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Win your Wishlist Winners

Added on 02 December 2014 in Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

And here is our list of the winners in our 'Win Your Wishlist' Competition!

Daily Winners - $20 Gift Voucher

1st December

Jodie: I'm really excited to try cloth with our rainbow baby due early next year, and would love to buy some Bubblebubs bam bams as I've heard they are great for newborns and I reckon even hubby would be able to use them.

2nd December

Donna: I love pop ins and would love some prints - especially as I've had to get rid of half of my stash when it got covered in shattered glass as a result of storm damage in the Brisbane super storm!



3rd December

Amelia: Toilet training a very large toddler is very hard and expensive!!! Reusable nappy pants to get him to feel when he is wet will make the whole process much easier and quicker too!

4th December

Jac: I have added the iPlay Swimmers as our little girl has grown out of her current swimmers and as its summer I need to look at some more swimmers and I love the idea of some swimmers with a built in swim nappy. Also we are in the process of toilet training so brolly sheets could come in very handy in the near future.

5th December

Charlotte: I really need the Close Pop In coverall. My little boy has just started solids and wants to feed himself. To say its messy is an understatement! Oh and the CJs spritz and Sustainablebabyish wool cover will keep his bottom rash free and smelling lovely

6th December

Sharon: I'd like some bedwetting pants so i can stop using disposable pull ups on my daughter at night. She rarely wets anymore but we bedshare so don't want to take the risk!

7th December

Rochelle: I would love to start with mcns when our bub is born in feb, as I am not a fan of disposables. Also I have some allergies to a lot of things so I think that using reusable breast pads would be better than the disposables.

8th December

Stephen: I would love to surprise my daughter with some newborn nappies. She hasn't had the easiest pregnancy and I know she really wants to use cloth nappies, and this would be a great Christmas surprise.

9th December

Klecia: I currently have 2 in nappies (not for much longer hopefully), but I will be having 2 in nappies again next year! Last 2 were boys, looks like a girl this time - this mumma needs some pink and purple in her stash (of course the stash is MINE - not theirs lol). These are all my favourite brands for varying reasons, long lasting velcro (Tots Bots), trimmest fit ever (Grovia AIO), wipeable covers (Flips). My favourite in general is the Grovia AIO, they fit my tall lean boys awesomely are really absorbent, never leak for us. But I love them all!

10th December

Emily: I'd love some Sloomb Wool Covers so I can start cloth overnight on my littlest boy. With 5 kids 8 and under I'm finding it too hard to find the time to knit them myself!

Grand Prize Winner - $100 Gift Voucher

Schayne: I've recently found out I'm expecting twins so I'm going to need double the stash! And I'll definitely be able to use the newborn diapers on my wishlist, since it's expected I'll pop early!




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