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Designer Bums Nursing Pads Pair
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Designer Bums Nursing Pads Pair

Designer Bums

A pair of thirsty nursing pads with some Art Pop fun with Designer Bums artist prints. More info

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Designer Bums Nursing Pads Pair
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Now breastfeeding mothers can enjoy some Designer Bums style for themselves! Super comfortable and stylish Nursing Pads are made with 2 layers of highly aborbent natural fibres, consisting of premium bamboo fleece and topped with a layer of waterproof PUL, featuring our signature designer prints. 3 layers of fabric in total (2 for absorbency) Natural, soft bamboo is the perfect fabric for tender skin. Large size of

13cm in length and suitable for moderate flow.


Prewash before use - Bamboo will continue to build up in absorbency with more washes.

It is important to ensure pads are completely dry after washing and between uses. To get pads completely dry use a low to medium tumble dry if needed. To avoid skin irriation and leakage, change pads frequently when wet and avoid leaving wet pads on skin for long periods of time. All breasts are shaped differently, so place the pad in a position that works best for you. To avoid mold forming, wash pads every second day in a hot wash with the full amount of detergent recommended for your load size. A periodic anti-bacterial treatment in canesten or dettol rinse is fine. Placing pads in a delicates bag helps to keep all of the small parts together in the wash.

Avoid fabric softeners and other products that might impact absorbency.

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