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Spring Into Cloth Giveaway

Added on 01 September 2015 in Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

Spring has sprung! To celebrate, we're running a little #SpringIntoCloth giveaway this week, and one lucky person will receive a $50 Gift Voucher to spend on anything in store. This will come in handy if the weather has inspired you to sign your little one up for swimming, or start down the toilet training route! Or perhaps there's a Spring baby due for arrival???


(This is the view I have in Spring while hanging out my washing!)

To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already), then leave a comment below letting us know what you'd buy (and why) with a Darlings Downunder Gift Voucher.

You get a bonus entry if you post a photo with the theme #SpringIntoCloth on our Facebook page or on Instagram. You'll have to tag us (@Darlings Downunder) on Instagram and use the hashtag #SpringIntoCloth (and not have your account on private) so we can find your entries.

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: See here for the winner. ****

Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entry must be posted/received between 2 to 6 September 2015
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winner will be announced here Monday 7 September 2015
  • Winning voucher must be used by 7 November 2015



Posted by Veronica Munday-Stevens on 02 September 2015

I would buy a swim nappy for my 6 month old boy who starts swim lessons in october.

Posted by Kirsty Freeman on 02 September 2015

I would buy a night nappy. I think I'm finally ready to make the leap to full time cloth!!!

Posted by Michelle on 02 September 2015

Ooooooo the squishy choices, my baby is due in just over two weeks so would defiantly be someone soft squishy ????

Posted by Lauren Johnson on 02 September 2015

I would buy a carseat protector for my toddler who is soon to start toilet training, and a Bubblebubs Candy nappy for my 5mo daughter.

Posted by Beth on 02 September 2015

New swim nappies and your brand of bamboo liners- perfect size for my bum geniuses!

Posted by Ashley on 02 September 2015

More boosters for my little one's nappies as he is getting bigger, fast! Also I'm looking for a simple AIO for when he starts childcare

Posted by Abbey geddis on 02 September 2015

ITS A GIRL!!!! .... I would love to add something pink or girlie to my stash as we didn't find out her gender : )

Posted by Rebecca James on 02 September 2015

More nappies and covers for my 3 week old baby boy. Just started our cloth nappy journey and discovering you can never have enough cloth nappies!

Posted by Emily-Rose Benson on 02 September 2015

Swim nappies! My LO has chemical reactions to disposables so we need to dive into the swim nappy world.

Posted by Ksenia on 02 September 2015

Hard to say what is my priority hahaha I would buy something for toilet training I guess

Posted by Maricel Stanford on 02 September 2015

I would buy soakers/prefolds for the cloth diaper shells of our upcoming baby whom we will be welcoming this October. ??

Posted by Renee on 02 September 2015

I would buy a close pop-in swim nappy as I love their regular nappies and have never tried them, and some CJ's butter to try!

Posted by Anne on 02 September 2015

I would buy one of the beautiful Australian made nappies and a swim nappy to get ready for summer! :)

Posted by Lori on 02 September 2015

I would buy a gorgeous new Sustainablebabyish wool cover when they are in stock, as my 11 month old is growing out of her mediums.

Posted by Sarah Ansell on 02 September 2015

Something for beach days and I'd be keen to try this new cream!

Posted by Kate Marconi on 02 September 2015

I would love to try a close pop in nappy - I've heard good things about them and get a new wet bag

Posted by Ivonne on 02 September 2015

I would buy 2 Grovia nappies -Adventure and Persimon. Great spring colours to show off my boy's bum when it gets warmer and easy nappies to be used in child care.

Posted by Mel haynes on 02 September 2015

I'd buy prefolds for my bubs due in late December early January.

Posted by Greta on 02 September 2015

I would love to trial a couple of different nappies for my bub due in November!

Posted by Rachel on 02 September 2015

Probably would buy some baby behind magicalls to replace my aging ones (currently in use on bub #3)

Posted by Tammy Wickham on 02 September 2015

I would buy some liners and some Bubblebubs Botty Balm for our daycare nappies :)

Posted by Kareena on 02 September 2015

We moved to the coast last year and just had another baby girl. We have also just made the leap to use mcn's so I would buy a swimmer nappy. Looking forward to a lot of firsts this spring ??

