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Very Fluffy Christmas Giveaway: Baby Beehinds Swim Pack

Added on 06 December 2017 in Baby Beehinds, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions, Swim nappies

It's summer at last, and what better way to celebrate than getting out and about in the water! We're giving away an award winning, reusable Baby Beehinds Swim Nappy and Wetbag (RRP $48) for our Very Fluffy Christmas, so be sure to enter so you can do summer in style!


To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already - we will be checking this!!!), then leave a comment below letting us know where your favourite place to swim is.


And the winner is Shannon Swint!

Congratulations, Shannon! We'll be sending you an email shortly.



Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entries close 12 December 2017
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winners will be announced here 22 December 2017



Posted by Olya Archer on 06 December 2017

Rockingham beach, it’s calm and safe . Can’t wait to take our 6 month old there for his first swim.

Posted by Emily on 06 December 2017

We are beginning swimming lessons for our daughter in January! We can’t wait to hit the beach in the new year!

Posted by Eliza on 06 December 2017

We love to swim at the local ocean baths.

Posted by Samantha Borchers on 06 December 2017

Any body of water is wonderful! We have a pool, but love the beach and waterfalls

Posted by Cindy on 06 December 2017

Our favourite place to swim has to be the Ocean and here in WA we have so many beautiful beaches to choose from :) so we consider ourselves super lucky!

Posted by Abigail on 06 December 2017

My favourite place to swim is at the beach - perferably a tropical one where the water is warm. Looking forward to taking bub to the beach this summer for the first time!

Posted by Lettica on 06 December 2017

I couldn’t pick just one but our favourite places to go swimming would be any of our local beaches at Nelson Bay NSW. If you’re lucky you will see a dolphin or two.

Posted by Julia Burford on 06 December 2017

I love swimming at the beach because it's so easy to choose between sitting in the shallows or swimming out in the deeper water

Posted by Kate Marconi on 06 December 2017

We love to swim at the beach although it takes us a while to get there now. So we settle for the blow up pool In the backyard! We put it next to the sandpit so it's like going to the beach!

Posted by lucynda sunderland on 07 December 2017

we have swim classes at yeronga pool. Tom is really starting to like the water now

Posted by Emma Benson on 07 December 2017

At the moment Crowdy Bay on the Mid North Coast. Long stretch of flat beach and awesome rock pools. When we aren’t swimming at the beach my nan has a beautiful swimming pool we love to swim at too :)

Posted by Holly Yeatman on 07 December 2017

Love going swimming at the beach, but living in the northern suburbs of Melbourne we don't get to go there much! Our local pool has a beach entry kids area to make up for it.

Posted by Kerry O on 07 December 2017

Grandparents pool is our fave place to swim. We have photos of us growing up enjoying summer time and now our kids growing up enjoying the pool. Birthday pool parties and Christmas in the pool is so much fun as kids and adults!

Posted by Alison on 07 December 2017

We can always use a second swim nappy in Queensland. We love the beach but the pool with friends and stuff to climb on often wins because it's closer.

Posted by Catherine Davey on 07 December 2017

Living in sunny Qld this would be useful on many outings! A favourite to take our bubs to would be in next suburb where they have a lagoon for all year round swimming.

Posted by Lorna on 07 December 2017

Our favourite place to swim is in our new pool! Very lucky to have access to a pool and beautiful beaches! Can't wait to swim all Summer with my little girl!

Posted by Sarah on 07 December 2017

Black rock beach- half moon bay, so lucky to have this at our backdoor

Posted by Rachel on 07 December 2017

My favourite place to swim is on Fraser Island in Queensland! My husband taught me to swim there and we’re excited to share it with our little man as soon as we can!

Posted by Jacque on 07 December 2017

We love to take our baby to any beach around Australia because we are a water family lovers

Posted by Tenai on 07 December 2017

Love taking Mason to my parents pool out in the country, swimming with a mountain backdrop what could be better

Posted by Corinne Punch on 07 December 2017

Our favourite place to swim would have to be the waters off Rottnest Island - gorgeous crystal clear waters! I just wish teleportation existed so we could get there in a flash whenever we wanted to!

Posted by Kate Lenord on 07 December 2017

So far the local pool. 7month old.loves his swimming lessons and is progressing great!!

Posted by Maria on 07 December 2017

My favorite place to swim is at the beach at Nobbys in newcastle with my friends.

Posted by Amanda Cotton on 07 December 2017

Any West Coast beach but we love oceans at Davenport SA

Posted by Ali on 07 December 2017

Our little dudes favourite place to swim is in outdoor pools! I LOVE using BBH swim nappy as they look amazing, but save us lots of money! If we were to win, I would love to gift this to my sister so she can benefit from this amazing product too! :)

Posted by Jacqui Foster on 07 December 2017

Our favourite place to swim is our local swimming pool, but we are looking forward to heading to the beach at Christmas time!

