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Vote for us in the 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards!

Added on 05 July 2017 in Australian Nappy Association, Darlings Downunder

If you've been following our social media at all, you'll know that the 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards are open for voting this month, so if you haven't voted yet, now's the time to do it!

If you love cloth nappies and love spreading the word about them, then you need to vote in the Australian Nappy Association’s 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards now.

The Cloth Nappy Awards is an industry-wide, consumer focused awards specifically designed for the cloth nappy community across Australia. The awards encompass cloth nappies, skin care products and nappy accessories.

Apart from the fun of getting to vote for all your favourite products and brands (PS. Darlings Downunder is nominated for Best Customer Service!), you also have a chance to win from a $6,000 prize pool!!


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