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Super Undies Nighttime Hero Pants & Insert Set
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Super Undies Nighttime Hero Pants & Insert Set

Super Undies

Bedwetting pants can bring you peace of mind when you have a bed wetter. These waterproof bedwetting pants are specially designed to bring you maximum absorbency where you need it most. More info

Darlings Tip: The latest release from Super Undies - a nighttime option with a trimmer cut and an All-in-2 style
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Super Undies Nighttime Hero Pants & Insert Set
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Super Undies now offers two styles of reusable Bedwetting Pants: 'AIO Nighttime Undies' and these 'Nighttime Hero Pants'. AIO Nighttime Undies are an All-in-One Pull On with all absorbency attached (though you can add boosters if required) and you can find them here.

Super Undies Nighttime Hero Pants are a trimmer cut, have two parts - the waterproof shell and an insert set (comprising two separate inserts). We sell each Nighttime Hero Pant with a microfibre insert set so you're ready to go.


  • All-in-2 design
  • Inner PUL gussets that hold the insert set in place and provide extra waterproofing
  • Smaller insert can be stuffed inside the larger insert for trimmer feel
  • Wipeable interior
  • Soft fleece at legs and waist for comfort
  • Trimmer fit than the Nighttime Undies & smoother leg construction

Sizing & Absorbency:

  • Size 0:  (c18mths-2yrs) Waist 35.5cm, Legs 21.5cm, Microfibre Insert Set holds 320ml
  • Size 1: (c3yrs) Waist 40.6cm, Legs 24cm, Microfibre Insert Set holds 345ml
  • Size 2: (c4-6yrs) Waist 45.7cm, Legs 28cm, Microfibre Insert Set holds 400ml
  • Size 3: (c6-9yrs) Waist 50.8cm, Legs 31.75cm, Microfibre Insert Set holds 540ml

Leg & Waist measurements are at rest - they stretch quite a bit. Please note that reusable bedwetter pants are made of fabric and are always going to be bulkier and less discrete than disposable pull ons that rely on polyacrylate crystals to absorb.


For best results wash on warm (up to 60 degrees) with the recommended amount of detergent. Line dry or dry in dryer on low heat.

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