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Little Squirt Nappy Sprayer

Little Squirt Nappy Sprayer

Little Squirt

The easy way to clean nappies! Just squirt the poo off the nappy into the toilet bowl and flush. So easy to install - no special skills or tools are required. More info

Darlings Tip: Australian made and owned!
Price $85.00
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Little Squirt Nappy Sprayer

The Little Squirt is a water sprayer that attaches to your toilet plumbing, and assists to clean your dirty nappies.

As the Little Squirt is Australian made by plumbers‚ it is designed to meet Australian standards and comes with a full manufacturer's warranty.

Backflow Concerns: While DIY and overseas manufactured nappy sprayers may not have taken backflow prevention into account, the Little Squirt has been manufactured with TWO separate backflow check valves/devices, so even if something really untoward happens with your toilet, contaminated water cannot flow back into your home's water supply through the Little Squirt.

Please note that the Little Squirt is not suitable for hidden plumbing - your toilet tap must be visible on the wall next to the cistern to be able to attach the fittings.

The Little Squirt come complete with a wall bracket and a non-return backflow valve and a backup backflow device.

When installed‚ the Little Squirt becomes an additional part of the toilet suite and will not interfere with the normal operation of the toilet.

Always twist the safety nut to the closed position after each use.
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