be hung securely from a change table, door or anywhere really!

On wash day simply empty contents into washing machine, and then throw in the Hanging Wet bag as well!

It allows good circulation and keeps washing and nappies off the floor out of inquisitive babies way!

Available in our custom, limited edition prints this is a must have wet bag for your house or laundry!

Features includes: ·       
  • Soft polyester outer fabric lined with hidden PUL (water resistant) layer, to keep wetness & smells away!
  • Adjustable, snap in handles so you can switch between 1 or 2 handles depending on where you are securing the bag.   
  • High quality, PVC & Lead free zip closures
  • Made from two layers of polyester knit fabric with a waterproof layer sandwiched between them
  • Hold up to 24 wet nappies.
  • Dimensions 52cm x 74cm ·      

  Fully machine washable, simply wash with your nappies!

 Features & Useful Info

  •      Hang this in your nursery, bathroom and laundry or at your change station!
  •      Keep one upstairs, one downstairs for easy management of soiled nappies
  •       Also makes a great ‘dirty washing’ bag for your kids when they are out of nappies!  

 Tips & Tricks  

  •        To empty contents into machine, open the zip and tip nappies directly into the machine without touching them!

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