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100% Australian Lanolin

100% Australian Lanolin

Darlings Downunder

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Darlings Tip: Lanolin from Australian Sheep!
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100% Australian Lanolin

Have you noticed that a lot of the lanolin available out there for lanolising wool covers and longies comes from overseas? Even the lanolin from the chemist? Why? We certainly have enough sheep here‚ and lanolin is extracted during wool processing‚ but it is hard to source lanolin in Australia of a pure enough grade suitable for using near a baby’s skin. Darlings Downunder has managed to source premium quality Australian anhydrous lanolin that has been purified to a cosmetic/pharmaceutical grade and so can be used to lanolise wool covers.

Our lanolin comes from Australian sheep‚ is processed by Australian workers and is packaged in Australia! It comes in a 20ml or 50ml jars and 10ml sample are also available.

Lanolin is what makes a wool cover so effective. Wool is an amazing product – the cellular structure of the fibres allow it to not only absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, but it also wicks moisture into the air‚ keeping itself relatively dry. It also neutralises urine. Lanolin has water-repellent‚ antifungal and antibacterial properties. Its original purpose was to waterproof the sheep and protect its skin from infection‚ but we use it to lanolise our wool covers‚ making them water resistant.

How to use 100% Australian Lanolin by Darlings Downunder

Lanolising and care for wool covers: Find more information and step by step instructions (and photos!) here.

Wool covers only need be washed when they’re soiled or start to retain smells. They’ll need to be lanolised once a month or so or if they start being less absorbent. Well lanolised covers used in rotation should last a week or two between washings (unless soiled). Between wears make sure you air out the cover. Hand wash in wool wash. If you can find a lanolin rich wool wash you may not need to lanolise your cover as often. Do not subject your wool covers to rapid changes of temperature (especially hot) and don’t agitate the covers – this can cause the wool to felt. After washing you can lanolise.

Use a small amount (pea sized amount per cover) of 100% Australian Lanolin and melt it into hot water. If you have trouble with the lanolin dispersing through the water‚ add a couple of drops of baby shampoo and mix it through. Add this to a sink or basin of enough warm water to immerse the covers in‚ making sure the lanolin is dispersed well. When the water is at room temperature‚ place your covers (inside out) into the basin and submerge. Let them soak in the basin for at least 30 minutes. Then drain out the water and wrap the covers in a towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Don’t rinse. Lay them out flat to dry.

New wool covers might need two lanolin treatments to become fully water resistant‚ especially if being used for a heavy or nighttime wetter.

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