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Seedling Baby Reviewers Wanted

Added on 12 March 2018 in Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions, Seedling Baby

Who would like to try out some cloth nappy products from Seedling Baby - a brand with some awesome reusable products including pocket cloth nappies, prefolds, covers, swimmers and accessories - for FREE?

We have three Seedling Baby sample kits - which include a Multifit Nappy, Paddle Pants, Wetbag and more! - to give away to three parents in exchange for a review for our blog. The three lucky applicants will have 6-8 weeks to put their Seedling Baby nappy and other items through their paces and then report back with their feedback. And, yes, you get to keep the entire sample kit afterwards.


We're looking for babies of different ages/stages, and parents with different cloth nappying experience (from no experience to expert) so please let us know your baby's age and your cloth nappying experience when you apply. You can enter if you're due to give birth, but please be sure that you will be able to use the products sufficiently and provide a review within the timeframe (we know how crazy life gets with a newborn!).

To decide who we'll be sending these awesome Seedling Baby product packs to, we need to see an example of how you would review a cloth nappy, so...

To apply for one of the 3 Seedling Baby Cloth Nappy Product Pack we'll need you to either write a short review of a cloth nappy/other product we currently stock, or (if you've never used a nappy/product we stock or don't have a baby to trial one on yet) leave a comment below describing your dream modern cloth nappy.


And the successful applicants are...

Teagan Pease, Samantha Borchers, and Amanda Keyes!

Thank you very much to everyone who entered! It was a really hard job narrowing it down! 


To review a nappy we stock:

  • Login to your account (or create one here if you don't have one)
  • Go to the product we stock you want to review
  • Click on the 'Add a review' tab
  • Write your review (it doesn't have to be 5 stars - honesty is a must!)
  • Come back here and leave a comment below letting us know what product you reviewed (as well as your baby's age and your cloth nappy experience level).

A couple of things if you end up being a chosen applicant:

  • Your review of the Seedling Baby products you win must be honest and fair - pros and cons
  • You must use each of the products in the sample pack
  • We will need photos of the nappy/products being demonstrated/used but privacy of the baby must be maintained
  • You are most welcome to do video review instead of a written review if you prefer
  • You will need to send your completed review/s within 6-8 weeks of receiving the products.

Some conditions of entry:

  • Entry is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entry must be made between 12 to 16 March 2018
  • Chosen applicants will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Reviewers will be announced here 17 March 2018


Posted by Laura Young on 12 March 2018

I have left a review for Bambooty Basics I am currently using cloth nappies on my third child (second in cloth) he is 5 months old.

Posted by Samantha Borchers on 12 March 2018

I have a 7 week old little girl, and we would love to be testers! We use Terry flats majority of the time, with mainly pul covers. We have bamboo inserts and booosters, but really haven't gotten the hang of these yet because Isabella does gigantic wees and still poos 50000 times a day, and we were finding too many covers were being wasted due to spills. I have been dying to try some prefolds and have heard great things about seedling. Beautiful covers too!

Posted by Sally Pavitt on 12 March 2018

I just reviewed Bubblebub candie. My son is 19months old and we have been using cloth for 18months, so I would say we are quite experienced.

Posted by Gabriela Araya on 12 March 2018

I left a review for the Baby Beehinds Bamboo fold up/insert, because it’s my favourite with cloth nappying! My daughter is 8 months old and I’ve used cloth nappies for about 3 years in total (with my older child), we use them daily.

Posted by Gabriela Araya on 12 March 2018

I left a review for the Baby Beehinds Bamboo fold up/insert, because it’s my favourite with cloth nappying! My daughter is 8 months old and I’ve used cloth nappies for about 3 years in total (with my older child), we use them daily.

Posted by Kate on 12 March 2018

I haven't yet tried your products however as mum to 3, two in full time nappies and the third still in night nappies my dream cloth nappy is flexible! I currently have a couple of pull ups for the middle guy that have side snaps which are adjustable as well as rise snaps and elastic back so they can be adjusted to the correct size, snapped open if soiled and pulled up/down by toilet trainers. The down side is the legs are only single gusset and the design while claiming it can be boosted doesn't sit well when more then a single booster is added. So great for daytime at home on either of the younger two (yay versitility) but not suitable for night use. I also love a nappy that is easy to wash and as these have no pocket a d side snaps are easy to undo they have proven super easy to toss in the wash and very fast drying. I would love to see a nappy similar to these produced which also allowed for further boosting ability (perhaps a gusseted snap in booster, I find these my preference among other nappies) so that I could have a single nappy that truly did cater to the ages and stages of all three kids - that would be my dream modern cloth nappy! From a mummas of three aged between 1 and 5 who has experimented with cloth since her first but never found the right combination to feel confident doing cloth full time.

