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Softbums Omni Giveaway!

Added on 03 October 2011 in Giveaways & competitions, SoftBums

The Softbums brand is brand new to Australia and we love them so much that we're going to give one away!

What makes these nappies so special is the patented Slide2Size size adjusting system. Each nappy has a tiny toggle that can be accessed from inside or outside the nappy, in order to adjust the leg elastic to the perfect length for your baby. It can even be adjusted while the baby is wearing the nappy!

We've had some great feedback from customers already including this from Fiona M: "Just thought I'd let you know that I love this nappy. Fit is that adjustable that there were no red marks on my litle chubba and it survived a tummy nap without any leaks!"

Check out this post we made when they arrived last month - it's got some videos that demonstrate how the Softbums Slide2Size adjusting works and shows the difference between the Echo and the Omni nappies.

We're giving away a Softbums Omni shell (you can use it as an All-in-2, a Pocket nappy or a cover!) with a super absorbent Dry Touch Pod valued at $31.95. Just leave a comment below letting us know what feature you like best about the Softbums nappies and you could win!

Make sure you enter before 12 noon on Monday 11 October, because we'll be announcing the winner that afternoon. And make sure that you pop your email address in the 'Get Notified' box (in sidebar under the calendar on the top right of this page) so you'll know if you win!

Good luck!

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Posted by Amby Cowe on 03 October 2011

I love that this nappy has a good selection of unisex colours and I LOVE that you can use it 3 different ways

Posted by marigoula on 03 October 2011

I love the different ways to use the diaper.... Made for everyone...

Posted by Karissa Shepherd on 03 October 2011

Definitely the slide to size feature is what looks most exciting. But it looks great overall. I love snap ins and I love velcro, so this could be a match made in heaven! ;)

Posted by Michele Jackson on 03 October 2011

What a brilliant idea of being able to adjust the fit while bub is wearing the nappy-such a versatile nappy. Fabbo

Posted by Adi on 03 October 2011

Has to be the adjustability. From what I've read it's the only nappy that really does fit newborns and toddlers.

Posted by Amy Band on 03 October 2011

I'm intrigued by the slide to size system as I often have trouble with osfm nappies which snap down to size. I imagine the Omni could be sized accurately which would be great for us.

Posted by Meredith on 03 October 2011

I love that it won't leave a red mark on bubba's legs which is great if you have a chunky monkey baby like I do :)

Posted by Carmen on 03 October 2011

The versatility of the omni seems to be the best feature - a cover, pocket and AI2 - I've never seen anything like it before!

Posted by Liz on 03 October 2011

I like the fact they are really adjustable. That seems like a really cool feature. And would have a OSFM nappy a OSFA(all) nappy! =)

Posted by Jess Apanui on 03 October 2011

I Love the 'Stuff it' feature. I love Pocket AIO's. Obviously the adjustable velcro top is awesome too.

Posted by Kate Robson on 03 October 2011

I like the sound of the slide2size feature. We have a skinny, heavy wetter bubba, so if the nappies are over stuffed they droop around her legs - this nappy sounds like it will combat that problem

Posted by Kelly J on 03 October 2011

I love that absorbency can be added in so many ways - would work well in my varied stash of random booster types :)

Posted by Natalie B on 03 October 2011

I LOVE the idea of the leg toggle. Apparently my little one takes after her mother and doesn't have the smallest legs around.. so many nappies are too tight on her legs and leave red marks. The fact that SoftBums allow you to adjust the leg elastic to the perfect length for your baby, even while the baby is wearing the nappy is a brilliant idea!

Posted by Jen on 03 October 2011

The leg toggle - what a great idea. Friends who have tried MCMs have mentioned they leak around the legs with newborns because of not being tight enough - and Natalie who commented just before me mentioned the opposite problem, so seems like these are a winner all round.

Posted by Bronwen on 03 October 2011

This nappy looks fantastic! I like how it can be used in different ways and seems to be able to be easily adjustable to give a perfect fit! Would love to give it a try :)

Posted by Sally on 03 October 2011

The best thing about these nappies looks like the adjustable leg fit. I have tried many styles of nappies on my skinny-legged baby girl and found it difficult to get a perfect match as she grows so quickly. Would love to try one of these!

Posted by Lynne on 03 October 2011

I'd really love to try one of these on my little one, who is currently in disposables.
Weve been trying to figure out which is best brand, this one seems to cover everything!

