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Win a pikapu One Size Nappy!

Added on 26 April 2013 in Giveaways & competitions, New arrivals, pikapu

To welcome pikapu back to Darlings Downunder, we're giving away a fab pikapu One Size nappy each to TWO lucky people!

The Australian owned and designed 'original' pikapu nappy is designed to fit from newborn to toddler (3-18kg) and is packed with features.

The pikapu has 4 size settings (rather than the usual three) so fits all the way from 3kg to 18kg!

A modern, vibrant colour range to match with any outfit.

And it's easy for anyone to use - the All-in-One style keeps it simple and the fast drying design makes it practical.

If you'd like to win one of these nappies, comment below letting us know your favourite thing about cloth nappies. The junior members of Team Darlings will choose the two winning comments.

Entries close midnight AEDT Friday 3 May 2013 and will be announced that weekend. Don't forget to check back to see if you've won!

Open to Australian residents only. All decisions are final. This giveaway is now closed.


The winners of a Pikapu nappy each, chosen by the junior members of Team Darlings, are...


Congratulations, ladies!
Please email us with your postal address and we'll arrange to get your new nappy to you soon.

Linking up with the Aussie MCN Giveaway Linkup at:


Posted by De Thompson on 26 April 2013

I love the big squishy bottom that it looks like my baby has :-)

Posted by Donna Hughes on 26 April 2013

I love that it's better for my baby's bottom and the environment... cuteness is a bonus!

Posted by Emily Jones on 26 April 2013

I love that my rubbish bin is not full of nappies & my clothes line looks so colourful!

Posted by Nicky on 26 April 2013

I love being able to use them over and over again and be able to pass them on when i'm finished using them.

Posted by Nicky Dodoo on 26 April 2013

last comment is mine......

Posted by Skye D on 26 April 2013

I love cloth nappies because once they're bought there's no more outlay, they're way less stinky than disposables and most importantly there's minimal environmental impact.

Posted by Jessica Peterken on 26 April 2013

My favourite thing has to be hanging them all on the clothes line! And no more issues with the dog in the rubbish bin!

Posted by Angela McLeod on 26 April 2013

I love cloth nappies because I know I"m doing my bit for the environment, they save us money, my son looks super cute in them...and his yet-to-be-born baby sister/brother will too!

Posted by Marie B on 26 April 2013

I love that I don't have to hold my nose every time I put things in the wheely bin! It was so hard to hold my nose with one hand, lift the lid with the other and somehow manage to put something in! Problem solved with cloth! ;)

Posted by Hayley Knight on 26 April 2013

I love all the pretty patterns and colours I can buy, my bank balance does not ;)

Posted by Charity S on 26 April 2013

My favourite thing about cloth nappies is that they're so much better for the environment and at the same time they're so much cuter than disposables.

Posted by Melinda on 26 April 2013

No nappy rash and no running out of nappies :)

Posted by A Yong on 26 April 2013

My favourite thing is saving my baby's sensitive skin because I know exactly what I'm putting next to her skin.

Posted by aleksandra cavajda on 26 April 2013

i love that i can have my daughter help me
hang to dry and fold the nappies, quality time with her as well
as setting a wonderful example! win win :-)

Posted by Kellie Banyer on 26 April 2013

I love that they're so soft and fluffy on a newborns bum and they are the best padding for a toddler learning to walk!

Posted by Lisette on 26 April 2013

I love that I can use them for my next baby too!

Posted by Bethany Eaton on 26 April 2013

They colour my day and get me out in the sun each day. (I love choosing a colour each change time and getting outside each day, hanging them on the line and then folding them off the line into the basket) I can't imagine the monotony of using single-use nappies!

Posted by Briony on 26 April 2013

I love how easy it is! Older generations try to tell me how hard it is to soak, bleach, wash and dry. Pfft! Get with the times grandama!! LOL (I may tell them it's hard sometimes. Don't want them to think parenting is too relaxed these days! ;-) )
And what's not to love when they come is such vibrant colours! So much pants free time in our house!

Posted by Laura Richardson on 26 April 2013

I love having lots of styles and colours to chose from each change time, I can choose depending on how we feel!

Posted by Jade C on 26 April 2013

I love the fact that no nasty chemicals have ever touched my bubs bum. I enjoy hanging them out on line and seeing them blow in the wind. I like co ordinating them with different outfits. I love that I never run out and have to go to the shop to buy more. I like everything about cloth nappies!

