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Tots Bots V3 EasyFit OSFM Nappy

Added on 06 June 2012 in New arrivals, Tots Bots

The new V3 Tots Bots EasyFit Nappy is here! The new version of the EasyFit All-In-One birth-to-potty nappy from Tots Bots is just fab and we LOVE it!

It's made from a beautifully soft PUL giving a snug soft fit on even the skinniest legs and with stay-soft minkee inside that colour coordinates with the nappy outer. The result is a super slim yet very absorbent nappy that fits like a disposable and is super easy to use. You can SEE how soft the inner is:

The Easyfit can be used as it is or a booster can be tucked into the built in pocket for heavy wetters. And for those of us who prefer snaps, the V3 EasyFit is now available with snap fastening, as well as the super easy hook & loop (velcro).

Tots Bots is a Scottish company, so they know all about wet weather and have designed a nappy to suit. Tots Bots tell us the V3 EasyFit will dry in 3.5 hours on an airer/in a drying cupboard - which is great news for winter or the wet season.

And every V3 EasyFit nappy comes with a free staydry fleece liner!

Some gorgeous prints will be available soon too - so keep an eye out for them!

Here's the UK's Nappy Lady demonstrating the V3 Tots Bots EasyFit nappy - take a look!


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