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Spring Into Cloth Giveaway 2016

Added on 01 September 2016 in Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

Spring has sprung! To celebrate, we're running a little #SpringIntoCloth giveaway for the next week, and one lucky person will receive a $50 Gift Voucher to spend on anything in store. This will come in handy if the weather has inspired you to sign your little one up for swimming, or start down the toilet training route! Or perhaps there's a Spring baby due for arrival???


To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already), then leave a comment below letting us know what you'd buy (and why) with a Darlings Downunder Gift Voucher.

You get a bonus entry if you post a photo with the theme #SpringIntoCloth on our Facebook page or on Instagram. You'll have to tag us (@Darlings Downunder) on Instagram and use the hashtag #SpringIntoCloth (and not have your account on private) so we can find your entries.

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: And the winner (chosen by Junior Team Darlings) is:

  • Alison Hotchkis

We will be contacting you soon!



Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entry must be posted/received between 1 to 7 September 2016
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winner will be announced here 8 September 2016
  • Winning voucher must be used by 7 November 2016


Posted by Schayne George on 01 September 2016

I've been eyeing the Grovia My Choice trainers. We're still a while from toilet training, but it's getting impossible to get nappies on the kids now they can walk!

Posted by Tracey Williams on 01 September 2016

Anything GroVia... Ummm, I need more OC soaker pads.

Posted by Mel ireson on 01 September 2016

I would use the gift voucher to try a cloth nappy for the new baby due this year, It would be helpful in deciding which brand to purchase for baby

Posted by Amy Bascomb on 01 September 2016

I think I'd pick up a couple of Close Pop Ins. They seem to get rave reviews and the cute new prints are perfect for showing off as the weather warms ????????

Posted by Danielle on 01 September 2016

Preparing for birthing our third I realised that the newborn nappies have been acquired by little ones for their dolls! I need to purchase newborn supplies!

Posted by Victoria on 01 September 2016

I'd purchase some fluff for my sil.

Posted by Jackie on 01 September 2016

I'd buy a cloth nappy pack ready for my newborn when it arrives early next year

Posted by Louisa on 01 September 2016

I would stock up on cloth wipes! The cheeky wipes system is simple and cute! All my hand made cloth wipes have fallen to pieces or are stain beyond saving so I would treat myself to some ready made, soft, cheeky ones :) Spring!

Posted by Alison Hotchkis on 01 September 2016

One of the wool covers. Our little guy is only 3 weeks now but already a heavy wetter so anticipating a good wool will be needed for overnights before long.

Posted by Toni C on 01 September 2016

I'd use my voucher to trial the Bubblebubs Candies. They look so soft and well made. I'm told the fit is excellent. If I really like them I'll come back for a package.

Posted by Emily on 01 September 2016

I would use the voucher for a swim nappy! We live on a remote island in tropical Queensland and are expecting our first child in December so it will be magic to take Bub for a swim to cool off from the 45 degree weather!

Posted by Bree on 01 September 2016

I would put it towards some newborn nappies.

Posted by Georgia Milne on 01 September 2016

I'd either get some Grovia toilet training pants for my friend who's looking for a cloth-based way of toilet training her oldest, or trial a new kind of OSFM AI2 for my first little one due to be born in spring! Being a ftm and new to cloth, I'm not sure which I would try, but most likely Grovia O.N.E.!

Posted by Monika on 01 September 2016

I'd definitely buy new close parent prints, and a new flip cover in Mozart print I've just saw in your newsletter!

Posted by Liz on 01 September 2016

I'd use it on a new swim nappy for my little waterbaby monster

Posted by Katrina Bennett on 01 September 2016

If I won I'd buy a woolen cover to go over our night nappies and then put the rest towards either another night nappy or a Grovia Hybrid to top up my stash ready for bub #2.

Posted by Mikila Rosewall on 01 September 2016

Toilet training pants please! We're starting on the adventure with our daughter now.

Posted by Liesl on 01 September 2016

Super Undies for toilet learning.

Posted by Tish T on 01 September 2016

I'd love to get some night nappies so I can move using cloth 100%!

Posted by Bek Ingamells on 01 September 2016

We've got a 3 month old and have been using prefolds with covers but I'm keen to try some modern cloth nappies. I'd put the voucher towards starting a collection of Bumgenius elementals!

Posted by Cassie on 01 September 2016

I would put the voucher toward some prefolds and flats. We use MCN normally but during a recent hospital stay I used the provided terry flats. I loved going back to basics and had so much fun trying out all the different folds. I'd love to buy some good quality flats and prefolds to use at home.

Posted by Charity on 01 September 2016

I'd probably purchase a couple of Grovia Magic Sticks to use on baby number 2 who is due any day now!

Posted by Kathy on 02 September 2016

I would love to try some close pop-ins as they are often spoken of very highly! They are quite expensive so a voucher towards a couple would be a great help! Thanks for the chance

Posted by Yovina Sontani on 02 September 2016

I would like to try all things Thirsties. The AIO?pockets? duo system and also a Thirsties cover.

Posted by Stacey on 02 September 2016

Hip hip hooray, spring has sprung! Toilet training has begun. Training pants are what I'd choose, To catch accidental ones and twos!

Posted by Florence on 02 September 2016

Probably Close Pop-Ins as we've yet to try them and I've heard so many people love them. Look good for grandparents or daycare.

Posted by Kathryn on 03 September 2016

I really need snappis (where do they all go?) And then I'd get a couple of candies nappies to boost our stash :)

Posted by Kendal on 05 September 2016

After trying out a lot of different MCN brands and styles we have come to the conclusion Close Pop-In work best for us so we need to stock up!

Posted by Klecia on 05 September 2016

Some flip covers, one on mozart print. My covers are definitely needing replacement after 2 kids have used them and they are not git for a 3rd.

Posted by liz on 05 September 2016

A Grovia Perfect Pail to placate pervasively pungent (nappy) pants!

Posted by Sky Waylor on 05 September 2016

I would really like to get bub a proper night nappy. At the moment we use a prefold+trifold+PUL cover combo but we get the occasional leak here and there. I think a dedicated night nappy would solve that wee problem!

Posted by Marisa on 05 September 2016

I would buy some gorgeous cloth nappies such as close pop ins for my second baby due in November. I cannot wait to have a gorgeous newborn in cloth nappies again!

Posted by Ayla May Lorenzo on 06 September 2016

I would buy some osfm nappies as I've mainly got newborn nappies for my 2 week old.

Posted by Alison on 06 September 2016

I've got my eye on Grovia ONE. I'd love to try out an all in one to upgrade from pocket nappies.

Posted by Amy Gormley on 07 September 2016

Babe #3 is due any day now!! I would get myself some new breast pads. I'd love to try the Bubblebubs Botty Balm Sampler Pack as I've heard good reviews about them. Id also stock up on some cloth wipes to go with out awesome collection of cloth nappies we have gathered through out the years :) I'm so excited to be buying baby things again after 3 years since my last bub was born!!!

Posted by Lori on 07 September 2016

I'd definitely buy some more of the new Thirsties AIOs, I love them so much!!

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