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Bambooty Basics BAMBOO All-in-2 Modern Cloth Nappy

Bambooty Basics BAMBOO All-in-2 Modern Cloth Nappy


A quality nappy at a budget price, the Bambooty Basics Nappy is a fast drying, easy to use nappy from an Australian owned business. More info

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Price $29.95
Print or Plain
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Bambooty Basics BAMBOO All-in-2 Modern Cloth Nappy
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Apple Green
Lily White
Baby Bird Blue
Wattle Baby
Gum Nut Cockatoo
Nee Naw
Save Our Oceans!
Beach babes
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Summer Shapes
Sail Away
Bondi Blue
A quality nappy at a budget price, the Bambooty Basics Nappy is a fast drying, easy to use modern cloth nappy from an Australian owned business. Additional inserts and boosters are available separately to make this a truly customisable system.

Style: All-in-2/Snap-In
Sizing: One Size Fits Most design (approx 4-16kg)
Closure: Snaps

Outer of soft and fluffy minky laminated with waterproof PUL with an inner of smooth stay dry suedecloth.

  • These Bamboo Nappies come with a Snap In Insert with three layers of absorbent bamboo/organic cotton fabric and a stay dry top of suedecloth.
The Minky is laminated with high quality breathable Polyurethane laminate as usual, only instead of our usually smooth outer PUL - See more at: http://bambooty.com.au/blog/Modern-cloth-nappy-basics#sthash.DUmZrvgJ.dpuf
- All-in-2 style - extra snap in inserts can be purchased and the outer shell of the nappy reused if still clean & dry
- Snap down rise with 4 size settings
- Long insert can be folded to suit boys or tummy sleepers

Manufacturing Information:

- Bambooty is a 100% Australian owned family business who partner with a family run factory in China to make the Bambooty Basics nappies

All goods are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) months from the date of purchase.


Rated 4 out of 5 stars
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I’ve used cloth nappies full-time since my baby was about 5 kilos. She is petite but evenly proportioned (occasionally chubby), and is a fairly light wetter.

Bambooty BASICS were among the first MCNs I ever bought. I have four in a stash of about 40 and we use cloth fulltime (except on daycare days, now).

Some pros:

They’re cheap! I initially looked at second hand nappies, but I couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge, and when I found that new Bambooty BASICS were comparable, I was happy to go with these.

They’re cute! Like many cloth nappy brands, these nappies come in a variety of bright and beautiful prints that make your heart happy.

They’re all-in-two nappies, which are my favourites because stuffing pockets can be a bit annoying, but pressing inserts into snaps is a bit fun, like playing with bubble wrap.

They’re trim! Bulk is not a huge deal for me, but it can be easier to put pants on your baby if their cloth bum isn’t gigantic.

A couple of cons:

For a little while, I stopped reaching for these because we kept getting leaks. Eventually, someone taught me how to fit front snapping nappies a bit better (snap down a rise, tuck the cover around the inserts - there are heaps of good resources around on fit!) and we’ve had no issues since.

After almost a year or so of use, one of my inserts is starting to show the very first signs of wear. Given that they were some of my cheapest nappies, I’m not too unhappy about this.

At purchase, I upgraded to the bamboo inserts over microfibre, which means my baby can wear them for longer, and was therefore a great decision! Bamboo inserts do take longer to dry though, and I’ve noticed these take longer than some of my other brands’ bamboo inserts, too.

Now that we’ve sorted out our fit issues, my baby lasts hours in these. I don’t consider them our thirstiest nappy (that honour goes to some bulkier ones in our stash) but sometimes it’s good to have some less absorbent nappies on hand for, say, the couple of hours after the last change before bath time.

On the whole, I recommend this nappy as a good, fairly cheap option that should work just fine, but might have some leak issues if fit isn’t right or your baby is an especially heavy wetter.

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Bambooty BASICS are a great workhorse nappy. I intended to use them from birth, but they dwarfed my average weight and build baby, and had many poo leaks as a result even at the smallest setting. We ended up starting to use them at about 10 weeks when we were able to get a good seal around the waist and legs.

We have both the bamboo and microfibre inserts, and find we're more likely to get compression leaks with the microfibre. Provided the gusset of the nappy is tucked properly into the creases, the bamboo inserts work beautifully, and we use the oval boosters to accommodate bub's heavier wetting phase. I would highly recommend the bamboo over the microfibre if you were to only choose one.

It's intuitive to fit and snap the nappies together, so it's great for occasional carers like family. And the AI2 system makes it dry quite quickly, even in winter, although the bamboo do take longer to dry. That said, bub was a winter baby and we didn't need to use the dryer at all.

We have acquired a few brands of nappies over time, but Bambooty still makes up the bulk of our supply, and I'll reach for these first.

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I absolutely love my Bambooty cloth nappies. I only use the BASIC range and they have been absolutely brilliant. Very user friendly and the absorbency is 5 Star! Couldn’t recommend this product more!

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The Bambooty Ai2 BASICS is the second brand of cloth nappy I started using on my daughter.
I have found the BASICS nappies to have the most attractive prints and colour range. The mink fabric is a favourite of ours.
Each nappy came with a shell and a single insert.
We found the fit to be easily adjustable as bub continues to grow.
However, a single insert doesn't absorb effecrively for heavy wetters; resulting in leakage.
In saying this, such as issue was easily remedied by lining the shell with multiple inserts.
The nappies are durable are still holding strong after 12months of use.
I have recommended the Bambooty BASICS to fellow Cloth Parents ????

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I've now used my Bambooty Basics on Two children one as a toddler and one as a newborn.

I found with my then toddler I got alot of compression leaks and at the time didn't have the bambo boosters which I think would have made a big difference.

For my new born I started using my bambooty basics when he was 2 weeks old and have loved them his now five months. I find it so easy to get a good fit and haven't had any leaks even with just the microfiber insert. They are a lovely slim fit making them easy to fit under jumpsuits.

The minky fabric is still lovely and soft after numerous washes.

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we have been using the Bambooty applicious for around 2 weeks now and wow we love it! after using CC's I decided we wanted to branch out and try some other brand with this bambooty being one of them. I am pleasantly surprised in how soft and colourful this nappy it, with a great fit on my 10kg bub, the absorbency is great with no leaking of any kind even on them busy days where changes aren't as close together as if like, washing has been a breeze with the nappy keeping its nice soft feel and dries nice and quick allowing it to be used again.

Over all this Nappy is great and definitely a must have and with all the amazing colours and prints buying a couple extra to bulk up your stash or even create you stash it is well worth it.


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Bambooty basics were some of the first nappies we used. We had initially purchased micro fibre inserts, but after a couple of months we decided to upgrade to the bamboo inserts, as the micro fibre was prone to compression leaks, and generally didn't hold enough with out heavy wetter. They are good value for money though- the elastics stayed tight and the mink soft, despite constant use for many months.

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I love this nappy and brand! Such a simple design, very hubby friendly, the bamboo inserts are super absorbent. Elastics are nice and soft so don't leave red marks. Plus the minky is so fluffy and cute.