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Super Undies Nighttime Undies for older children

Added on 10 January 2012 in New arrivals, Super Undies, Toilet training   |   0 comments

We are so pleased to now stock the Super Undies Nighttime Undies in larger sizes to suit children up to 12 years old! There's a video showing sizing below this important announcement from Super Undies HQ: SUPER HEROES DECLARE WAR ON WET MATTRESSES EVERYWHERE! Los Angeles, CA – November 8, 2011 President of "Super Undies” and stay-at-home mom Laura Wojciechowski has been recruiting young super heroes in her war on nighttime bed wetting. Young children from toddlers on up are steppin... READ MORE

Super Undies Pocket & Pull On Trainers 20% off!

Added on 13 October 2011 in Sales & Promotions, Super Undies, Toilet training   |   0 comments

We have 20% off Super Undies Pull On Trainer and Pocket Trainers thanks to an oversupply at Super Undies HQ! Here' a little more about the Super Undies brand:The people behind Super UndiesSuper Undies is owned and operated by 'momtrepenuer' Laura Wojciechowski. Laura is a creative individula often bouncing from project to project, and works closely with her brother, Jesse, to stay on track in an line with the company's needs. Both possess an outstanding work ethic and a keen ear for business. Be... READ MORE

Ask the maker: Super Undies Nighttime Undies

Added on 07 September 2011 in Super Undies, Toilet training   |   0 comments

We had a stack of questions come in for Laura, the mum behind the Super Undies brand. Laura answered some of your questions about daytime toilet training/learning in an earlier video, but here she addresses some questions specific to the Super Undies Nighttime Undies, including:- Larger sized nighttime options for older/special needs children- Making the switch from a nappy at night- Tackling nighttime wetting- An insight into how Super Undies are made (a super cool network of mums!)- And some '... READ MORE

Today's Special - Ecomoon Car Seat Pads

Added on 06 September 2011 in Sales & Promotions, Toilet training   |   0 comments

Today's toilet training/learning special is 15% off the Ecomoon Car Seat Pads. Don't forget to check out the fabulous Super Undies trainers which are still at 20% off.The Ecomoon Car Seat Pad is designed and made by Kiwi mum, Keela McBride. They are an absorbent, waterproof pad designed to fit children's car seat restraints, capsules and most prams. They are perfect for catching those accidents (and protect your car seat!) when toilet training or EC'ing (elimination communication/nappy free). If... READ MORE

Brolly Sheets Day!

Added on 05 September 2011 in Brolly Sheets, Toilet training   |   0 comments

We're continuing our toilet training/learning week here at Darlings Downunder. The fabulous Super Undies trainers are still at 20% off, and today's special is 15% off Brolly Sheets!Brolly Sheets are a fantastic product to help make nights a little easier on you and your bedwetter. They are 100% cotton top mattress protectors, made with waterproof, yet breathable PUL backing which is soft & quiet. There's no PVC, and they can be tumble dried.               &... READ MORE

Super Undies Nighttime Undies

Added on 10 February 2011 in Super Undies, Toilet training   |   0 comments

If you're looking for a night time solution for toilet training toddlers and older children who wet the bed, you can't go past the Super Undies Nighttime Undies. These waterproof underwear have taken into account that your child will be horizontal, as well as possibly lying on their stomach, in their design. You also have the option of adding more absorbency if your child needs it.Super Undies have recently released a couple of videos demonstrating how the Super Undies Nighttime Undies work. Che... READ MORE

Cloth Trainers & Training Pants

Added on 30 September 2010 in Toilet training   |   0 comments

Just because your child has started toilet training doesn't mean you need to go out and buy disposable pullup nappies. Depending on what stage your child is at and the level of their toilet awareness there are plenty of reusable options available.If your child is really toilet aware, then the easiest option is to go straight to undies. Some children pick it up really quickly, almost overnight.For those who are taking a bit longer, or tend to have accidents because something else has priority in ... READ MORE