Posted by Melissa H on 03 October 2011

The idea of being able to adjust the leg elastic is fantastic, and just what I would have loved to have when my son was a newborn because his skinny little legs always ment a leg gap, which meant leaks!

Posted by Lalla on 03 October 2011

wow this nappy looks great! my favourite feature (omg why just 1??? lol) is that it can be adjusted from inside,outside, or while on bub! and with a bub who has very chunky thighs, that would be a godsend! :D

Posted by Justine S on 03 October 2011

I love that it's both an AIO and a pocket at the same time and that you can adjust the legs. With my bub being such a skinny thing, around the legs is where we often have problems.

Posted by Emily on 03 October 2011

I like the versatility, having so many different options in one nappy without the bulk seems too good to be true!

Posted by Stephanie on 03 October 2011

The slide to size feature looks great, no red marks for a good fit!

Posted by julie redhi on 03 October 2011

I love the idea of no red marks! the toggle seems like a great innovation, and the colours look great!

Posted by Debs Kidson on 03 October 2011

I love how you can adjust the leg to the perfect fit!

Posted by Debbie Gluch on 03 October 2011

What's not to like. It looks like a lot of thought has been put into the design of the nappy so it is suitable for all babies.

Posted by Jo W on 03 October 2011

I love the slide2size concept - means it won't snap open like a snap can when you are putting it on (saving time) and also means I can adjust it just right with both the toggles and the waist velcro (so important when I have an atypically plump baby that is a huge wetter!)

Posted by SarahH on 03 October 2011

1 have 2 little ones 8mths apart. I love that this nappy can fit both my skinny boy and his fatty younger sister with just a simple adjustment. I also really love the was you can jump between absorptancy systems depending on what you prefer - ie. light/heavy wetter and sleeping etc. SO COOL!

Posted by Amie on 03 October 2011

I have just decided to change to cloth nappies and i love that this is aio and has the toggle to adjust. Would love to try this one.

Posted by Louise Dowling on 03 October 2011

I love the fact you can adjust the leg area, as this is something so difficult to determine with a lot of MCN brands out there. I would love to try one!

Posted by Carey on 03 October 2011

I think the flexibility of ways you can use the system looks fantastic!

Posted by Paige on 03 October 2011

The slide to size feature looks very useful indeed to accommodate for our growing little fella.

Posted by Fiona Maynard on 03 October 2011

I love the fact that i can use different way and adjust the legs to still get the peffect fit. i have used it overnight with two bamboo pods and two booster without any gape in the legs and bo leaks

Posted by Rebekah Cummins on 03 October 2011

with two daughters in nappies at the moment but different sizes it would be great to try another brand that is easily adjustable so they can share nappies rather than trying to remember which is sized for whom!!

Posted by Heather Ginn on 03 October 2011

I love how easy it is to adjust the legs, even while the nappy is on the baby. So good if you are half way through a change and nee to adjust.

Posted by Sara Reid on 03 October 2011

The Slide2size function looks so easy to adjust! The video you posted last month made adjusting this nappy look like a breeze. I wish these had been around when my first bub was little, she was skinny all over, and it was so hard to get a nappy tight enough around the leg without leaks. My second bub is skinny around but with chubbier thighs, so this nappy would easily adjust to fit her really well too.

Posted by Sally Kuter on 03 October 2011

The adjustability of the system looks amazing. I sometimes have problems when I use extra boosters for naps ornights, but these nappies look like they address that

Posted by Natalie Marwood on 03 October 2011

I love the versatility of this nappy, as an A-I-2, a pocket nappy or cover - how awesome is that!

Posted by sylvia on 03 October 2011

Wow I will keep these nappies in mind when my next bub comes!

Posted by bec on 03 October 2011

I love the how easy it looks to adjust.

Posted by Sam Loten on 03 October 2011

I love how easy it looks to use!

Posted by Erika on 03 October 2011

I love how adjustable it is. With 2 in nappies at the moment I am always on the lookout for nappies that can easily adjust to fit a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old

Posted by Sarah Ryan on 03 October 2011

The slide to size feature sounds brilliant. My 3 month old son's MCNs always leak around the leg. I've tried so many types and brands but still have the same problem. Maybe this feature would help!

Posted by Lori Pavic on 03 October 2011

I am always using different styles of nappies as I like to change it up a bit, so I love how this nappy can be so many different nappies in one! Also with my kids always changing size and shape, the adjustable leg elastic would be so handy to get that perfect fit!

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