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Darlings Downunder Biodegradable Liners
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Darlings Downunder Biodegradable Liners

Darlings Downunder

These are Darlings Downunder's own biodegradable liners for use in both cloth and disposable nappies. More info

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Price $11.95
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Darlings Downunder Biodegradable Liners

Made of 100% bamboo and very soft‚ these liners are disposable and biodegradable‚ making clean up easier.

Each roll has 100 liners sized 14x27cm‚ a perfect fit for nappies. The liner is placed on the inside of the nappy and lets liquids through to the nappy while retaining solids.

Liners that are only wet should be disposed of in the rubbish or compost. Soiled liners can be lifted up‚ solids and all‚ and once solids are flushed down the toilet, the liner can be disposed of in the rubbish/compost.

Biodegradable/flushable liners are not recommended for septic systems or for old/damaged drains.
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A great liner, perfect size and catch everything it is supposed to the only down side is that i find them a bit hard to break off of the roll.

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These liners are great!
They feel soft and still catch the solids while letting the liquid through making changing/cleaning a lot easier as you just pop in the loo and flush
They're the perfect size too.

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