Posted by Emmalee Michie on 12 March 2018

I reviewed on the designer bums peony posy ai2 nappy. I havent had the prevliage to try such beautiful and well known cloth nappies yet. I have a little girl who is 4.5 months old. We use cloth nappies part time. But wod love to go fulltime and even try nightnappies! would love to try out some new brands if we get the honor of trying. ????

Posted by Samantha Fogg on 12 March 2018

I love cloth nappies. I've been using them for almost 7 years. I would love to try seedling baby, as I haven't tried these before. With two with health issues, their fluffy buns, help me to smile, when I feel lost, with everything that's going on. Cloth for the win.

Posted by Fleur Millington on 12 March 2018

I am a cloth-loving mum to a rambunctious water baby. I have been using cloth on my boy (just turned 2) since he was a newborn. We would love to take seedling on a roadtest!

Posted by Amanda Lempriere on 12 March 2018

We would love an opportunity to trial these. I'm a first time Mum with a (nearly) 10 week old girl, Ariana. We have just started cloth nappies and love them so far. Would love to try your brands and review them for you. my dream nappy is soft but durable, easy to use and very thirsty, plus you can never go wrong with a cute design.

Posted by Alison on 12 March 2018

Reviewed Bubblebubs bam bams. Currently have a 19 month old and 2.5 day old in cloth full time. Have used cloth from birth for both, and tried a mix of prefold, fitted, ai1, ai2 and terry towelling. I'd say experienced but by no means expert. But I love using cloth and so does my husband.

Posted by Rachel on 12 March 2018

Would love to be considered to trial seedling nappies. I have 4 children and I have cloth nappied them all. We started with some cheapie with #1 9 years ago and have worked our way through different brands and styles since then. We currently favour baby bare, pikapu, baby beehinds and bumgenius. My youngest is 14 months and a very chubby thighed active girl. I reviewed the pikapu nappies: https://www.darlingsdownunder.com.au/shop/nappies/all-in-one-nappies/pikapu/pikapu-one-size-aio-cloth-nappy

Posted by Cassandra Robinson on 12 March 2018

Im a soon to be FTM due 26th March and I cannot wait to start my cloth nappy journey. Ive done loads of research on all types of nappies but when building my stash, the main areas Ive looked for are the quality of the material - to help manage nappy rash, the make and design of the fit - to stop leakage, ease of use - to encourage family and friends to think about using mcns and also help with nappy changes :), and last of all but most importanly is the prints - because nothing looks cuter than a bum in cloth rocking an awesome print! Ive researched seedling nappies and love their prints and designs but found them hard to get hold of, would love the opportunity to trial but also cant wait to start being able to buy them from ddu!

Posted by Jemima on 12 March 2018

I left a reveiw on the one size rumparoos covers, we have been cloth from birth and baby girl is currently 19 months. I have over 200 nappies in various brands and styles I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed. My friends are always asking for troubleshooting advice on their nappies. #obsessed

Posted by Teagan Jones on 12 March 2018

I haven't written any reviews before as my stash comes largely from a brand I got secondhand that has sadly been discontinued! In the 12 months I've been cloth nappy-ing my 18m/o son full time I've found that I usually prefer pocket style nappies for ease of cleaning and boosting. We'd love to try a trial pack.

Posted by Amanda Kristensen on 12 March 2018

I reviewed the baby beehinds cover, I have a baby boy who just turned 6 months today. We have been using cloth since almost the beginning and I love having variety in my stash, everything from flats, prefolds, Velcro/snap OSFA/sized covers, stuffables, hybrids, swim nappies and materials ranging from cotton/bamboo/micro fibre not to mention the roller coaster ride of troubleshooting issues here and there have been entertaining to say the least.

