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Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Giveaway!

Added on 02 March 2011 in Giveaways & competitions, Thirsties

When Thirsties discontinued their gorgeous sized Fab Fitted nappies, we weren't happy.

They were a beautiful nappy - soft and scrummy and they came in lovely colours. The Extra Small size were a fabulous newborn nappy. The only downsize was they came in 5 sizes. However, Thirsties had plans to fix that.

If you're familiar with the Thirsties range, you'll know that a major part of their line is the 'Duo' range - Duo Pocket Diapers and Duo Wraps that are not Sized (extra small, small, medium, large & extra large) or One Size Fits Most, but come in just TWO sizes. You get the best of both worlds with two sizes - you get a better fit for the newborn stage and longer wear out of each size. Size 1 fits from 3-8kg and Size 2 fits from 8-18kg.

Well, Thirsties have just released the latest Duo nappy - the Duo Fab Fitted. It has all the things we loved about the original Fab Fitted, but in 2 sizes instead of 5!

It even has a sneaky little pocket so you can boost absorbency! And the hook & loop fasten makes it super adjustable. And, of course, the Thirsties Duo Wrap fits perfectly over the top to make a great waterproof & leakproof nappy system.

We managed to tuck a limited number of the new Duo Fab Fitted nappies in our latest delivery from Thirsties and we decided we'd give one away!
We have a fabulous Size 1 Duo Fab Fitted here in Honeydew up for grabs.

To enter, leave a comment below letting us know why you would like to win this nappy.
The winner will be announced Friday 11 March at 12:30 AEDT. Good luck!

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Posted by Danni on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy because I am a MCN addict who loves to try new nappies. I have a cloth bottomed toddler and will soon have a newborn. I used prefolds on my little man but that system didn't work wonderfully for us. I have had my eye out for a while for another newborn cloth option and winning this would be an excellent way for me to try another cloth option before we build a complete stash. We have limited funds so this would help us out so very much.

Posted by olivia on 02 March 2011

i would love to win it because i've only just discovered cloth nappies (on my 2.5y/o), and desparately want to be able to cloth nappy a baby from birth. this would make a great addition to my newborn stash, and might convince hubby that cloth is the way to go

Posted by Clare B on 02 March 2011

I LOVE thirsties nappies! I mostly use the duo diapers, but also have the duo wrap covers and the pre-folds I use sometimes as well. I tried to get some of the fab fitted, but they had already discontinued them when I tried to buy them, so there were only the larger sizes left. I'd love to give one of these ones a go!

Posted by shellie drysdale on 02 March 2011

i would very much love to win this for my sister who is having her first baby. crazily, she is due the exact same time that i am due with my third, so i am unable to give her much. she lives on a farm, far from me. I know she wants to use cloth and has been doing her research. i would really love to win her a fab nappy.

Posted by Melissa J Smith on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this cute nappy as I am currently building my stash for baby number 2 due in June and want to find the best nappy that can be used from birth! And this looks like a winner.

Posted by Kristy H on 02 March 2011

I would love to win it because my first baby is due at the beginning of June and I am buying up a stash! I'm wanting to try a few different types to see what works best for me.

Posted by Renee Boulton on 02 March 2011

I would love to win duo fab fitted nappy, I'm a big person on try before you buy, and tell everyone what you discover/ reccommend, So if they are as good as what you say they are, then the whole world would be soon to find out!!

Posted by Anonymous on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy as after 18 months of sucess with all in ones we are having leaks so Im thinking or returning to a 2 layer system to see if that might work for us again.

and I love thirsties!

Posted by Justine on 02 March 2011

I'd love to try a thirsties nappy! My 2nd is due in July, so am sorting thru the stash to see what's still good to go from no. 1, most of my all-in-ones are wearing out now, so will need to replace a few :). Love the colour too!

Posted by Juliet on 02 March 2011

I'd love to win as I need all the nappies I can get at the moment! My 10 week old has grown so fast that he is out of his small nappies and into the same size nappies that his 2 year old big sister wears!... ALREADY... This is putting a severe strain on our cloth nappy stash. We either need more nappies or to get up our courage and start nappy training big sis!

Posted by Louise M on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy because I am expecting my first baby and I want to try a few different types to see what fits best. I have bought a couple of Thirsties duo covers from you guys - I love the idea this two sizing system, idea because a couple of the 'one size' nappies I have bought look like they will be way too big for a newborn and you don't have to keep updating your stash with bigger sizes later down the track! It's a good balance :)

Posted by Hayley on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy as my husband only lets me use terry towelling squares and won't try anything else because "thats what his mum used" I would love to be able to show him that times have indeed changed and there are good quality mcn's out there that don't cost the earth both financially and environmentally

Posted by Diane on 02 March 2011

I will be a first time grandmother later this year and thought the days of cloth nappies had sadly gone (looking around the big stores - none in sight). I would like to try and convince my daughter to use cloths and I would certainly use them myself when I am babysitting which I am sure to be doing quite a bit of, so a sample would certainly be useful as they look very different to what I was used to using.

