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Wetbags: New Planet Wise Prints!

Added on 17 December 2013 in Planet Wise, Wetbags

Gorgeous new prints have arrived in Planet Wise Wetbags and Wet/Dry bags.

These classy and functional wet bags are so beautiful, you won't want to hide them away in your nappy bag. The Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag is especially versatile: the dry compartment is great for keeping spare nappies, tissues, wipes, snack boxes.
Not only are wetbags invaluable for for cloth nappying parents, but they make great swimming bags and library bags (the waterproof lining protects the bags from those lunchbox/drink bottle spills!). I also keep one in the car for those times when you need a secure waterproof bag (muddy shoes, travel sickness, you name it!).


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