Posted by Samantha Jaye on 12 March 2018

I'm 25 and started out cloth journey with my now 5yo son when he was 4 months all the way till he was toilet trained, I've had a baby girl 4 months ago and she's been in cloth from 2 weeks. I'd love to be considered as we adore our cloth bums and I haven't had a chance to try your product, the dream nappy for us would be nice and trim, absorbent and durable. So far we have tried about 5 different brands with Alva pockets and custom trifolds being the favourites. We would love to take your nappies for a spin

Posted by Kylie on 12 March 2018

I'm a second time mum but first time cloth user. My second child is 5 months old and has been in cloth for about a month. My dream cloth nappy would look nice, because one of the positives to cloth is all the awesome prints! But would be flexible, can go easily between a day and night nappy, while being absorbent enough to last a full night sleep.

Posted by Micaela on 12 March 2018

I have left a review for Close New Gen V2 Pop-In Nappies. I have a 20 month old son and have been using cloth nappies on him since he was about 4 months old. We currently use a mix of close pop ins, bubblebubs candies and designer bums. Seedling paddle pants are our favourite swim nappy but we have never used their other nappy products so we would love the opportunity to try them!

Posted by Ainslie Sercombe on 12 March 2018

I completed a review on Close Popin Newborn Nappies (our favourite nappies so far!). We are into week 10 of our cloth nappying journey with our long first child. I'm definitely not an expert but love learning more about cloth nappies and the associated accessories and would love the opportunity to try the new Seedling nappies.

Posted by Yulia Taylor on 12 March 2018

I reviewed a Bubblebubs Candie - my son is 5.5mths and my first in cloth.

Posted by Alice Giltrow on 12 March 2018

I reviewed the bubblebubs candies, we have been using them full time for the last 7 months. I have a heavy wetting baby and have tried nearly all of the cloth nappies on the Australian market, so I have a broad range of nappies and experience to compare to! Would love to be chosen as a tester, always looking for that illusive “perfect” nappy

Posted by Samantha on 12 March 2018

Addit: I have reviewed the bum genius swaddles :)

Posted by Rebecca on 12 March 2018

I just left a review for Pea Pods one sized nappies. I have two little boys, a 13 month old who has been in cloth nappies from 3 weeks and an almost 3 year old who was in cloth until he was a little over 2...semi toilet training at the moment and have been for the past 12 months. I had 2 under 2 and both in cloth nappies for a while! My dream nappy would be absorbent, trim and long! I had to stop using cloth with my eldest as he’s only 16kg but is very tall and trim and most nappies for his size just don’t have enough length in them. Not quite ready for full toilet training either so would need to be something just as absorbent as a regular cloth nappy and feel amazing on their skin as both my boys are sensitive. We’ve used Pea Pods, Baby BeeHinds and swim cloth nappies they’ve all been great! Would love to be considered so that we can try a new brand that I don’t know too much about and keep my babies in cloth for longer! Thanks, Beck

Posted by Jess on 12 March 2018

I have never used cloth nappies before so I am a resuable nappy virgin. I have a 10 day old baby and my ideal reusable nappy is something that can be used for a while, one that can grow with baby as much as possible and the fact that every baby is different in size even daily. I'd also like one that holds in all those newborn explosions as much as possible. I'd love to give these nappies a go as I plan on expanding my family sooner rather than later so stocking up and keeping them for my next bub would be ideal for me.

Posted by Jessica on 12 March 2018

TotsBots EasyFit Star All-in-one nappy: First up, I'm a lazy MCN user over here! And these nappies are fabulous for that reason. They are so similar to disposables because of their cut, all-in-one make and due to the fact they they have velcro fastenings. Though beware that velcro can look a little worn over time and can wreak havoc on other items in your wash if you don't fasten the velcro (though doing this will quickly become an easy part of your routine!). The simplicity of the EasyFit Stars made them perfect transition from disposables when my little one was 5 months old and they continue to be the nappy I reach for most and recommend to my non-cloth friends and family. Sizing is adjustable, which gives them fantastic bang for your buck as I expect them to last into toddlerhood. They are absorbent, lasting for 3 hours on my little guy. The fold out core helps with drying, though I would describe the dry time as completely reasonable but not excellent. These beauties are made in the UK with no harmful chemicals used in the production process - double tick in my book! Absolutely give these a go. I'd rate them a 4 out of 5 losing a mark mainly due to the fact that I don't love the prints. Jess (Mother of 9 month old Oliver).

