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Smart Bottoms Onesize Organic 3.1 Cloth Nappy
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Smart Bottoms Onesize Organic 3.1 Cloth Nappy

Smart Bottoms

The Smart Bottoms brand combines clever design, high quality, and practicality to make a popular All-in-One modern cloth nappy that looks amazing and just works. More info

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Smart Bottoms Onesize Organic 3.1 Cloth Nappy
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The Smart Bottoms brand combines clever design, high quality, and practicality to make a popular All-in-One modern cloth nappy that looks amazing and just works. And now Smart Bottoms is available in Australia!

Easy to use, great absorbency without bulk, customisable, and thirsty organic fabric means the Smart Bottoms 3.1 modern cloth nappy ticks all the boxes.

Style: All-in-One Nappy

Sizing: One Size Fits Most 4.5kg to 16+kg. Adjusts with snap down rise.

Closure: Snaps

Outer – 100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate
Inner – 100% certified organic cotton with a total of 10 super absorbent layers

Smart Bottoms' certified 100% organic cotton fabric is milled to their specifications in South Carolina and is finished using only boiling water.

No more than 4 layers of absorbent material is sewn together in any one spot. This allows optimal water and airflow between layers for superior cleaning and faster drying.


  • Interior consists of 10 thirsty layers of certified organic cotton
  • All-in-One design means quick and easy changes
  • Patent pending design means faster drying time
  • Adjustable One Size cloth nappy provides a customisable fit for most babies from close to birth to toilet training
  • Wide leg elastic to reduce red marks & prevent leaks
  • Gentle elastic around legs and waist provide protection against leaks

Manufacturing Information: Manufactured in the USA in Michigan and Arkansas.

Warranty: 12 months manufacturer's warranty on all properly cared for products from the date of purchase.


Before Use: Because Smart Bottom's cotton fabric is so pure, it still contains natural oils and will take several washes before it is ready to use the first time. Smart Bottoms believe it is much safer to wash your nappies a few extra times than for them to strip the fabric with harsh chemicals. It typically takes 6-8 washes to fully prep your Smart Bottoms nappies. Before you use your nappies for the first time, check to make sure they are ready by pouring a small amount of water on a dry nappy. If the nappy absorbs the water instantly, it is ready to use. If it takes even a couple of seconds to absorb, it needs a couple more washes.

Washing: Wash every 2-3 days. Prewash cycle on warm, followed by a main wash cycle on warm or hot (60deg). Use the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your load size. Do not wash over 60 degrees.

Do not soak in anything other than water, and then only for 30 minutes. Do not use bleach. Do not overexpose to UV once nappies are dry. Bring them in from the line on hot summer days.


Rated 4 out of 5 stars
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I am actually quite surprised I like this nappy. Initially I was a bit hesitant as it looks so trim and the inserts look quite thin. I like the fact that uses natural fibres and is organic. I also read that it does take a couple of washes to get to maximum absorbency as the fabric is not pre-treated. Even then, after only using it for the first time, absorbency was great for my average wetter.
The fit is good and the nappy is nice and stretchy. My bub is 6kg at the moment and I have not had any issues with fit. The rolled edges on the leg casings do not leave any red marks on my bub. I have not had any leaks so far. I also love the rover print which is the one I have.