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Perfect Summer Bundle Deal!

Added on 12 January 2016 in Close, Swim nappies, Toilet training   |   0 comments

This is seriously the best summer bundle, exclusively available at this price from us for the month of January: a Close Swim Nappy and a Close Car Seat Protector!  ... READ MORE

Tots Bots SwimTots Swim Nappies

Added on 04 December 2013 in Swim nappies, Tots Bots   |   1 comments

Tots Bots SwimTots have arrived at Darlings Downunder - just in time for summer! Beachbum                              Knickerbocker These swim nappies come in 2 sizes: Size 1 fits approximately 4.5-9kg and Size 2 fits approximately 9-16kg.The SwimTots fasten with hook and loop which means easy on/easy off, and they're lined with a soft microfibre layer... READ MORE

Splash About Happy Swim Nappies

Added on 02 October 2013 in Splash About, Swim nappies   |   0 comments

Recommended by most swim schools in the UK, the award winning Splash About 'Happy' Reusable Swim Nappy guarantees a sag and leakage-proof swim.The Splash About Swim Nappy is made from fine and supple 0.5mm neoprene fabric (like really lightweight wetsuit material) coated in a specially treated nylon which repels liquid. It is edged with wide bands of fine woven nylon/Lycra ribbing at the legs and waist to "filter" liquid and keep as much as possible INSIDE the nappy. You don't need to wear any o... READ MORE

#ClothShotADay October 2012: CATCH UP (again!)

Added on 26 October 2012 in Cloth nappy accessories, Cloth Shot A Day, Swim nappies   |   0 comments

Help us spread the cloth nappy love this October!DAY 21: NOWDAY 22: EASYMonkey Doodlez Pull On Swim Nappy - easy and convenient.DAY 23: CARECushie Tushies Wipes Wash and some bamboo wipes.DAY 24: BAGWetbags can be used long after you've finished with nappies. They make great swimming and sports bags, and even (in the case of Catherine's daughter) a very cool library bag!DAY 25: STYLISHThe Rashguard Sets from iPlay are super stylish! (Old photo, sorry! Really busy...)DAY 26: PRACTICALFlushable li... READ MORE