Posted by Adeline Yap on 12 March 2018

Review left for RAWr V2 Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Pack. My daughter is 22 months old and has been in cloth full time since she was 3 months, so I would say I am fairly experienced, we use cloth wipes too and send her to childcare in cloth!

Posted by Natalie on 12 March 2018

I wrote a review on 12/3/18 for the Bambooty All-in-2 BASICS range. Our daughter has been in cloth nappies since Dec 2016. Our Daughter was born on 22/Oct/2016. We started with using the Pea Pod range, and have branched out to; (1) the Bambooty range, & (2) Alva Pocket Nappies. We use a several different absorbent inserts; Pikapu Single inserts, DesignerBums Trifold inserts, Bamboo liners, Microfiber liners, PeaPods Trifold inserts. We are yet to try your Seedling Nappies, and would love the opportunity to give them a go. We are currently searching for the perfect swim/wet nappy.

Posted by Kira on 12 March 2018

I have a 13 month little girl. We have been in cloth part time mostly at home for nearly 12 months. We are always open to new brands in our stash. We have left a review with bumgenius as this is always the first to be use here at home. Thanks K & M.

Posted by Josephine McIntyre on 12 March 2018

I have left a review for Bubblebubs Candies. I have 1 13 month old and have had him in cloth nappies since he was 6 weeks so I would say I have a ‘medium’ level of experience ????. Love cloth nappies and have slowly branches out over time and increased my stash with a few different brands and love trying new styles they all have something a little bit different to offer!

Posted by Jessie on 12 March 2018

I reviewed bambams. I have a 6 week old little girl and I hebe been using cloth for 4 weeks.

Posted by Natalie on 12 March 2018

I left a review about the baby beehind night nappies. They are the best.

Posted by Cassandra Ciardullo on 12 March 2018

My son Owen is 5 months old and we are so glad that this opportunity has come up. As we have always wanted to use cloth nappies but have struggled to find the money to purchase any. We are also finding it increasingly difficult to afford disposable nappies.

Posted by Abigail Leed on 12 March 2018

I have left a review for Close New Gen V2 Pop-In nappies. My girl is 14 months old, and I have been using cloth nappies since we got her home from the hospital. We have not used a disposable even for nights or travelling since she was about 2-3 months old, so I would say I am medium to well experienced in cloth nappies. Seedling baby is one of the couple brands that I have heard good things about that I am yet to try, so I would love the chance. I adore the tea party print ????

Posted by Sinead flanagan on 12 March 2018

Hi! I reviewed Bubblebubs candies. I have two children in cloth, one five weeks old and one 22 months old. I would say I’m an advanced cloth mum (although Dad would want to try these out and have his input too!) the only thing stoping me from being an expert is I haven’t tried all the different cloth nappies yet ;)

Posted by Brienna rudder on 12 March 2018

My daughter is 7.5 months old and we’ve been using cloth nappies since she was 5/6 weeks old. After trailing different mcn’s I’ve found the best type are ones that have about 1 inch of the PUL layer at the front on the inside as it drastically reduces leakage. And I haven’t tried one yet, but I’d love to try a MCN with double gussets as sometimes at night there can be a gap between the Nappy and bubs leg where the wee just comes straight out onto her clothes. I think double gussets will help this so much. I’m always on the lookout for new products to try, would love this opportunity!

Posted by Jenice on 12 March 2018

I have reviewed bubblebubs candies. I have my second bub in cloth who is 4 months old. My 3yo is day toilet trained but was clothed full time from 3 months old.

Posted by Meagan Richards on 12 March 2018

I use Bambooty Cloth Nappies and have for nearly 7 months. They are very absorbent and very user friendly. I like the option of the snap insert and that the insert you can adjust in size depending on the size of your bubba. The support from Bambooty is great too, they are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. I also use the swim nappies and they are absolutely fantastic! Cons - the bamboo insert have slightly shrunk in size over time. As where my normal inserts have stayed the same. Otherwise I am huge advocate of Bambooty’s and would recommend them to everyone!

