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FREE Cloth Nappy Guide: Everything you need to know to get started with cloth nappies!

Do you want all the information you need in one place, created by experts you can trust?

  • No more research required!
  • Expert advice to help you use cloth nappies in a way that works for your family
  • General information that works for ALL brands
  • Designed to be simple enough not to overwhelm, but with enough detail so you can feel confident with your choices


  • Reusable nappy styles, pros and cons of each
  • Fabric options - what you need to get started
  • Getting the fit right
  • Washing
  • Cloth nappying a newborn
  • Nighttime cloth nappying
  • Cloth nappy myths
  • Encouragement from real parents letting you know how much extra work is really involved with reusable nappies

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