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We have 2 Winners!

Added on 19 July 2011 in Giveaways & competitions

And the two winners of a Mother-ease Wizard Onesize EasyStuff nappy are:

...the poetical Christine and first-time mum Deborah!

Congratulations to Christine & Deborah!

And here's Christine's poem:

 This would work in my stash just great
 It's a great design, not one of the styles I hate
 I'm a big fan of collecting brightly coloured fluff
 So I'd really like to win the Wizard Onesize EasyStuff
 See that sunflower yellow, the colour of sunshine?
 It's my fave colour, but damn! it's so hard to find!

Email us with your addresses and we'll get a nappy off to each of you ASAP!


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