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GroVia All-in-2 Hybrid Shells

GroVia All-in-2 Hybrid Shells


The GroVia Hybrid combines the industry’s most innovative (and cute!) waterproof cloth nappy shells with a super-flexible suite of absorbency layers – including both cloth and disposable options. More info

Darlings Tip: Use with GroVia Soaker Pads or BioSoakers!
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GroVia All-in-2 Hybrid Shells
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Have Baby Will Travel

The GroVia Hybrid All-in-2 nappy combines the industry’s most innovative (and cute!) waterproof cloth nappy shells with a super-flexible suite of absorbency layers – including both cloth and disposable options. Finally, parents are free to use earth- and baby-friendly diapering approaches that fit any lifestyle. From travel, to daycare, to time at home, hybrid cloth nappies have you covered.

Style: All-in-Two nappy - SHELL ONLY - Organic cotton, no prep, bamboo prefold, and biodegradable/compostable disposable soakers are available separately here. Find a comparison of the options here.
Sizing: One Size Fits Most fits babies 8-30+lbs (3.6kg-14+ kg). Adjusts with snap down rise
Closure: Snaps or Hook & Loop
Composition:  Inner Body: 100% Polyester Mesh; Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU

- innovative cloth nappy Shell is designed to allow for multiple wears between washes
- fun and fashionable prints
- can be used as a cover over fitteds or prefolds
- trim design

Manufacturing Information: Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

Warranty: GroVia cover all manufacturing defects on GroVia products for one full year from the date of purchase.

Care Instructions:
- Wash hot with detergent and tumble dry 5-6 times before use. They will continue to gain more absorbency as you wash them.
- Remover as much solid matter as possible
- Place soiled nappy in a dry nappy bucket - no soaking necessary
- Wash every 2 days on warm with detergent
- OK to Tumble dry
- Do NOT use bleach‚ enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
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Grovia Hibryds make up the bulk of our stash. I got a good deal at an expo and since then I have continued to add a few shells.
We started using then when baby was about 2 months. He is 13 months and fits just as perfect.
The nappy is trim but not so much that becimes tricky to fit. The elastics are if great quality ensuring a good fit and minimising leaks.
We use tge snaps at home and hook and loop for childcare.
The only disadvantage is probably the ling time the natural soakers take to dry in winter. Other than that, one of our favorites.

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We have only one GroVia in our stash, but wish there were more. When I purchased this nappy but did not realise the cover is sold separately to the soaker (I blame baby brain because it's very obviously stated in the description!)
Once I ordered & received the soaker, I immediately regretted not adding another cover to my order also.
The things I really love about this nappy are:
- Trim fit
- Solid & well secured snaps
- Stylist designs, even for boys
- Easy for other non-cloth regulars to use. My mum came out from changing August the other day & commented that this was her favourite nappy to use by far. Even asked if she could buy me some more - win!
Cost is the only negative with this nappy. It's on the pricer side, when you combined the cover/shell with a soaker pack. Time will tell if the extra cost is worth it.

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Until recently I've only ever had the velcro version of these (which I love and are so easily customised to fit bub, plus the velcro isn't bulky or scratchy at all), but now I have the snaps version I'm even more in love. They are such great quality covers, nice and thick but so soft and comfortable fit bub, good solid snaps, gorgeous colours and prints too! Love that they have snap-in inserts to fit them, but that they can easily be used with any insert (or fitted etc) available. I have GroVia nappies from my second child that I used around 6 years ago that are still going strong, so I'm a huge fan of GroVia!

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Grovia AI2 nappies comprised the bulk of my nappy stash for my first baby. It's a trim fitting, versatile nappy system. I love the re-usability of the shell, if not soiled or wet, making it an economical system. I initially used the snap in soaker pads as I reluctant to do prefolds. The soakers were great initially but at around 11 months I found we were getting a few leaks. This was resolved by adding more absorbency in the form of the grovia booster. I initially used the snap in soakers as I reluctant to do prefolds but over time I ended up using size 3 prefolds for naps and also size 2 during the day and actually found the prefolds to be great. They were easy to use, tended to be more absorbent and dried quickly. They maybe a bit bulkier compared to the snap in soaker pad but for home use they are great and a cheaper option to increase your stash size. My grovia nappies have worn well and will be used for my second baby

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I have been using Grovia hybrid system for 2 years (for day time nappies) since my first son was a few weeks old. I have used lots of different brands, but their hybrid nappies are the most versatile nappies Ive used so far! Now my 2-year old toddler and 6-week newborb use the same shells with different inserts - I usually use size 1 prefolds with the newborn and snap-in soakers (stay dry or organic cotton ) or size 2 prefolds with the toddler. Among the variety of soaker pads and prefolds you can easily customise the level of absorbency!

I use both hook & loop and snap shells - I found it easier to use h&l with newborns as it is easier to adjust the fit, and snap shells with toddlers as they can undo h&l too easily!

It is truly OSFM and it is just so easy to be able to have one system that works for both newborn and toddler!

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Hi all,
We started using Grovia Hybrids on our first born only a couple of months ago. She is now 4 months old and we have not had one leak!!! These are great and easy to use. For inserts we use a combination of infant prefolds and no prep and organic cotton Soaker pads. My husband prefers the soaker pads over the prefolds. Im happy to use either. We only use these for day time use. While these are keeping things in and are very easy to use, the only negative thing I would say is that the hook & loop can start to pil - I'm a little bit OCD so that gets to me but once she can start to pull the velcro tabs, i will happily get them with the snaps. Or get the correct ones converted to snaps. :)

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