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Super Undies Pocket & Pull On Trainers 20% off!

Added on 13 October 2011 in Sales & Promotions, Super Undies, Toilet training

We have 20% off Super Undies Pull On Trainer and Pocket Trainers thanks to an oversupply at Super Undies HQ! Here' a little more about the Super Undies brand:

The people behind Super Undies

Super Undies is owned and operated by 'momtrepenuer' Laura Wojciechowski. Laura is a creative individula often bouncing from project to project, and works closely with her brother, Jesse, to stay on track in an line with the company's needs. Both possess an outstanding work ethic and a keen ear for business. Between them, a formidable company is growing and growing. Laura resides under the beautiful Californian sun in Westlake Village, and Jesse hails from the Rock and Roll capital, Cleveland, Ohio.

A Bit About Super Undies

Super Undies was conceived and designed by Laura, owner and designer of Starbunz Diapers. These training pants started as the Starbunz Learners, then grew into Super Undies. They have been in the market place since mid 2007, and feedback from users helped them evolve these training pants into the fine well thought-out product we sell today. As the training pants became more popular, Laura split Starbunz in two, letting Super Undies stand alone. She enlisted the help of her brother, Jesse to breath wisdom and experience into the company, and together they reworked everything, starting from scratch.


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