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Tots Bots SwimTots Swim Nappies

Added on 04 December 2013 in Swim nappies, Tots Bots

Tots Bots SwimTots have arrived at Darlings Downunder - just in time for summer!

Beachbum                              Knickerbocker

These swim nappies come in 2 sizes: Size 1 fits approximately 4.5-9kg and Size 2 fits approximately 9-16kg.

The SwimTots fasten with hook and loop which means easy on/easy off, and they're lined with a soft microfibre layer to help catch wee and poo (especially handy if your baby still has runny poos!). And the elasticised waist and legs give a snug leakproof fit.


Posted by Cheeky Bug on 19 April 2014

Its good that they come in two sizes. Which means that they last a long time.

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