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Close Pull-Up Night & Day Training Pants
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Close Pull-Up Night & Day Training Pants


Dry during the day but not quite yet there at night? More info

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Close Pull-Up Night & Day Training Pants
Lala & Bugsy
Charles & Erin
Lala & Bugsy
Charles & Erin

Dry during the day but not quite yet there at night? Love to escape the cost of disposable pull-ups? The Pop-in night-time pants are the perfect reusable solution giving you and your little ones the peace of mind needed for dream filled nights.

Just like the Pop-in day pants, they can be pulled up and down easily, but there is also a full layer of waterproof PUL. Inside, the clever combination of absorbent and waterproof fabrics coupled with the deep elastic cuff help provide the ultimate protection against leaks.

The Night time pants come with 2 layers of microfibre built in and a pocket to add extra absorbency.

Please Note: These Night Time Pants are designed to handle a small amount of fluid (up to 120 mL), which is usually the volume of a single wee. With a booster added, it can absorb up to 250 mL. If your child wets more than once at night, it will leak. That’s because it’s a transitional product designed to handle a only small amount of fluid. If your child is waking with a very full nappy, or this nappy is leaking regularly, wait a few months until there are fewer night time accidents.


A great way to give your nipper a helping hand on the journey to potty independence!

Sizing (the following sizing is a guide only):

Medium 18-24 months, 11.5-12.5kg

Large 2-2.5 years, 12.5-13.5kg
XL 2.5+ years, 13.5kg+
2XL is 3.5+years, 15kg+

Composition: Outer 100% polyester TPU laminated, inside fast wicking polyester, inner core; 100% polyester


  • start by using the night time pants with a booster, and when it’s no longer full in the mornings, use the night time pants alone.

  • turn them inside out to put the booster in the pocket

  • The top slim booster from your Pop-in nappies fits perfectly inside the night pants and can be used to double the absorbency of the pants.


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