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Thirsties One Size Pocket Nappies

Thirsties One Size Pocket Nappies


Thirsties new One-Size Pocket Nappy is ultra-absorbent, easy to use, and designed to provide a great fit for most babies from 4-18kg (8 to 40 lbs). More info

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Price $34.95
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Thirsties One Size Pocket Nappies
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Thirsties new One-Size Pocket Nappy is ultra-absorbent, easy to use, and designed to provide a great fit for most babies from 4-18kg (8 to 40 lbs). Pairing an adjustable rise with Thirsties' signature leg gussets ensures messes will be contained whether your baby is tall, short, slim or chunky. The included inserts provide eight thirsty layers of absorbency, making this a dependable nappy for both day and nighttime use. Plus, there is no need to remove soiled inserts before washing, toss the Thirsties One-Size Pocket Nappy in the washing machine and the insert will agitate free during the wash cycle.

Style: Pocket Nappy - come with Thirsties' specialty inserts featuring three layers of serged microfiber terry snapped together with five serged layers of hemp jersey. (When using both inserts with a newborn simply fold down the hemp insert and snap together with the microfiber insert.)

Sizing: One Size Fits Mosts - 4 to 18kg (8 to 40 lbs)

Closure: Available in Snap or Hook & Loop (velcro) closures

Outer: 100% polyester with waterproof urethane coating
Inner: 100% polyester microfleece
Newborn Insert: 100% polyester–microfiber terry - Microfiber is a fast absorber designed to rest closest to your baby's skin (beneath the microfleece sleeve)
Full Size Insert: 55% hemp, 45% cotton - Hemp is a stable absorber and pairs perfectly behind the microfiber to add more absorbency and prevent compression leaking
FREE of VOC’s, PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex

- A two-piece NAPPYING system combining absorbent inserts and a waterproof sleeve nappy
- An adjustable rise for extended use to suit your growing baby

- Handy pocket design features openings on both end of the nappy, allowing for easy insert stuffing from either side of the cloth diaper and make for easy cleaning.
- Leg gussets provide superior protection against leaks
- No need to remove soiled inserts; they agitate out in the wash
- Inserts can be used individually or snapped together to provide four different absorbency and size options.
- Pliable and breathable in fun colors!
- Microfiber terry & hemp combo insert for optimal absorption; 8 layers in all!
- elastic casings are super soft against your baby's skin
- Use from birth-to-potty and save $

Manufacturing Information: Manufactured in Colorado, USA. Thirsties are committed to fair and sustainable labor practices, providing people in their own communities with jobs, and helping local economies. All fabric and components are sourced as locally as possible, carbon created in the transport of Thirsties products is 100% offset by Renewable Energy Certificates, the Thirsties warehouse is 100% powered by wind energy and 100%of their scrap fabric is recycled and re-purposed for insulation and other uses.

Warranty: 12 months on all properly cared for products from the date of purchase.

Care & Content:
Machine wash warm or hot- No hotter than 130 degrees Fahrenheit ( 54 degrees Celsius). Dry in dryer (Cool or Warm setting only) or hang to dry.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
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My favourite nappy, hands down! These nappies suit babies and toddlers of different ages, with boosters to customise the absorbency. My 2yo son uses the standard inserts + two boosters per nappy, and he gets 2-2.5 hours on average before needing a change.

So much to love! These nappies are lined with microfleece, which do not irritate my son’s sensitive skin. The elastics and the double gussets prevent leaks, but don’t cut into the skin. The absorbency is customisable with matching boosters. The designs look gorgeous. The nappies aren’t bulky, even when boosted. The staff at my son’s daycare can put these nappies on and off with ease, because they are as simple as using a disposable. The wide openings make the stuffing process quick and easy. They’re daddy-approved, grandma-approved, and daycare-approved!

These nappies are durable too. Mine have daily pre-washes + long hot washes every second day. I often tumble dry the inserts. 1.5 years later and they are still going strong!

Thirsties make high-quality, well-designed nappies. They are an ideal workhorse nappy and I’d recommend them to any family who want to try cloth nappying. Thank you Darlings for introducing me to them!

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A great nappy. I was expecting this to be like the AIO (which I love) but with a pocket so was a little disappointed.

I also don't like the two sided pocket and the double gusset is a little gimmicky.

However this nappy has super absorbent inserts and a gentle inner fabric to go against baby's delicate skin.

Although gimmicky, the double gusset leads to a great fit and the elastic is gentle and so doesn't leave angry marks behind.

I don't reach for this one as much as my others but I should because it's so reliable and easy to fit.

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I used these nappies on my baby. I found them to be good quality and the extra gusset in the legs really helped to contain leaks. Overall one of the favourite nappies that I own.