Posted by Megan Every on 02 September 2015

I would get a new swim nappy for my boy so he could show off his cute tushie in the pool and at the beach!!

Posted by Amanda on 02 September 2015

I'd love to try a close pop in, or I'd stock up on Grovia

Posted by Kylie de Pinho on 02 September 2015

Way too many choices! I would grab a grovia one (Ur The One) nappy to try (very high on my wish list :) ) and a close pop in lion swim nappy

Posted by Rita Hawkes on 02 September 2015

I would buy a wool cover to assist in using cloth nappies overnight as well :-)

Posted by Corinne Punch on 02 September 2015

Would love to finally get a night nappy to go full time cloth!

Posted by tanya on 02 September 2015

I would love to grab a Rawr stuff & snap night nappy for my litte one to try on. He is a heavy wetter and so far we have leak most nights.

Posted by Melissa on 02 September 2015

My girls are just starting solids so it may be time for a little squirt to make nappy changes a bit easier.

Posted by Sarah on 02 September 2015

I would get a toilet training nappy for my 2.5 year old and a brand new (probably Grovia O.N.E because would love to try!) nappy for my 12 week old so she gets one newbie of her own among all her sisters hand-me-downs :)

Posted by Georgina on 02 September 2015

I'm just setting up my stash ready for my first baby so I would probably be really boring and practical and use it to put toward a Cheeky Wipes all-in-one complete kit. If I was being more exciting I'd get the super cute bumboo PUL covers. LOVE the elephants, chevron and okay designs!

Posted by Laura on 02 September 2015

A night nappy or swim nappies ready to start swimming lessons for my little one.

Posted by Tania Johansen on 02 September 2015

I would love to try a different night nappy as we're not 100% successful with our current one

Posted by karissa on 02 September 2015

I would get an swim nappy for the 18mth old. And some of the new bubblebubs balm, ill looking forward to trying it out :)

Posted by Karis on 02 September 2015

I would buy some close pop-ins as I would like to try something new

Posted by fiona Darcy on 02 September 2015

I'd love some more pop ins and anything else I see ????

Posted by Nicole on 02 September 2015

Training pants! It's time to toilet train ????

Posted by Kylie on 02 September 2015

Oh gosh, where to start! What a treat it would be to put my Wishlist into my shopping trolley! I would love a close Pop in coverall and a stage 2 bib and tots bots swim nappy and grovia nappy and some close pop ins and and and... ;)

Posted by Kelly on 02 September 2015

I'd buy a wool cover. Night nappying is our last frontier on the journey to full time cloth, and as the weather warms up I'd rather use a natural, breathable fibre than a sweaty PUL cover to keep bub dry.

Posted by Rebekah scott on 02 September 2015

I would buy a swim nappy and some botty balm!

Posted by Janine on 02 September 2015

I'd get wool covers to try doing cloth at night too.

Posted by Louise on 02 September 2015

I would start building my full-time stash with some Bambooty Basics or Bubblebubs Candies! Bub is currently in newborn-sized cloth nappies and loving them.

Posted by Rebecca Schumann on 02 September 2015

I have a bubby due soon and would love to try the bumboo stretchy flats! I've heard such good reviews on them

Posted by Sharlene on 02 September 2015

I would buy my first cloth nappy, no idea which one, but I just need one to get me started on my cloth nappy journey. Have been too hesitant thus far and confused by all the options. I just need to get started!

Posted by Libby on 02 September 2015

getting organised to go back into cloth after a year long break - need night nappies and wool covers

Posted by Corinne on 02 September 2015

I would buy nappies to build a bigger stash so we can go full time yay and maybe more breast pads i have a heavy letdown

Posted by Kerry-Anne on 02 September 2015

I'd buy a wool cover to help stop leakages at night time.

Posted by Emma on 02 September 2015

I would put it towards buying a newborn started pack to try modern cloth nappies for the first time.

Posted by Jana Meldt on 03 September 2015

Bought a whole stash of softbums for my little one 2yrs ago and LOVE them so much! I'm grateful for those awesome nappies every day, best money I've ever spent on baby items, recommending it to friends all the time! Would like to add some more nappies with bub#2 on the way.

