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Close Pop-In New Gen V2 Bamboo Nappy PACKAGES
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Close Pop-In New Gen V2 Bamboo Nappy PACKAGES


The new gen V2 Pop-In Bamboo nappies are the ultimate staple nappy for heavy wetters and overnight. Couple one of these with a nighttime booster and you've got an award-winning combination! More info

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Close Pop-In New Gen V2 Bamboo Nappy PACKAGES
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Close Pop In 3 Parts
Middle Box - 2016 Brights
Middle Box - Pastels

These nappies are available in either an  'Brights' mix or a 'Pastels' mix. The Brights contain an even mix of Apple Green, Fiesta Red, Pansy Purple, Princess Blue and Scuba Blue. The Pastels boxes contain an even mix of Peach Fizz, Lime Sherbert, Marshmallow, Aqua Haze and Cornflower Blue.

The mix of colours in a box cannot be customised.

Middle Box
10 complete pop-in nappies
3 nighttime boosters
1 small wet bag
1 roll of 80 liners
Package Price $359.95 

Please note: depending on stock levels there may be a short delay of up to a week before we can ship your order. If this is the case‚ we will notify you by email to advise.

The multi-award winning Close Bamboo Pop-In fits from 3–16kgs + (7–35lbs+) making this nappy a supremely flexible birth to potty solution. The one size design grows with your baby from birth to potty training independence and with soft‚ stretchy adjustable tabs‚ you can be assured of a perfect fit at every change.

Style: All-in-2 cloth nappy - each nappy comes complete with a bamboo soaker and a booster popped together in its clever waterproof outer shell. Additional soakers sets are available separately
Sizing: One Size Fits Most design fitting 3-16kgs + (7–35lbs+) making this nappy a supremely flexible birth to potty solution. Adjusts with a snap down rise. The maximum waist size of the Pop-in is 56-57cm.
Closure: Hook & Loop

- a double elasticated leg gusset for fantastic containment
- goes on the baby in one piece
- soft‚ stretchy adjustable tabs for a snug fit
- soft elasticated waistband and inner soaker to ensure a comfortable fit through all stages
- a multi poppering system snap down rise to adjust the size as baby grows
- an absorbent panel concealed within the gusset of the outer shell which helps hold the wetness in the middle of the nappy so parents get that extra dry time between changes

Differences to the V1 Close Pop-In Nappy
- The addition of elastic in the front and back pocket flaps eliminates the risk of the flaps riding up when worn. Now, instead of having to hold the front pocket down to put the nappy on, the front pocket stays down automatically.
- There is now no elastic in the back of the bottom soaker. This reduces bulk at the back and affords a more comfortable fit.
- Instead of the snaps being in the soaker itself, they are attached by tabs into the shell of the nappy.
- Hidden washing tabs have been added so the wash tabs are no longer against the baby's skin.
- Please note that previous versions of the Pop-In soakers are not compatible with the New Gen V2 nappy.

Composition: Has a soft touch waterproof TPU outer shell and has been manufactured ethically in China using Oekotex standard 100 Azo free dyes. The soakers sets are 70% bamboo/30% cotton.
- Bamboo is a luxuriously comfortable cloth that is antibacterial‚ antifungal‚ hypoallergenic and naturally breathable to keep babies happier for longer and that’s just the way it is naturally. It’s natural structure means it is cool in the summer and warm in winter.
- Bamboo is recommended for parents who are concerned about sensitive or allergy prone skin‚ or those who simply want an alternative to cotton or man-made fibres.
- Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world‚ mainly because it has an extraordinary capacity to absorb water which helps it to grow faster. The end result is an excellent wicking fibre‚ which is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo is grown naturally‚ without industrialised farming. It is sustainable‚ and thrives without pesticides or fertilizers. It is 100% biodegradable‚ cuts like grass and re-shoots without being uprooted which means it can grow in places where other crops are simply not viable.

Manufacturing Information:
The factory in China used to produce the Close Pop-In nappies is actually co-owned by one of Close's directors. This means Close were able to custom build it, and have a big say in the social responsibility issues - the workers are paid fairly with excellent conditions and leave provisions, they have a chef that provides lunch and also have regular company outings. 
To help with the environmental footprint, they also chose to set their factory up in Xuchang as that's where all the fabrics used in production are manufactured.

Warranty: 6 months on all properly cared for products from the date of purchase
Rated 4 out of 5 stars
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I love the bamboo V2 close pop ins! They are the only nappy that we do not have any fit/leak issues with. My boy has skinny legs but a larger waist so it was always hard to find a nappy suitable. The Velcro makes it very user friendly and the absorbency is amazing! The only downside is that because it is a snap in insert that has elastic, poo seems to get squished in and it is not as easy to clean as other nappies. Lovely bright colours!

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