Posted by Emma Sayers on 12 March 2018

Hello! I have left a review for the itti d’lish snap ins. We have used cloth since leaving the hospital until training at 3 for my son, and now for our nearly 11 month old daughter. I would love the opportunity to try and review a seedling nappy pack!

Posted by Rachel Lewis on 12 March 2018

I reviewed the Bumgenius Freetime AIO One-size nappy. My son is currently 8 months old and I’ve only just started with one cloth nappy every now and then (whenever it’s clean) until I can get more. I’m hoping I can have him in them at least part time when I can get some more (I’d love to have him in them full time, but I want to get use to them first). I’m also hoping to try a few different types and brands of nappies before settling on one, so this would be amazing for us to try :)

Posted by Shae Miller on 12 March 2018

Hi, I reviewed BBH OSFM multifit. I have 17month old twins and have been using cloth since they were born. I am a massive advocate for cloth nappies and love trying different brands and styles to share the cloth nappy love!!!

Posted by Michelle on 12 March 2018

Review on candies Bubs just turned one on Friday. Use cloth day time ju home, or if going somewhere with space to change find it too hard when out changing so regulary when he's a bit of an acrobat. I use eco originals over night and when not able to change easily during the day.

Posted by Liz Williams on 12 March 2018

I am a FTM with a 12 wk baby girl and we have been intending to start using MCNs part time (I understand overnight nappies are their own art!), but haven't managed it yet. For me, the perfect MCN is simple to use (so that dad/grandpa/uncle can lend a hand), prevents wicking of moisture onto clothing, is easily adjusted to fit around both the waist and legs, has gussets to contain poo-namis and is easy to wash/dry because time is precious as a new mumma! Also, if the company is easily contactable for support in use of the product, this would be a bonus.

Posted by Kathryn McKay on 12 March 2018

I decided to review the Grovia AIO one size as it’s a nappy I am very comfortable with. I used mcns part time, both with my eldest (now out of day time nappies) and now with my one year old little lady. I haven’t tried a huge range of washable nappies, but I am fairly confident in using the few brands I have tried.

Posted by Joelene Colliton on 12 March 2018

I reviewed the Itti Bitti snap in one nappy. Have used cloth for over six years, with three babes, including my 13 month old boy who is currently full time in cloth. Also have experience using cloth whilst braced for hip dysplasia. Would love to try and review the Seedling range.

Posted by Sara Price on 12 March 2018

I have a 13month old girl. Reviewed bubblebubs candies. I have been using cloth for 11 months part time, so would say i have a fair understanding. Although I have never used at night and would love to take this next step.

Posted by Joy on 12 March 2018

I have 13mo TWINS in cloth during the days and loving it! Except that they're all hand -me-downs from big brother, with 3 years hard use before they got them and need replacing or the leg elastic replaced (I have... no time for that). Ideal nappy? Good leg elastic for a nice comfy but snug fit to hold in the still sometimes sneaky poops. EASY to clean poop from, quick drying, snaps because my bubbies are clever and can undo everything else. Good snug but stretchy fit in the waist for lots of wiggling, running, jumping and dancing and... pooping. And pretty patterns. I mean, half the fun in using MCNs is because they are so dang adorable on their own.

Posted by Danielle Smith on 12 March 2018

Haven’t yet tried any Seedling products, but love the cute designs! My ideal MCN would be a pocket with a wide opening to make stuffing pecially if I can fit a prefold inside, not just lain inside the cover. Double gussets are a must for containing messy poos. Elastic at the front of the Nappy as well as the back is great to prevent wicking - my 11wk old boy is a super heavy wetter and I need a nappy that will absorb and pull the moisture through to use all provided absorbency. Good flexibility in fit is key for us as our little guy is big and already is on some of the bigger settings once pockets are stuffed - where do we go once he continues to grow!? Always looking out for to try another brand in search of the elusive all-around day Nappy!

Posted by Paegan Mestrom on 13 March 2018

I reviewed the bubble Bubs bam bam fitted nappy. I am a FTM with a 6 week old baby boy. I have been trying a number of different MCNs have had many disasters (poo explosions and wee disasters ) resulting in copious amounts of wardrobe changes and extra washing but im determined to persist with cloth nappies and find what works best. ????????

