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Flip Potty Training Pack - 1 Trainer + 3 Inserts
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Flip Potty Training Pack - 1 Trainer + 3 Inserts


Training pants done right! Now your child can pull them up and down when it's time to go‚ or you can unsnap the side‚ making messy changes less messy. More info

Darlings Tip: Great Value...you get 3 changes in each pack!
Price $42.95
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Flip Potty Training Pack - 1 Trainer + 3 Inserts
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This pack contains- 1 pair of training pants and side panels and 3 replaceable inserts....so you get 3 changes from the one pair!!
The Flip one-size waterproof shell with replaceable organic cotton pads let your little one learn by feeling wetness.

Flip Potty Trainers are a unique pull-up‚ pull-down‚ snap-off‚ one-size potty training system made with replaceable one-size pads. The outer shell is made of PUL and has detachable tabs made of the same stretchy material we use for the tabs on all Flip and bumGenius products. The tabs attach with snaps. The replaceable one-size soakers are made of six layers of organic cotton jersey (the same fabric used to make Flip organic cotton inserts). The soakers attach to the shell using ultra-soft loop fabric.

Each limited edition Flip Potty Training Kit includes a one-size cover‚ your choice of color‚ and three one-size organic inserts.
Design by experienced potty training parents means usable‚ cost-effective products for you!

Flip Features:

• A waterproof shell‚ so no extra cover is needed.

• Wipe the inside of the cover out and use it over and over again!

• Form fitting elastic to prevent leaks.
• Stay put‚ feel wet pad for easier learning. Use a single pad for daytime. Use more for overnight.
• Disposable inserts are also available.
• Patent pending 3x3 adjustable snap system to fit most 18months-4T (approximately 20-50lbs/9-23kg)
•Colorful interchangeable tabs allow for almost 200 potential looks.

The replaceable‚ removable Flip™ inner pad made with ultra-absorbent organic cotton allows wet accidents to be changed without a whole new trainer‚ this feature is unique to Flip Trainers and translates into significant savings.

Washing Instructions
Wash hot‚ line dry cover‚ tumble dry insert. No laundry additives or softeners.
Fabric Content
Outer Cover: 100% Polyester
Side Panels: 95% Polyester‚ 5% Spandex
Pad: 100% Organic Cotton
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I used these trainers on my LO when she was toilet training. She is a very petite nearly 3 year old, she was still on the smallest setting. I liked the inserts, they were more absorbant than some other training pants we used. I found they held a full small to medium sized wee. Overall we loved these and we were very happy with our purchase.

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