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Today's Special - Ecomoon Car Seat Pads

Added on 06 September 2011 in Sales & Promotions, Toilet training

Today's toilet training/learning special is 15% off the Ecomoon Car Seat Pads. Don't forget to check out the fabulous Super Undies trainers which are still at 20% off.

The Ecomoon Car Seat Pad is designed and made by Kiwi mum, Keela McBride. They are an absorbent, waterproof pad designed to fit children's car seat restraints, capsules and most prams. They are perfect for catching those accidents (and protect your car seat!) when toilet training or EC'ing (elimination communication/nappy free). If there is an accident, you just remove the Ecomoon Car Seat Pad and wash. Let's face it, washing car seat covers is a chore we'd like to do as little as possible!

They are made with a cotton top layer, an inner of absorbent, fast drying microfibre and a PUL waterproof backing. A pad will hold at least 200ml of liquid on its own.

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