Posted by Amy Craus on 03 September 2015

Prefolds! Perfect for NB then to stuff pockets later

Posted by Rochelle Brown on 03 September 2015

I would buy a new night nappy in a larger size as my little one is getting too big for her current night nappies, also I would buy some bamboo liners for day care :-)

Posted by Jessica on 03 September 2015

We found out we are having a girl after our 2 beautiful boys so i would definitely start my girlie stash :) so excited!!!

Posted by Kate on 03 September 2015

I'd buy some extra close pop ins to boost our stash from #1 for our spring arrival. Two in cloth!!!

Posted by Louise Hillman on 03 September 2015

Our first little girl (after two boys!) Is due this spring and I would definitely buy more reusable wipes and accessories; especially as the Cheeky Wipes have just been restocked!

Posted by Amy on 03 September 2015

Ooo it's a tough call- with bub coming in October and only a couple of nappies in my stash so far, there are many things on ny wishlist but I think I'd put it towards soakers and boosters for my grovia shells ????????

Posted by Shannon on 03 September 2015

I'd buy a night nappy, we are in cloth full time except at night and we are finally ready to try it out!

Posted by Bec on 03 September 2015

Our little boy is 12 days old, I'd love to try some prefolds & a big wet bag would be handy too.

Posted by Yumin on 03 September 2015

A sloomb wool cover to try as I've recently discovered how great woolies are

Posted by Jo Loesch on 03 September 2015

Coming into spring snd having a boy second time round means visable nappies...... I need less pink more funky boy patterns!

Posted by Romy Jetson on 03 September 2015

I would buy a car seat protector and training pants because we've just started toilet training!

Posted by Shawna crosbie on 03 September 2015

I'd buy some training nappies for my 18mt little girl who thinks she is big enough not to wear nappies anymore lol

Posted by Valene on 03 September 2015

Increase my nappy stash as I am only barely surviving with 12 cloth Nappies as they are just too dear!

Posted by Rachel on 03 September 2015

Some plain coloured Grovia hybrid shells for my 3mo girl. These are my faves of our recently-fitting OSFM stash but I have too many prints that will clash with cute summer dresses!

Posted by Eliza on 03 September 2015

I'd put it towards 2 medium wet bags to use while out and about - so I could have one in use and one in the wash and not need to use plastic bags on the go anymore.

Posted by Rachel Pearce on 03 September 2015

I would love to win this for belly bub due in October. I am hoping to have him in full time cloth from day 1 (if I can get a big enough stash together)

Posted by Kai on 03 September 2015

I would buy more bumgenius nappies!!! I just love them

Posted by Melanie on 03 September 2015

It's spring and its almost time to get my cherub in the water so I would definitely need to get some swim nappies (I never even knew they existed until now!)

Posted by Elise on 03 September 2015

I would buy a couple of your wet bags to use when bub goes to daycare for his cloth nappies

Posted by Carmin Pottas on 03 September 2015

BumGenius Freetime nappies are just WONDERFUL and fit my chubby 5 month old 11kg boy!!! And bamboo liners to catch 'em poonanies and make my life as a MCN mom even MORE fun!!

Posted by Lorelie on 03 September 2015

I think I'd get some bamboo inserts/boosters I can use in my current stash.

Posted by Emma on 03 September 2015

Some more magicallsnto boost my stash with two now in cloth!

Posted by Emma Betcke on 03 September 2015

My biggest baby is toilet trained during the day (yay) and I would love to help him transition to being fully toilet trained day and night with the help of super undies bedwetter pants

Posted by Hayley on 03 September 2015

I would love to buy the new bubblebubs botty balm for my little one's sore bottom and also another close Pop in as I love the one I already have.

Posted by Kirsty on 03 September 2015

I'd buy cloth wipes to use with my mcns.

Posted by Meredith on 03 September 2015

iPlay tankini set for my 1yo daughter. She has a stack of very boyish handmedowns, and it would be lovely to have some swimmers just for her.

