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What about the chemicals in disposable nappies?

You won’t find a long treatise on our site explaining all the potential health hazards of disposable nappies. There have been concerns raised about dioxins, sodium polyacrylate gel, tributylin, increased scrotal temperature and the possible link to asthma among others. And it is one of the reasons some parents decide to use cloth nappies. But we’re not going to address these issues.

Three reasons.

Firstly, this is not our area of expertise. We do not believe our education or experience has provided us with the authority to offer advice regarding disposable nappies and the possible impact on your child's health.

Second, we don’t operate on a fear basis. Our aim is to educate people about the alternative to disposables – reusable cloth nappies - and give them the information they need when learning about cloth nappies and helping them with their care and use. We don’t want to scare people into using cloth.

That’s not to say that we don’t believe that parents shouldn’t educate themselves. We do. The information is out there. Search and you’ll find the actual scientific research – some more convincing that others, some contradicted by others and some very worrying. We urge parents to have a look at the information themselves and make their own decisions.

And this leads to our other reason – guilt. We parents – women especially – are capable of feeling huge amounts of guilt regarding the choices we make about how we care for and raise our children. We refuse to make parents feel guilty about their choices. Obviously we believe that reusable cloth nappies are a great choice, with many benefits, but we also recognise that cloth is not for everyone and that for others a combination of cloth and disposable works best. If you choose to use cloth nappies on a part or fulltime basis, we are here to offer advice and information (as well as the best nappies out there!) but we will not condemn your choice to use otherwise.