Posted by Melissa Hickin on 13 March 2018

I mostly use disposable because I don't have enough MCN to get us through. My ideal MCN would have Velcro tabs so I'm not having to fiddle with with pops on a wiggly toddler. Inserts that are easy to put in and absorbent enough so we can get through more than two hours would be a big plus, like the Swiss flag. I'm due to have my second baby in a few months so the quicker and easier to put together-the better.

Posted by Simone on 13 March 2018

I am a soon to be first time mum in a couple of weeks who is planning to use MCN from day 1. My dream MCN would be one that is versitle and I can use in different ways that would fit a newborn up until a toddler, double busted legs, Velcro tabs, modern/ boho printed design, comfortable for bub that fits well with no leaks. Given we havnt used MCN before we have a lot to learn, but with the right product I am sure it will make it a lot easier.

Posted by Jaslyn Renfrey on 13 March 2018

Reviewed Designer Bums. My 2nd born is 13 months old. We have a variety of MCN brands and some terry flats. I used only terry flats on my 1st born (now 9.5yo), my 2nd born has been in MCNs since 2weeks old (now 13mo). I am currently pregnant with our 3rd (due end of July). My must haves when buying MCNs are good elastics, removable inserts (easy to dry, as we live in the tropics),!wide pocket for ease of stuffing, and of course cute designs... because who wants to hide that cute fluff bum ????

Posted by Teagan on 13 March 2018

I left a review on BBH Magic-all Multi fit. We have used many brands for my two kids under 2, and I prefer different styles for different times and occasions. I have a strong preference for OSFM which greatly increases affordability and versatility with two kids. We started with china cheapies and stuffing the pockets, but we have sold them and are only using Aussie brands. I work at home with the littlest bub, and follow a CCNDU routine. I would be able to the Seedling Baby on both children and 6 weeks would allow more than enough time to put them to the test on both kids in a range of situations.

Posted by Stacey on 13 March 2018

I left a review for the Itti Bitti AIOs. My son is 8 months old, and I’d say I have an medium-level experience with cloth. I’ve got many brands in my collection and my son has used cloth since he was really small... and I also used cloth in the later stages with my daughter (though it was a long time ago... she’s nearly 13!). I actually had some Itti Bitti nappies back then too... though they were different to now.

Posted by Rachel on 13 March 2018

My son is 10.5 months old and we've been using cloth nappies for 8 months. So far we have mostly used an all-in-two style but not a pocket cloth nappy. For the past four months we have gone full time cloth (previously we had only used cloth during the day) and we're still experimenting as to the best brand and style for our son, who is a heavy wetter overnight. He begins swimming lessons soon so we'll have a great opportunity to try out Paddle Pants!

Posted by Rachel on 13 March 2018

Whoops! This is Rachel with the 10.5 month old son; I forgot to say that I left a review on the Twinkle Lily reusable pads, heavy/overnight size.

Posted by Michele on 13 March 2018

I have reviewed the Bambooty BASICS. Bub is 9mo and we've got a modest combination of flats, fitteds, OSFM, AIO, AI2, pocket, and dedicated night nappies so that we could figure out what worked best for us. We've used cloth from the day we got home from hospital, and we also use reusables for swimming. I've also started making my own inserts and wool soakers, and as some of our nappies are second hand, I've also been repairing and mending where we can to extend the life of our nappies. Thank you for your consideration.

Posted by Kiejana on 13 March 2018

I reviewed designer bums mod cloth nappies. I’ve cloth nappies all three of my babes, the eldest is 6 and he started with the traditional terry towling squares until I worked out what mod cloths I preferred. My now 9 month old is wearing the nappies her big brothers wore. We have quite a collection but my favourite is OSFM so it can take them from newborn to toilet training, I prefer snaps to Velcro tabs and inserts that are easy to put in but are still super absorbent. I’m yet to find a swim nappy that takes the cake under cute little swimmers.

Posted by Amanda on 13 March 2018

I would love the opportunity to trial and review the seedling products! I am a first time mum to a 10 week old boy and we have been using MCNs part time since birth. I believe that detailed, truthful reviews from real world mums are essential when choosing products for our little ones. I have left reviews for both the bubblebubs pebbles and the close pop-in nappies I used for the newborn phase.