Posted by Samantha on 26 April 2013

I love how cute they are, how economical they are in the long run and howitzers safe they are for my little one's little backside! :)

Posted by Rachel Saad on 26 April 2013

I love all the different designs, colours and prints. Researching them before you buy MCN's is the fun part!

Posted by Louisa Smith on 26 April 2013

I love that they look so awesome, are easier than disposables, better for the environment and cheaper in the long run! They make what is one of the least fun parts of having a baby, changing their nappy, so much more enjoyable. I know its weird but I actually get excited for a nappy change!! I have tried to convert many of my friends. hahaha

Posted by Rachel Kriss-Newell on 26 April 2013

Tried disposables - left a bad rash
Reverted to cloth nappies, great for conserving cash
Environmentally friendly, leaves a cute round toosh
I'm needing new nappies before it's time to push


Posted by Emma on 26 April 2013

I love that I never need to frantically run to the store to buy more.


Posted by Belinda Baker on 26 April 2013

Reminds me of my childhood when I used to love helping my mum hang out my younger brothers prefold nappies. My mum has long since passed away so it is one way I can feel connected to her.

Posted by Bibi on 26 April 2013

I am not sure why, but cloth nappies are addictive! while changing nappies gets a bit yuck at times, I never get sick of looking at MCNs and dreaming about how cute my bub would look in them. In my opinion, you can never have too many :-)

Posted by Beck Buick on 26 April 2013

They're better for bub, better for the planet, save me money and they're cute! :)

Posted by Stacey Shailer on 26 April 2013

They are soft and natural, fit well, are environmentally friendly...and when they are past the point of repair, they make great cleaning cloths!

Posted by Amanda Gorham on 26 April 2013

I love the fact that my children cannot rip them off!

Posted by Kelly Blake on 26 April 2013

There once was a baby with a rash,
who’s nappies went straight in the trash,
mum put her in a cloth nappy,
they were both happy,
while dad saved heaps of cash.

Posted by Melissa McSeveney on 26 April 2013

I love all the pretty colours. It doesn't just save me money on nappies it saves me money on pants too!! Who would want to cover up such prettiness :-)

Posted by Jade Hunnisett on 26 April 2013

I love the idea of respecting my baby by allowing her to wear something really comfortable and kinder to her skin.

I ask myself- would I prefer to be sitting in crinkly, sweaty plasticy nappies, or soft fabric. Fabric wins every time.

I ALSO like the fact that there is no possibility of her skin soaking up any nasty chemicals from a disposable.

Posted by Johanna Cahill on 26 April 2013

I LOVE all the beautiful colours and patterns :) a bright bottom makes for a happy day!

Posted by Rebecca Cooper on 26 April 2013

I love the fact I know my baby isn't being polluted by chemicals that is a great incentive to use cloth nappies

Posted by Katherine English on 26 April 2013

They actually feel real. It makes perfect sense to use something of substance to hold something of substance!

Posted by Flame Gisa on 26 April 2013

I love that they dont give my two boys massive rashes from chemicals like sposies!

I also love their 'fluffy bums' and how soft/squishy cloth nappies are.

Posted by amy gormley on 26 April 2013

I dont think i can stop at one favourite thing! Cloth nappies are a little obsession of mine, but really if its so good for babies little sensitive bottoms, the environment and my bank balance (sometimes hehe) it cant be a bad obsession!!
With baby number two due soon i cant wait to get out all my little teeny tiny nappies
I dont have any pikapu in my stash so would love to add a new one for my new little bundle.

Posted by Sara Reid on 26 April 2013

I love many things about cloth nappies, but at the moment I love that we never run out of nappies in the middle of the night with our latest edition. He loves to wait for a fresh nappy before pooping so we go through a lot, especially at about 3am.... So glad I can just grab a fresh one from the drawer without feeling guilty about throwing out a nappy that was only used for 2 minutes! And the 'packet' is never empty, so I don't need to dash to the store for a fresh supply, it's fantastic :)

Posted by Glynnis Barodien on 26 April 2013

I love that they are so easy to use, look cute on my baby and great for the environment!

Posted by Jenni on 26 April 2013

Honestly.. Who doesn't love them? Environmentally friendly, comfortable and cute all in one little bundle! Cloth nappies are great. Fingers tightly crossed as I'd love to try one of these lil guys! :)

Posted by Charlotte on 26 April 2013

Who would have thought that changing nappies could be FUN? I love that using cloth has turned a stinky chore into something much more exciting. Not to mention comfort for my son, money in my pocket and gotta love a nappy rainbow on the clothes line :)

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