Posted by Rebecca on 03 September 2015

We've just started toilet training so would love to get some training pants for my boy

Posted by Steph on 03 September 2015

A night nappy and a swim nappy as we don't have either in our small collection yet.

Posted by Emma Louise on 03 September 2015

Laundry bags and wet bags, I'm slightly addicted to them both.

Posted by Kimberly Boss-Walker on 03 September 2015

I'd love to buy some more mighty bubbles to make my nappies smell beautifully fresh again!

Posted by Christine on 03 September 2015

I'd buy a bubble bubs candy for my little girl!

Posted by Emily on 03 September 2015

I'd love some toilet training pants for toddler 1 to free up some MCNs for baby!

Posted by Schayne on 03 September 2015

Night nappies. My little pee machines have decided to sleep through the night but are still too small for the night nappies I bought while I was pregnant.

Posted by Helen J on 03 September 2015

I would buy some bottom balm and some biodegradable wipes

Posted by Jo spalding on 03 September 2015

I'd buy more inserts for my Bubblebubs & Pop ins to get more mileage out of the shells

Posted by Sarah Pieper on 03 September 2015

My son starts childcare in 2 weeks. I would buy a large planet wise wet bag and some bio liners.

Posted by Kate Pain on 03 September 2015

I would buy ALL THE SLOOMB nappies! They're going out of stock, and they are the absolute best, my saviour at night!

Posted by Cath Bunting on 03 September 2015

I would buy some new nappies for my expanding brood! New baby due in 6 weeks so would benefit from an increased stash!

Posted by Jen on 04 September 2015

Anything to replace my worn out, holey, nappies! !

Posted by Amelia Clementson on 04 September 2015

So hard to choose! More nappies as we will have 3 in cloth nappies in a few months. A new swim nappy for our toddler as he has outgrown his and I hate using disposables. Or optimistically, toilet training pants...

Posted by Lynda M on 04 September 2015

I would buy anything rainbow coloured as we have another rainbow due this Spring! If it turns out to be a girl, I'd get some girly mcn's.

Posted by GeorgiaKrklinski on 04 September 2015

I'd like to get a couple of wipes wet bags so cloth can be easier when we're out and about, and maybe a night nappy so then we can officially be full time cloth!

Posted by lynda on 04 September 2015

I would love to grab some of the super undies bed wetter pant to give to my mum for her to try out on the foster kids

Posted by Stacey on 04 September 2015

Oh this is a hard choice! I would definitely get some Bum Genius babylegs to keep bub's legs warm while showing off his cute nappies! I would also have to get a Bum Genius Albert nappy because I am a bit of a nerd haha.

Posted by Hannah on 04 September 2015

Id buy some cloth pads for myself, also a larger swim nappy ????

Posted by Dee on 04 September 2015

I know it's obscure, but I'd actually pass the voucher to my brother in law (not my sister!) so that he can experience the joy of choosing some products for their gorgeous baby. This way, it will get him on board so they can buy even more!

Posted by Jenny on 04 September 2015

I'd buy a swim nappy for my 5 month old who is just about to start lessons. And maybe a wool cover for night nappies too!

Posted by teresa on 04 September 2015

I would buy more nappies for my bub due on the 17th of September as i don't have enough nappies yet for him! Or maybe toddler training nappies for my almost 2.5yr old

Posted by Leela on 05 September 2015

I would use it to go towards a wet bag and wool cover. Have heard awesome things about sustainablebabyish covers!

Posted by Chelsea on 05 September 2015

A swim nappy!! Summer is coming.

Posted by Kerilyn on 05 September 2015

I would get a swim nappy (about to transition in to the next size, and love the previous swim nappy I bought through DarlingsDownunder), and another wet bag (using a couple on swimming lesson day, another would be so handy). Lots of other things on my list, but think they would be top of it for the voucher :)

Posted by Margaret on 06 September 2015

It'd really put a SPRING in my step if I could get some cute swim nappies for my baby!

Posted by Jenni on 06 September 2015

Would love to add a gorgeous Tots Bots Swim nappy as we'll start our 3 month old swimming very soon! And some CJ's Butter will never go astray to make nappy changes that bit more pleasant with their gorgeous scents!

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