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Very Fluffy Christmas Giveaway: Close Carrier

Added on 02 December 2017 in Carriers/slings, Close, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

It's no secret that we're big fans of the Close Carriers here at Darlings Downunder (especially the new limited edition prints in the Caboo Carrier - so much LOVE!!!), so we're very excited to be giving away a Close Caboo DXgo (valued at $120) to one lucky person as part of our Very Fluffy Christmas!



Caboo DXgo is light, portable, compact and perfect for urban explorers, beach combers and countryside adventurers. A carrier that can be used on both the front and back and suitable from 6.5-20kg.

DXgo strikes the balance between comfort and practicality, without the compromise. Tailored for extended periods of wear yet small and light enough to pack down and store in your change bag so it is always on hand, which definitely makes close common sense!

Here's a video demo of this great carrier:

To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already - we will be checking this!!!), then leave a comment below letting us know where you and your baby would go with the Close Caboo DXgo.


And the winner is Gina DeCapia!

Congratulations, Gina! We'll be sending you an email shortly.


Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entries close 12 December 2017
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winners will be announced here 22 December 2017


Posted by Abigail Leed on 03 December 2017

My baby and I would go on a walk to the Opshop together.

Posted by Michele on 03 December 2017


Posted by Alison Hotchkis on 03 December 2017

Pretty sure I'm already on the mailing list. We'd go everywhere. Due with my second in March or April so a quick up option suitable for all kinds of outings would be great.

Posted by Amanda Kristensen on 03 December 2017

I would love to take our little man to all the wonderful wild places around leura and Katoomba when visiting the mother in law this Christmas.

Posted by Eliza on 03 December 2017

It would be great for when walking around the neighbourhood or any time I need my hands free.

Posted by Caroline on 03 December 2017

I'm expecting a second addition to our family next year so we would use this carrier to go for walks on our local beach. I'm hoping the toddler will be able to walk confidently on the sand by then otherwise I will need a double carrier ????.

Posted by Melanie on 03 December 2017

We would visit many of the walking trails on the lovely central coast, daily walks on the beach, followed by the baby’s first visit to the Reptile Park and Taronga Zoo.

Posted by Rachelle on 03 December 2017

Aside from everywhere! We're planning our first family holiday overseas! It would be a dream to take caboo

Posted by Jessica Hitchens on 03 December 2017

This would come in so handy since lately my little one likes to be up and looking around instead of sitting in his pram when we are shopping. It would have made my Christmas shopping a LOT easier this year!

Posted by Michelle on 03 December 2017

We would go walking up the nice bush walks near the creek. And would be wonderful for the grocery shopping and running errands

Posted by Marissa Carey on 03 December 2017

My baby and I would go to the park with our dog Dash

Posted by Susan on 03 December 2017

I live bushwalking with my 15 month old daughter but have an autoimmune arthritis which I find difficult to use most carriers. I have tried the Caboo Close carriers from a friend and they are amazing. The support in these trier She are amazing and I would love it get back out hiking in nature with my little girl with the help of this carrier.

Posted by Shelley Ditterich on 04 December 2017

Me and my baby Darcy would go to the beach, bushwalking, to feed the horses, shopping and just general strolling! Everything really!

Posted by Rebeccah on 05 December 2017

My little snuggle bum would use it mostly around the house so I can get some housework done! Lol but also to go bushwalking now we have some nice weather! Oh can’t forget the touch footy games of daddy and big brother!

Posted by Lori Pavic on 05 December 2017

This would be so fantastic to take our littlest one in when we traipse out to horse riding each weekend with our 4 kids. Lately we haven't all been going together as it's stressful chasing the littlest two around to keep them out of mischief (and harm's way), so this would allow us to go together as a family again and enjoy watching our eldest two ride.

Posted by Greta on 06 December 2017

To the park so I can have hands free for the toddler!

Posted by Samantha Borchers on 06 December 2017

Baby isn't here yet, but we are planning on going to New Zealand next year, and this carrier would be perfect for our adventures!

Posted by Gina Decapia on 06 December 2017

We'd go anywhere and everywhere! WITHOUT the double stroller if I win this (yes, twins lol) with 5 kid 6 & under, this would maker life SO. MUCH. EASIER! ????

Posted by Cass on 07 December 2017

I would go to the grocery store... with my toddler. At the moment I have to take stealth grocery trips without her as she won't sit in the pram and at the moment I only have a woven wrap, which isn't the best for up/down toddler whims while also controlling the trolley, trying not to drop anything, and not misplacing my list! The close caboose looks like it would be very easy to use, light to carry and I might just be able to go shopping in daylight hours again!

Posted by Felicity on 07 December 2017

we would take it with us every time we had to get through an airport.

Posted by Holly Yeatman on 07 December 2017

Would love to take my son bushwalking in the hills near home. Can't really take the pram and he is at the 'carry me' stage whenever we go somewhere a bit different. I use an onbuhimo for short trips but a waistbelted carrier would be so much more comfy for off road treks.

Posted by Catherine Davey on 07 December 2017

Currently in hospital to have our little one. This carrier would let us enjoy many adventures as the grow.

Posted by Corinne Punch on 07 December 2017

You know I'd go with bub anywhere, just get me out of here I have a 2 week old darling girl but I gotta get me out of here Even if it's just to the nearby park, it'll be something beautiful I just need to go anywhere, so just get me out of here, yeah

Posted by Lucynda on 08 December 2017

my son and I would go to the park, walk the fur-bro, to the washing machine, to the clothesline, to the garden, to the mailbox, to playdates, to grocery shop, to window shop, to bunnings. Everywhere and anywhere as everything is easier when he is Close.

Posted by Chloe on 08 December 2017

I would love to take my son hiking with his best friend. The babies adore each other and us mums are close too.

Posted by Shannon Swint on 08 December 2017

Bubby and I would go on lots of bushwalks together and I would show her the world!

Posted by Sarah on 12 December 2017

Everywhere! We love to travel so it would be super useful, but we also love to have adventures at home - feeding the ducks, going to the park, going for bush walks...

Posted by Lauren on 12 December 2017

Walking everywhere in one of these would be great, but I wanna dance and I plan to educate my baby on what smooth moves his mum has!

Posted by Jessie Hay on 12 December 2017

With so many things I need to do, Getting them done would be easy with a new Caboo, I’d wear him on my back when I need to mop, And snuggled Close on my front when we hit the shops, I’d wear him on my hip for our busy Christmas Day, The DXgo looks awesome for wearing him every day! ??

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