Posted by bec on 02 March 2011

I want to win this for my sister Hayley who's husband won't let her try MCN'S and makes her use towelling squares because his mum said it what she had to use
I use MCN'S and they are fantastic and would love my sister to get the chance to use them to then her husband would know that I'm right and they are the best

Posted by Sharon G on 02 March 2011

I would LOVE to win this nappy - not for myself as my youngest is now 16 months, so I don't think she'll fit it. No, I'd like to win it to give to my friend who is a first-time-mum-to-be.... I am trying to convert her to cloth, so if I give her a lovely new nappy would be a good start to converting her to full time cloth! Thanks!

Posted by Angela on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy as I am about to have my second baby and have always wanted to use cloth nappies. My first little man sadly missed out on experiencing cloth but I am determined that my second bubba will. If I won this nappy it would be the start of what is sure to be a large collection. My fingers are crossed!!

Posted by Kate on 02 March 2011

I love converting my friends to cloth! I would love to give this one to a friend who is due to have her first baby in April.

Posted by Alison on 02 March 2011

Love nappies with velcro for a super wriggly bub, makes nappy changes so much easier! The colour of this one is really lovely, not too bright, not to pale and it looks super comfy for bub.

Posted by Sarah on 02 March 2011

I am 30 weeks pregnant and am getting my MCN collection up and running. I want to try a few different nappies on my little man before I buy anything in bulk, and I dont have any Thirsties in my stash yet so this would be great. My husband is slowly going nuts at the cost of buying all my MCN's, but I am determined to use cloth, just as my mum did when I was a baby!!

Posted by Khim on 02 March 2011

I would love to win as I'm desperate to find a fool proof night nappy for my son! Nothing seems to work with him and im excited to try the Thirsties nappy. Desperate for all help available. Beside, yellow is my favourite colour too :)

Posted by Yudith on 02 March 2011

I never try cloth nappies for my 3mo old. It'll be a good chance to give it a try and shed any existing doubt in cloth nappies.

Posted by Candice on 02 March 2011

Im a MCN addict and have used (and still using on my youngest) cloth nappies on both my boys. I would love to convert a pregnant friend by giving her this one as part of her baby by shower gift.

Posted by Kate L on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this for my s-i-l who is a mcn addict and about to have another bub. She needs some extra mcn's for her soon to be new addition :)

Posted by Julie Heywood on 02 March 2011

Hello! i have a 4 month old baby girl- and I am looking to buy and try out MCN's . No-one I knwo is using them around my area- so I'm hoping i'll fall in love iwth them and be able to spread the word. I've been a FB fan of yrou site for a while..I think these will really help contain thsoe breastfed runny number 2's that we all encounter....even in disposabels Ivé had a few explosions..

Posted by Jaime O on 02 March 2011

I am researching nappies for when our baby arrives in June - I would love to win something like this to try out different brands and types. thankyou for the giveaway opportunity!

Posted by Krista on 02 March 2011

I would absolutely love to try one of these to add to my stash for bub number 2! I'm hoping to not have to go down the terry squares path again this time. :)

Posted by Naomi on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy. I have been researching MCNs in anticipation of the arrival of our long awaited twins. So far this is the nappy I am thinking of using, so to be able to win one and have a play with it would be fantastic. Plus we dont know the sexes, so the colour is perfect!! Ive got some Thirsties covers, and the quality seems excellent. Thanks!

Posted by Shanon on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy as i love love love Thirsties Duo Covers over my prefolds and would love to try an actual mcn nappy on my 12 week old boy!!

Posted by Emily T on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy as I had only heard that the old style was great after it was discontinued. I love the idea of 2 sizes; I can see it would be much more likely to fit from birth. Thankyou!

Posted by Rebecca Jones on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy because fitteds are back in vogue and I would love to add as many as I can to my stash. With a new baby planned for this year, I also love the uni sex colour. It's exactly what I am looking for!!

Posted by Stephanie H. on 02 March 2011

I would love to win a Duo Fab Fitted because they would look awesome on our baby boy's bum, and I'm sure they will keep him dry and comfy.

Posted by Emily C on 02 March 2011

I would love to win a Thirsties Duo nappy because I love having a huge range of nappies even though it drives my partner crazy! The Thirsties is a nappy I haven't tried yet, though I've tried so many others on my 3 month old bub.

Posted by Erica Garcia on 02 March 2011

I would love to win this nappy as I am expecting my first bub in a week and this is just the size he will need! I have a few other cloth nappies ready for him but they are the one size kind (starting at 8lbs.) and thus I think he won't be big enough to fit them when he first arrives and I would like to use cloth from start to finish :-)


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