Posted by Stephanie on 07 December 2017

My wee boy prefers smaller pools as he is a bit scared of the neach waves so we will be starting swimming lessons soon, to get him all ready. The swim nappy would be super helpful for this.

Posted by Skye on 07 December 2017

Local beaches and lakes!

Posted by Shannon Swint on 08 December 2017

My grandpa was a fisherman who lived by the sea in a then almost undiscovered part of the South Coast of Sydney called Bendalong, mum used to take me here to the beach house every weekend until we moved to Melbourne. Grandad is now gone fishing forever but every year we make the drive to this special place and this time will be my 6 month old daughters very first time and her very first swim! A few months ago we made the switch the BBH’s MCN’s and haven’t looked back, we would love to add a swim Nappy to our collection!

Posted by Stephanie Smith on 08 December 2017

We live to swim at Aspendale Beach. Calm clean water and some colourful beach boxes for the kids to look at. And only 10 minutes away!

Posted by Maylynn Nunn on 08 December 2017

Umina Beach!

Posted by Teagan on 08 December 2017

My husband hops in the pool for swimming lessons every Saturday with our five month old. We sometimes swim in our kiddie pool in the backyard and dip our toes in the ocean when we visit the Grandies. But these last two places don't light up our daughters face like her swimming lessons. So that's our favourite place to swim!

Posted by Jess millington on 08 December 2017

We love to swim at lambton pool! But also at granny’s house!

Posted by Eva on 08 December 2017

I have decided that to encourage my little girl to swim, I have to learn too! So we are enrolling for swim school together at the local Harold Holt pool. It will be the beginning of an important life skill for mum and bub! We can then swim at our favourite Maraetai beach near Grandma + Grandpa's when we go visit them next year, looking forward to it!

Posted by Vanessa on 08 December 2017

Our favourite place to swim is in Nana’s pool with all our family.

Posted by Robyn on 08 December 2017

We love swimming in the beautiful rock pools that emerge at low tide at Merewether Beach, Newcastle.

Posted by Tegan on 08 December 2017

At this time of year it's the beach! So many adventures to be had. Water play, swimming, building sand castles, exploring rock pools, collecting sea shells, searching for hernit crabs... there's nowhere I'd rather be.

Posted by Sasha on 08 December 2017

Anywhere with water! I absolutely love swimming and can’t wait for summer to really kick in so I can take my girl to the beach for the first time ?????? she absolutely loves her weekly swimming lesson and Im so happy I finally have a swimming partner ???? (my husband hates the water as he just sinks ????)

Posted by tia on 08 December 2017

Beach for sure

Posted by Louise on 08 December 2017

Swimming at home in my own pool

Posted by Elle on 08 December 2017

It’s got to be cylinder beach on North Straddie!

Posted by Debbie Bowman on 08 December 2017

Definitely the beach or beautifully clean lake. love Yeppoon, foster / great Lakes and Harvey Bay / Fraiser Island. My babies love water and will swim any where and love to travel and visit all the beaches we can reach on our trips. Heading Lorne way this Christmas to visit all those beaches.

Posted by Brianna on 08 December 2017

We are lucky to live on a creek! My water baby Savannah has daily swims. She cries when you take her out!!

Posted by Daurae on 08 December 2017

Favourite place to swim is in one of the many dams on the property we live on in western QLD!

Posted by Alison on 08 December 2017

My kiddos love the beach. And I love seeing them so happy (but personally I hate the beach ) we usually can be found at the indoor pool though as my eldest has lessons. It's nice to take advantage of that and all pop in for a dip. ????

Posted by Lauren on 10 December 2017

We just moved out to the country and have a pool at our new place! Can’t wait for our bub to swim lots during summer while we wave to the sheep in the paddocks!!!

Posted by Angela on 10 December 2017

If we are lucky enough to get to a beach we love Caloundra, otherwise we are happy to pop to my parents to use their pool :)

Posted by alison nicholls on 11 December 2017

Moona moona creek huskison

Posted by M Richards on 11 December 2017

Any of the amazing Adelaide beaches that we have close by! It's hard to pick a favourite but Brighton holds a special piece of my heart!

Posted by Amber Newphry on 12 December 2017

Grandmas pool!!! Safe and warm for our 4 month old bubba. Plus there’s wine for Mum after swims and we can all hang out in the shade when it gets too hot!

Posted by Steph D’Souza on 14 December 2017

Gah I have been eyeing this exact Nappy for weeks! callala bay is the most beautiful beach we’ve ever been too! Heading their in feb for babies first Christmas

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