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Win your Wishlist!

Added on 28 November 2014 in Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions


Every day from 1 to 10 December someone will win a $20 Darlings Downunder voucher to put towards their Wishlist. AND there will also be a GRAND PRIZE winner who will receive a $100 Darlings Downunder voucher!!!

How to Enter

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1. Entrants must include both their Wishlist and reason why they have chosen the item/s on their Wishlist to be eligible for a prize
2. Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
3. Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
4. Vouchers awarded can be used on any items in store: 10 entrants will win a $20 Darlings Downunder gift voucher & 1 entrant will win a $100 Darlings Downunder gift voucher


Posted by Rebecca on 01 December 2014

My wish list http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-5017-6C7Y Some of the products are because I have found out my son is allergic to bamboo and most of my current stash is bamboo lined or bamboo booster

Posted by Jo on 01 December 2014

My wishlist http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-2471-6C7Y I need to re-stock my stash (shhh that's what I'm telling my husband) before our next bub arrives early next year. We NEED new covers so a lovely new wool cover and some pretty bright PUL covers are on the list.

Posted by Jodie on 01 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4974-6C7Y I'm really excited to try cloth with our rainbow baby due early next year, and would love to buy some Bubblebubs bam bams as I've heard they are great for newborns and I reckon even hubby would be able to use them.

Posted by Esther on 01 December 2014

I am excited to be getting my babies (4 months and 2 years) back into cloth after taking a little break. I have only tried some quite cheap nappies and am interested to try these, particularly the highly-rated Bumgenius nappies.

Posted by Hayley on 01 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-3735-6C7Y My son is a heavy wetter at night and we only have 1 night nappy so far so I really want to try Close Pop-ins with night booster as I've heard they are great for heavy wetters.

Posted by Vanessa on 01 December 2014

Here is my wishlist: http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4882-6C7Y My darling sweet pea is due 6 weeks and I would love to win my wishlist! I would love a swim nappy as both sets of grandparents have a pool & would love my little one to create some great memories of swimming whilst using a Cushie Tushie Swim nappy! Would love add to my nursing pad collection as I'm greatly drawn to the idea of helping the environment and I currently only have 2 sets of breast pads so far. And I would also love to try a wool cover due to hearing comments about how great they are!

Posted by Cath on 01 December 2014

Really want a nappy squirter for my toilet as my little boy has been suffering awful nappy rash and we have had to start using fleece liners. They have worked wonderfully but I am missing the ease of the flushable ones. A nappy squirter would make it much easier to manage the fleece liners, especially when they come home from daycare.....

Posted by Rachel on 01 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4853-6C7Y Have just started in MCNs and already have too many favourites to choose from. I want more of all of them, but especially want more boosters and a rawr night nappy so that we can go full time cloth!

Posted by AJoy on 01 December 2014

Here is my wishlist: http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-5021-6C7Y. I'm beyond excited to try the sustainablebabyish happy little clouds and overnight nappies and imagine flats as we have a second bub on the way in 6 weeks who will be in hospital for a while, but we want her to be in cloth in NICU nonetheless!!! Also dying to try the sloomb overnight nappies on our almost-2 year old who is the heaviest night wetter and we have heard brilliant things. Very keen to have at least one of them sleeping through the night ;) and these nappies could just do the trick... Long time lover of the Grovia and BumGenius Elementals, and TotsBots but it is time to increase the stash with some colours fit for a new little girl and lots of lush overnights to ensure we have enough for two beautiful bubs in cloth nappies soon!

Posted by Kathryn on 01 December 2014

My wish list :) Would love to try CJ Butter, on both myself (with eczema) and my little man's nappy rash- plus with such delicious sounding names you can't go wrong!

Posted by Rachel on 02 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-5023-6C7Y Just had baby #3 last week and loving having her in cloth straight from birth, but mainly using prefolds at moment, would love to get her some ai2 nappies like cushie for easy changes when out. She also needs a hat :)

Posted by Donna on 02 December 2014

My wish list: http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4338-6C7Y I love pop ins and would love some prints - especially as I've had to get rid of half of my stash when it got covered in shattered glass as a result of storm damage in the Brisbane super storm!

Posted by Samantha on 02 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-3984-6C7Y Here is my wish list. I think it tells a story of where we are up to in our cloth nappy journey. My 2.5 old son is still in 'medium' sized AIO (fortunately he only weighs 10kg, so we have gotten good wear out of this size). But we really need to move because we are having lots of leaks and some brands I can't do up! I have placed some training pants - one can hope! He isn't showing any signs of being interested in toilet training. 10 weeks ago we welcomed a little girl into our household. She has plenty of nappies - must.resist.buying.cute.girl.nappies!! ;) I have placed a couple of swim nappies on the wish list; don't have one got her yet. And lastly, breast pads for me... I am one of those women who have lots of milk, and I still leak nearly 2.5 months in. :p a couple more fabric ones (so much more comfortable) would be nice. And some cloth pads to add to my stash for when Aunty Flo returns.

