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Splash About Happy Swim Nappies

Added on 02 October 2013 in Splash About, Swim nappies

Recommended by most swim schools in the UK, the award winning Splash About 'Happy' Reusable Swim Nappy guarantees a sag and leakage-proof swim.

The Splash About Swim Nappy is made from fine and supple 0.5mm neoprene fabric (like really lightweight wetsuit material) coated in a specially treated nylon which repels liquid. It is edged with wide bands of fine woven nylon/Lycra ribbing at the legs and waist to "filter" liquid and keep as much as possible INSIDE the nappy. You don't need to wear any other swimmers or nappies underneath, though you can.

The Splash About team have been producing swim wear for over 20 years - it's a family run business - and all their products are tried and tested by the relevant testing bodies as well as qualified swimming teachers and physiotherapists.


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