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Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights One Size Fitted V2 Nappy PACKAGES

Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights One Size Fitted V2 Nappy PACKAGES


A soft, luxurious fitted nappy that fits from birth to toilet training More info

Darlings Tip: Revamped in 2018 with the addition of bamboo fleece absorbency!
From WAS $197.70 NOW $185.00
Want to buy multiples? Discounted package options are available for this item.
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Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights One Size Fitted V2 Nappy PACKAGES
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Robins Egg
Pink Flamingo
Spring Moss
Enchanted Forest

6 pack - $185 (RRP $197.70)

12 pack - $355 (RRP $395.40)

**Depending on  current stock levels of this product and your colour selections, there may be a wait of 5-7 days before we can ship your order. We will email to advise if this is the case, Thanks**

Please let us know any colour requests in the 'more info' box.

NZ Customers: Unfortunately we are currently unable to send Bubblebubs products to NZ due to distribution arrangements.

Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights Fitted Cloth Nappies are so beautifully soft and luxurious. The bamboo velour is lush and perfect against the delicate skin of babies. Bamboo Delights are a one sized nappy that fit beautifully from birth. They don't need rise snaps as the fabric is so soft and plyable that the nappy simply folds to fit your babies shape, quite ingenious really!

These fitted cloth nappies are made from a luscious bamboo and organic cotton blend fabric milled specifically to Bubblebubs' specifications making it not only superb quality but has a much higher bamboo content than other similar fabrics which increases absorbency.

Style: Fitted nappy - requires a cover to be worn over the top to keep clothes dry.
Sizing: Birth to 15+kg
Closure: Side Snaps
Composition: Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights nappies have a hidden layer of organic cotton flannel snuggled between 2 layers of super soft bamboo velour. The snap in booster is a 30x30cm trifold consisting of 2 layers of thick bamboo fleece and 1 layer of bamboo velour.


  • Side snaps reduce the chance of wing drop, makes it hard for children to take off their nappy and reduces bulk at the front of the nappy.
  • 2 layers of snaps so you can snap the waist independent of the legs which is great for babies with either chunky thighs or super skinny ones!
  • 'Low Rise' fit so nice and trim on older babies whilst still being super absorbent
  • Large amount of stretch with gentle elastic at the waist, legs and back to give a superb fit.
  • If you are using them overnight and have a heavy wetting child try adding a prefold between the outside of the nappy and the cover to increase the absorbency even more without affecting the fit.

Manufacturing Information:

  • Bubblebubs is a 100% Australian owned family business who partner with an ethically run factory in China to make the Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights nappies
  • The women that make Bubblebubs nappies are paid a fair and living wage and their working conditions are second to none

Warranty: 6 months on all properly cared for products from the date of purchase or birth of child whichever is later.

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