Posted by Tammy on 14 March 2018

Just reviewed Bambooty BASICS. Thanks for the opportunity :)

Posted by Kylie on 14 March 2018

I reviewed Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag. My daughter is 16months old and we have been using cloth nappies and wipes full time since she was 3 months old. Preparing to use cloth nappies from birth for baby number two (due in August). We have a large collection of MCNs with many different brands, but are yet to try any products from the seedling nappy range.

Posted by Meredith on 14 March 2018

I’ve posted reviews on Bumgenius Freetimes and Planet Wise Pail Liners. I’m currently using cloth nappies for my third child (a boy, 4.5 months old), and have used lots of different brands during that time on my older two (boy and girl), who are now toilet trained. Bumgenius Freetimes are the preferred nappy in our house; other brands I have used include Itti Bitti, Baby Bare, Cushie Tushie and RAWR. I’ve also used prefolds for my younger two children when they were babies. I’ve used Cushie Tushie swim nappies with both older children and I have wet bags from both Planet Wise and Itti Bitti which are used in high rotation. I hope that experience may be helpful in reviewing these products from Seedling!

Posted by Tammy P on 14 March 2018

I left a review for Bambooty BASICS this morning :)

Posted by Amanda T on 14 March 2018

I have never tried a cloth nappy before, so my dream cloth nappy would be easy to put on and off, hold under pressure and keep bub's skin free from redness. Littlest is currently 18 months and a big boy who wets a fair bit, and leaks through many of the typical nappy brands. He will put all of the products to the test, as he needs to wear swim Nappies on a weekly basis or more often. He has eczema and sensitivities, so finding a nappy that doesn't encourage redness and helps keep bub clean.

Posted by Mim on 14 March 2018

I’ve left a review on the Designer Bums AI2 page. I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old, both in cloth since newborns.

Posted by Alyce on 15 March 2018

I have left a review on the GroVia AiO and designer bums nappies. I would love to be considered for the trial as we are new to cloth nappies it’s been great trying different brands and fits. I’m a mum of 2 and have an almost 4 year old boy who wears night nappies only and a 7 month old girl who wears cloth full time now. We have only been using cloth nappies for 4 months but using full time on my daughter and absolutely loving it.

Posted by Louise on 15 March 2018

Auggie (13 mths) and I would love to give these seedlings products a try. Pocket Nappies have never been my fave, always preferring a AI2 design, but I'd love to be persuaded *wink*. We've been using cloth since Auggie was born. I found the whole thing overwhelming at first, and so started an instagram account to share our journey in hopes of giving others the confidence to give cloth a try also! We'd be keep to review the seedlings products here, and also on instagram as 'auggie_wears_cloth'. I'd say we're semi-experienced cloth users, and have tried quite a few other brands. We also are doing swimming lessons at the moment - a prefect place to try the paddle pants before it gets too cold! I have left a review on the GroVia All-In-2 Hybrid Shells.

Posted by Harriet Servinis on 15 March 2018

I reviewed the baby beehinds, magic all's multifit. My bub is 9 months and we've been cloth nappying full time since he was 2 weeks old. We started with flats and then moved onto a second hand lot of cushie tushies I scored. I couldn't imagine using disposables. I'm glad for my decision to use cloth every day.

Posted by Katherine Harrison on 15 March 2018

I have left a review on your site for Baby Beehinds pul nappy covers. While being fairly new to mcn with my 7 1/2 month old I am giving it a good trial with a second hand lot of pocket insert cloth nappies in a brand not sold on your site and a couple of Baby beehind pul covers. I find it economical to use cloth nappies, but being on a budget I still feel at a loss of what new cloth nappies to buy to build up a proper stock. My dream nappy would have slimline absorbency to reduce bulk, extra moisture wicking around legs to prevent leaks and great multiple wash durability and don’t forget a great nighttime nappy that has endurance. Would love to review something new.

Posted by Yuen Yue on 15 March 2018

I have not used any of your products nor have we used clothe nappies. I’m a FTM to a very active 10.5 month old boy. Before he was born I was interested in using cloth nappies and did a lot of research but was quickly overwhelmed by the cost to set up and just the thought of it. I would like this opportunity to trial some cloth nappies to see if this will change my opinion as well as hubby’s opinion to cloth nappy too. Thank you.

Posted by Lara on 15 March 2018

I have left a review of Baby behinds covers. I have a 4 month old daughter and 2.5 year old son both in cloth nappies. I am fairly experienced in cloth, I have used them for my children the last 2.5 years.