Posted by Amelia McNeill on 03 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-1679-6C7Y toilet training a very large toddler is very hard and expensive!!! reusable nappy pants to get him to feel when he is wet will make the whole process much easier and quicker too!

Posted by Schayne on 03 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4692-6C7Y I've recently found out I'm expecting twins so I'm going to need double the stash! And I'll definitely be able to use the newborn diapers on my wishlist, since it's expected I'll pop early!

Posted by Nic on 03 December 2014

Fresh new tots bots pack for baby #2 and new pail liner and wooly cover :)

Posted by Dierdre Aila on 03 December 2014

After using my fabulous tots bots until they are nearly thread bare with slightly saggy elastic (but still absorbent!) with my first two girls (aged 2 and 3), we are now expecting #3 and need to update my stash :) Also added some reusuable breast pads and boosters as my children always end up mega-wetters in toddlerhood.

Posted by sarah on 03 December 2014

I have chosen the planet wise wetbag as they are so convenient and environmentally friendly. You can take them anywhere and store a whole wide range of items in them including nappies, wet bathers/towels, shoes, makeup, gym bag. They are so good for the environment without having to dispose of dirty nappies and bin liners and when they are full just turn them inside out and pop in the wash. The cute patterns allow you to mix and match and make cute gifts to that mum to be <3

Posted by Tracey on 03 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4946-6C7Y Preparing for our first bub due in January. Keen to get at least one more package (like the bumGenius part time pack) to keep bub happy in cloth nappies :)

Posted by Jac on 04 December 2014

I have added the iPlay Swimmers as our little girl has grown out of her current swimmers and as its summer I need to look at some more swimmers and I love the idea of some swimmers with a built in swim nappy. Also we are in the process of toilet training so brolly sheets could come in very handy in the near future.

Posted by Charlotte E on 05 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-1515-6C7Y I really need the Close Pop In coverall. My little boy has just started solids and wants to feed himself. To say its messy is an understatement! Oh and the CJs spritz and Sustainablish wool cover will keep his bottom rash free and smelling lovely

Posted by Sharon on 06 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-5032-6C7Y I'd like some bedwetting pants so i can stop using disposable pull ups on my daughter at night. She rarely wets anymote but we bedshare so dont want to take the risk!

Posted by Simm on 07 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4017-6C7Y I added the Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Cover because all our PUL covers are giving our LO welts on his poor little legs and so we've had to resort to disposables at night. We so desperately want to get him back in his cloth night nappies!

Posted by Rochelle Brown on 07 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-5038-6C7Y I would love to start with mcns when our bub is born in feb, as I am not a fan of disposables. Also I have some allergies to a lot of thing so I think that using reusable breast pad would be better than the disposables , hoping I dont react to them. ?

Posted by Caitlin Fehring on 08 December 2014

This is exactly what we need to top-up for daycare use when she starts in the new year. Proven to be fantastic products. And with bub #2 coming along in April our small stash of 21 nappies will need some padding out.

Posted by Stephen on 08 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-5042-6C7Y I would love to surprise my daughter with some newborn nappies. She hasn't had the easiest pregnancy and I know she really wants to use cloth nappies, and this would be a great Christmas surprise.

Posted by Anna on 08 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-5043-6C7Y I love CJs Butter and it is the perfect present, combined with some gorgeous Baby Beehinds nappies and covers, for my friends who are keen to start using MCNs for their babies due Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! The perfect present to help them start their nappy stash (and perhaps a few extra for myself).

Posted by Klecia on 10 December 2014

http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4444-6C7Y I currently have 2 in nappies (not for much longer hopefully), but I will be having 2 in nappies again next year! Last 2 were boys, looks like a girl this time - this mumma needs some pink and purple in her stash (of course the stash is MINE - not theirs lol). These are all my favourite brands for varying reasons, long lasting velcro (tots bots), trimmest fit ever (grovia aio), wipeable covers (flips). My favourite in general is the grovia aio, they fit my tall lean boys awesomely are really absorbent, never leak for us. But I love them all!

Posted by Courtney on 10 December 2014

My wish list http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-4643-6C7Y I was unable to use my newborn collection due to my baby requiring a brace for DDH. Now I want to build my one size stash so we can start using cloth as soon as her brace is removed.

Posted by Jodie Whillas on 10 December 2014

My Wish list http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-91-6C7Y =) One thing I have on here is the Super Undies. Our older daughter still has some troubles at night and is in disposable pull ups over night (which she finds very uncomfortable). We have our son in cloth as much as we can so it would be nice to have our daughter in cloth as well as something that she finds comfortable.

Posted by Lisa on 10 December 2014

My wishlist is http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL- 4763-6C7Y. I woukd love the chance to fulfill my wishlist. Baby is due in 2 weeks and I am very keen to embrace MCN for my first born. As I have already purchased some Grovia shells, having the soakers would be the perfect addition to my stash. Thanks Darlings Downunder for the chance to win your fantastic competition!

Posted by Emily on 10 December 2014

My wish list is http://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/WL-2646-6C7Y I'd love some sloomb wool covers so I can start cloth overnight on my littlest boy. With 5 kids 8 and under I'm finding it too hard to find the time to knit them myself!

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