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Win a Nappylicious All-in-One Nappy!

Added on 24 May 2011 in Giveaways & competitions

Here's you chance to win a Nappylicious nappy!

This is such an easy to use nappy, and with the benefit of being able to adjust the sizing to suit different babies, this would be a great addition to any stash.

We’ve thoroughly tested the Nappylicious AIO on an 8kg baby, and there'sa lot to love about this nappy. At first I was impressed by the bright coloursand the good quality feel of the suede cloth inner. It has the advantageof gussets on the legs for superior containment, and the elastic fitted quitesnuggly without being tight or digging in. The nappy isalso very trim for a One Size nappy, and is reasonably absorbent witha nice combination of microfibre and hemp absorbency. An extra booster couldquite easily be tucked inside this nappy, if needed, without it becoming overlybulky. I've been using it on my bubs for several months, and it's washed andworn really well, drying faster than many other of my hemp or bamboo nappies.

Best of all, this nappy is made right here is Australia by work at home mums, and retails for $29.95, so it's great value for money,

You can read more about the Nappylicious nappy and its maker for an insight behind the scenes.

So, let us know below why you think you need a Nappylicious AIO nappy in your stash and we'll be announcing the winner on 7 June.

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Posted by Janice on 24 May 2011

Simple :D I need one because they look so delicious!!

Posted by Candice on 24 May 2011

I would be classed as a MCN addict but Im trying to convert my friend to using cloth nappies. She is expecting a baby at the end of June so a Nappyicious AIO would be an awesome gift to start her nappy stash!!

Posted by Emily on 24 May 2011

I'm still a bit dubious about AIO's, but I've got a bubba due in 6 weeks so this could be the time to convert me! :)

Posted by Kylie on 24 May 2011

I need one because I don't have one and you just made them sound so darn cool that now I have to have one!

Posted by Stephanie Young on 24 May 2011

We love our MCN Stash but I admit it needs a colour splash! :)

Posted by Kate Williams on 24 May 2011

I've been looking at the nappylicious nappies to extend our stash for our second child. Having one to show my husband would help him get used to the idea of a further 'investment'.

Posted by Clare B on 24 May 2011

I'd love to give the Nappylicious AIO a go. I have every single cloth nappy type in my stash except for an AIO so I'd be keen to try one. The Nappylicious brand sounds great, plus it's always refreshing to see the word nappy used rather than the word diaper ;-)

Posted by Vanessa Jonas on 24 May 2011

I'm struggling to find a good night nappy for my heavy wetter, the combination of the microfibre and hemp absorbency plus the option of an extra booster that can be tucked inside the nappy without it becoming overly bulky... sounds like it would be just the thing to try : )

Posted by Helen Jones on 24 May 2011

I need a nappylicous AIO because they sound so good: trim, one-size, absorbent and super cute!

Posted by Leonora White on 24 May 2011

I'd love to try one too.

Posted by Yvylyn S. on 24 May 2011

Trying to build my MCN and become a total convert. So would love to give it a shot! :) Am always in awe of mums who are in the biz.

Posted by marigoula on 24 May 2011

It looks so so pretty... Imagine it on my daugter....

Posted by Cate on 24 May 2011

My family is very skeptical about the ease of using cloth nappies. I would love to win one to trial (and to prove them wrong!).

Posted by Chloe Halls on 24 May 2011

We are trying to build up a cost effective stash for our suprise bubba that supports home grown companies such as Nappylicious. And would love to try one

Posted by Sabrina Johnson on 24 May 2011

Why do I need one? Because your above testimonial simply convinced me that I do! :)

Posted by haele@hotmail.com on 24 May 2011

I am currently expecting my first child and I am convinced that modern cloth nappies are the way to go!!! However as none of my friends or family have used MCN's before I am finding it hard to get advice on which is best and would absolutely love to win your all in one nappy to start me off and assure me that this is the way to go xx

Posted by Megan on 24 May 2011

My stash is in dire need of a nappy this Delicious, you make it sound great and I would love to try it out myself!

Posted by Natalie on 24 May 2011

I need this nappy because it sounds like it dries quickly! Mine are taking 1-2days to dry in this cold drizzly weather.. so this Nappylicious AIO sounds perfect!

Posted by Louise C on 24 May 2011

I need a Nappylicious AIO nappy in my stash cos they look and sound great. Plus, I am having such a hard time getting nappies dry in this weather (some are taking 3 days!!) and simply do not have enough nappies so I am having to revert to using disposables whilst they dry Aghhhh.

Posted by linda on 24 May 2011

i have converted my hubby to using mcn's but he wont use anything other than pocket nappies as he thinks AIO's are to bulky and the Nappylicious AIO sounds like the one to convert him!

Posted by Anne S. on 24 May 2011

I need a Nappylicious AIO because I've never tried an AIO before, even though I've been cloth diapering for 2 years. What a good time to try something new, especially when these are so cute!

Posted by Adina on 24 May 2011

I need one because i need some more girly nappies in my stash and i would love to trial using these

Posted by marigoula on 24 May 2011

I do not have this one.....Why not....

Posted by Amanda on 24 May 2011

I'd just love to try one as I'm always on the lookout for great nappies to use and recommend and love supporting WAHMs

Posted by onica on 24 May 2011

I LOVE AIO nappies and can't stop checking them out. I don't have this one and would love to see it on my boy. My best friend is also due in November and I've been recommending brands that I like to her. I would love to try this one and let her know all about it too.

Posted by rebecca on 24 May 2011

im expecting my 9th child so to be able to win a new nappy that has gussets to hold in those terrible new born poos would be a real time saver keeping the baby clean

Posted by Lisa wells on 24 May 2011

I need to win one because we've all been battling the sickies in this household :( I have a 14 month old snot monster who won't stop and now I've come down with it, but unfortamtely stay at home mums don't get sick leave!! Seeing as there is no-one left to look after me, a new nappy will make me feel a whole lot better!

Posted by Jen Fidler on 24 May 2011

I NEED to win a nappy as I am starting a stash up! - I have just started using mcn's with my 19 month old daughter and baby no. 2 is arriving in november :) This would help me build my stash , plus the colurs look fab!

Posted by Annaliese K on 24 May 2011

I NEED to win one because we have just started using our MCNs at night as well and it is seriously dwindling our stash...and we have no money to buy any more! Plus this nappy sounds fantastic!

Posted by Hayley F on 24 May 2011

I am still in the process of developing my 'stash' and finding that very elusive 'perfect nappy' for my youngest daughter - hopefully before she is toilet trained :P. I am trying to test different ones as often as my funds permit. It would be great to try a new one :)

Posted by kahren on 24 May 2011

I only started mcn's on Saturday... I cant believe I waited til my daughter was 16 months. She is finally 'rash=free'. Id love to win a nappylicious nappy so I dont have to wash twice a day!!

Posted by Megan on 24 May 2011

I need a nappylicious nappy because I've been having problems with elastic digging into my 9kg son's thighs -would be great to see if they avoid this problem.

Posted by Jess Dawson on 24 May 2011

My 7mth old baby boy has a urinary tract blockage that could be the reason why he wee's a little amount every 15mins or so. So he needs very regular nappy changes not to stay wet. So i need to increase my stash, and im so curious to try a quality AIO that might keep him feeling drier for longer.

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