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Spence & Marie are here!

Added on 02 September 2014 in BumGenius, New arrivals


We're very excited that the latest BumGenius Limited Edition prints are here (and that we actually managed to get some!). BumGenius' limited editions are very popular and sell out extremely quickly. There were only limited numbers available to retailers and they sold out in about an hour - so we were very lucky!

This restricted availability means that while we able to get both 'Spence' and 'Marie', we could only get Spence in 4.0 pocket nappies and Marie in Freetimes. They are expected to sell out quickly, and no more will be available, so if you'd like one, please get in quickly.

'Marie' is decorated with deep sea creatures and mermaids in honor of Marie Tharpe, the American geologist and oceanographic cartographer who composed the first scientific map of the ocean floor. 


 Featuring treasure maps, ships parrots and pirates, 'Spence' was inspired by Shipwreck Treasure Expert: Underwater Archaeologist, Dr. E. Lee Spence, the underwater archaeologist who explores & discovers everything from historical findings to sunken treasure.


Here's what Dr Spence had to say about having a cloth nappy named after him: "I was recently approached by Jennifer Labit (founder of Cotton Babies) and asked if they could use my name for a limited edition of ecologically friendly cloth diapers. I thought the idea that my name would be used for diapers was hilarious (as in "have your kid take a dump on Spence") so I said yes.

"I know I am making fun of this, but I truly do believe this was an honor. According to CottonBabies' website, "the limited edition Genius Series prints have been inspired by well-known geniuses in history, From technicians to movie stars, each featured 'genius' has made a mark on the world through their inspirational talents." I am truly humbled by this." 


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