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Win a $40 Darlings Downunder Voucher!

Added on 27 July 2011 in Giveaways & competitions

Would you like to win a $40 Darlings Downunder voucher? To spend on anything in store?


It’s easy – just email us, letting us know what brand or product you’d like to see us stock and why (a personal recommendation is always great!) and you could be in the running to win a $40 Darlings Downunder voucher!
We’ll be announcing the winner in our next newsletter which is due out 1 August. If you're not a subscriber to our newsletter, you can sign up here.
We cannot promise that we will end up stocking your recommendation/s – but we always take our customers’ opinions very seriously. We’ve got some very interesting new products already under consideration, so stay tuned…
Sometimes customers ask us why we don't stock a specific brand. If we don’t stock a particular product it can be for one (or more) of several reasons:
1. We are a specialist cloth nappy store and aren’t really looking to expand into non-cloth nappy related products (I know many of you want us to do this – it ain’t happening!).
2. We test every nappy before deciding to stock it – unfortunately, some just don’t come up to scratch.
3. We don’t like to stock too many nappies of one type, or that are too similar in design (and come off second in comparison) to another brand we already stock.
4. A lot of your favourite WAHM brands don’t wholesale to retailers – if they had to add a wholesale mark up to their prices, either their nappies would be very expensive, or they wouldn’t be paying themselves enough for their work. They may also not be able to supply a retailer with the quantities they require.
5. Pretty much all the well known commercial brands have been in stock here at Darlings Downunder at one time or another over the last few years. If we don’t currently stock them, there’s usually a reason why that's connected with our previous experience (this doesn't preclude us from giving them another shot at some point!).
6. We are sometimes restricted by distribution agreements which mean that in the current economy it costs us more to get a brand from overseas than it does you, so it doesn’t make economic sense.
7. Sometimes there’s a really good reason an overseas brand can’t be found in Australia – legal action, product recalls, trade restrictions, ethical or manufacturing issues - and we steer clear.
8. You haven’t told us how good it is yet!
We look forward to hearing what you'd like to see at Darlings Downunder!

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