Posted by Sarah on 15 March 2018

I have left a review on the pea pods. My little man is 7 months old, We went MCN 4 months ago and no going back. Have been using a variety of brands.

Posted by Shannon A on 16 March 2018

My little fluff bum is nearly four months old. We've been in and out of cloth lately due to super acidic teething wees. We currently only have two cheapy brands, so it would be great to compare. My dream MCN would be a great all rounder, covering events like the morning poosplosions and the over night heavy wees. The insert won't bunch up between the legs causing leaks and low absorbency areas. And more then anything my dream nappy will be perfect in my wash cycle. I use a sensitive washing detergent and need to wash my MCN on a higher temperature then recommended to prevent staining. We tried everything to remove stains, but couldn't change detergents due to allergies, I was scared to up the temperature, but we have been stain feee since!

Posted by Jess on 16 March 2018

I am not able to review your products as I have never tried them. We have a new born girl who is now 4 weeks old and have been using disposable nappies. We have been looking into reusable options as the amount of rubbish we are creating is concerning for the environment and the future we are creating for our child. The number of options available in cloth nappies is quite overwhelming and we are not sure where to start. We would love to be able to try your product and provide honest feedback on how they work with our little girl and our experiences with them.

Posted by Sasha ford on 16 March 2018

I have left a review for Peapods one size nappies which were my first nappy purchase over 2 years ago while pregnant with my son. I have been using cloth nappies (two main brands in my stash) for over 2 years and am planning to keep using when my second child arrives in August. I would love to do a review for a 2 year old who is a very heavy wetter as I find on forums a lot of people ask about similar situations.

Posted by Laurie on 16 March 2018

Haven’t left a review as I currently use another brand mcn, but I would love to be a tester and trial these nappies. I’ve had a few blow outs with the ones I currently use (my poor husband wore it once) so I’d love to try another brand to see the difference. My 6 week old is quite wriggly so getting the nappy right enough around the legs but not too tight around the belly is a fine art, which will hopefully be easier with your nappies. Also keen on a swim nappy so me and bubs can start his learn to swim in comfort and style.

Posted by Hannah on 16 March 2018

I have reviewed Baby Beehinds Bamboo One Size Fitted Nappy My son is 9 months and we have about 1 month worth of experience with cloth nappies wish we started from the beginning!

Posted by Lucy on 16 March 2018

I have a 12 week old baby girl and just starting to explore the world of cloth nappies. Our dream cloth nappy must of course have a number of key features for Mum and baby. We have listed our top three below: - first and foremost, a modern design. Fashion is all part of the cloth nappy experience and having the cutest bum in town is a high priority to reflect babies personality. - No leaks at 2am! The last thing Mum or baby want at 2am is a leaking nappy all over the PJs and cot sheets. But equally as important it must contain leaks during the day. That leak will always happen when you’ve had a great morning, showered in peace, dressed and even had time to put a little bit of make up on... then explosion all over your freshly laundered outfit in the middle of the supermarket. - And last but not least, a dream cloth nappy must have the comfort factor. I’m talking a cloth nappy that feels like clouds on babies bum, because a happy baby means a happy Mum, and a happy Mum makes for a happy household! We hope you enjoyed our dream cloth nappy review and we have our fingers crossed that we may be chosen to review the real thing

Posted by Louise on 16 March 2018

We started using the PeaPod reusable nappies when my baby was 10wks old. Hey worked well with her Hip Brace. I actually think the reusable nappies help with Hip Dysplasia and my husband loves them and tells me all the time how easy they are to use. We have been using reusable nappies for nearly 9 months now: easy to use and clean!

Posted by Talia on 16 March 2018

I left a review on the Seedling Ofsm pocket nappies. My little one is nearly 2 years old and we have been using cloth nappies since she was about 4months. Also due in July 2018 with bub 2 and we will be using cloth again.

Posted by Damian on 16 March 2018

I am the father of our first girl who is now 1y and 4 months. She is a full time reusable A power wetter I did try making my own reusables. We've owned it to bitti bambooty Currently at night we use babybeehinds day pikapu We started on peapods and these real nice New Zealand brand Tried to use the wool cover but our bub had huge thighs.... Occasionally we use rawr too

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