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All posts in Washing & care of cloth nappies

Antibacterial Laundry Rinses & Cloth Nappies

Added on 07 August 2020 in Darlings Downunder, General Info & Advice, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

Is it a good idea to use an antibacterial laundry rinse - like Canestan or Dettol - when washing your cloth nappies? FAQ Friday at Darlings Downunder, Melbourne’s modern cloth nappy shop: ... READ MORE

How to replace the elastic on a fitted nappy

Added on 23 May 2020 in Bubblebubs, Darlings Downunder, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

You don't have to be an amazing sewer to replace elastic on a nappy. In fact, for a nappy with encased elastic, you don't need to be able to sew more than a few stitches by hand! For a fitted nappy with sewn in elastic, though, while you will need a sewing machine, it's really not hard at all. Here, Vicki from Bubblebubs demonstrates how to replace the sewn in elastic in a fitted nappy like the Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight or Bam Bam fitted nappies. This will work for the Baby Beehinds fitted nappi... READ MORE

How to store cloth nappies between children

Added on 10 April 2017 in Darlings Downunder, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

If you have a second child on the way before your first is out of cloth nappies, then you don't have to worry about storing them. You just keep using your nappies, and if some are out of circulation for a few weeks (like a newborn who doesn't fit into your One Size nappies yet), then that's fine. The nappies just wait ready to be used when the time comes. But what if your child is toilet training, and while you're thinking about having another baby, it's just not time yet? Or if you have some ne... READ MORE

Sun Damage & Cloth Nappies

Added on 18 January 2017 in Darlings Downunder, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

We've had a few scorching days recently and it's only going get worse before summer's over. Sun is a great natural bleach for our cloth nappies (and it's much better for the environment and your pocket than a clothes dryer!), but you need to be aware of other (less benevolent) consequences of the sun so you can get the most out your nappies. The sun can be extremely damaging - not just to skin and the plants in our garden - but to fabrics as well. You've seen the sun fade curtains over time, a... READ MORE

Fabric Softeners and Cloth Nappies

Added on 08 August 2016 in General Info & Advice, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

One of the big ‘no-no’s about washing cloth nappies is using fabric softeners, which seems a shame, since a soft nappy sounds like a good thing…   How fabric softeners work There are three main parts to any fabric softener – a conditioning agent, an emulsifier and dyes/fragrances. The conditioning agent is what makes clothes feel soft, reduces static cling, and makes ironing easier. It does this by coating the fabric with a thin layer of oily residue. Depending on the brand, the... READ MORE

How much does it cost to wash cloth nappies?

Added on 27 June 2016 in Darlings Downunder, General Info & Advice, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   2 comments

Can you help us? We want YOU to let us know how much washing cloth nappies costs YOUR family. The extra costs associated with cloth nappies can be a sticking point for some families, so we want to show that washing cloth nappies is the the huge additional expense you might assume. Please follow the guide below, and post your 'Cost per Load' in the comments, along with a rough outline of your nappy washing routine [ie quick wash followed by cotton cycle on 40 degrees in 6kg Samsung front loade... READ MORE

6th Annual Flats & Handwashing Challenge

Added on 17 May 2016 in Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

Here’s a challenge for you: sign up for the 6th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge, and yep, you guessed it, use flat nappies and hand wash them for a week! This sounds a little (a lot?) crazy. Like someone’s trying to make cloth nappies as difficult as possible. Why would you do this? Are people training for a zombie apocalypse? But there’s actually a really important reason that this challenge was started 6 years ago by Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry as a personal challenge.   We ... READ MORE

Are Modern Cloth Nappies & Nappy Covers REALLY Breathable?

Added on 11 May 2016 in Darlings Downunder, General Info & Advice, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

Many people seeing modern cloth nappies for the first time and hearing about the waterproofing used in most of them - PUL or TPU - are sceptical that a fabric can be both waterproof and breathable at the same time. While there are options offering much more breathability (like wool covers or a fitted nappy with no cover), there is no doubt that PUL has revolutionised the cloth nappy industry. But is it really all that much better than the old plastic & PVC covers?   We’ve got to clari... READ MORE