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RAWr Stuff & Snap Night Nappy Pack & Giveaway!

Added on 07 March 2013 in New arrivals, RAWr Nappies

We welcome RAWr Nappies to Darlings Downunder!

We've been on the lookout for a great night nappy to join our line up for a while now. We like to offer our customers options so they can choose what suits their circumstances best and, while we love fitted nappies and covers for nights, we also know that some of you prefer a nappy with a built in waterproof layer. We also wanted a night nappy that could fit those larger or older children who still needed a night nappy, but had grown out of regular cloth nappy sizes.

We kept hearing RAWr nappies mentioned as one to consider, and then our own sister (who had added some RAWr nappies to her stash) joined the chorus!

RAWr nappies aren't just night nappies, of course. The RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Pack comes with a nappy that can be used during the day, and nighttime boosting that turns a great day nappy into a super absorbent night nappy.

Here's what Libby says about her experience with the RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Pack:

Finding a nappy that is the best for night time use can be a daunting, especially when your child is a heavy wetter and a tummy sleeper. I had been using some fitted nappies with covers but always managed to get leaks. No matter how carefully I put on the nappy and cover it always seemed to wick and my son's PJ pants would end up completely saturated which, of course, meant he would wake up and cry because he was uncomfortable. I had almost given up and was using disposables most nights so I wouldn't have to get up in the middle of the night to change my son - but the disposables were starting to leak too!

Was it too much to ask for a nappy that I didn't need a cover for, that wouldn't leak and that was cute and fluffy? Preferable an Australian nappy brand too! (OK, I could do without the cute and fluffy so long as it did the job, but it would be a nice bonus!)

I came across the RAWr nappies designed by Tasmanian mums Erin and Anna while searching for the perfect night time fluff. I admit I was sceptical but ordered one out of desperation.
The RAWr Night Nappy Pack comes with a Stuff n Snap nappy in a beautiful soft minky with bamboo velour inner and built in microfibre (and a pocket!), a contour bamboo booster and a thirsty bamboo trifold (you can use this nappy during the day by just using the smaller contour booster). It is also quite trim.

This RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy was the answer to a good night's sleep for us. When my son woke in the morning, I noticed that he was dry. I thought it was some kind of fluke and maybe he was holding in his wee. I changed his nappy - the RAWr nappy was so heavy, it was clear that it had lived up its reputation of being extremely absorbent. After trialing the nappy a few more times I knew I didn't need to look for the perfect night nappy anymore - I had found it. I promptly ordered more.

I have been using RAWr nappies for a few months now and have not encountered one problem with them. I can't fault them at all. This nappy ticks all the right boxes.

Here my son in a RAWr night nappy at 12 months and 9.3kg. He's wearing a size large (fits 11-20kg) on the tightest setting. He's only gone into this size very recently (he has chubby thighs) and they'll last till he's out of nappies. I have some in the medium size (fits 6-14kg) as well, which fit perfectly and will fit him for a good while yet.

Would you like to win a RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Pack for your night wetter?

To enter to win this RAWR Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Pack, comment below on what features appeal to you about this nappy. The junior members of Team Darlings will choose their favourite entry to be the winner.

Entries close midnight AEDT Wednesday 13 March 2013 and will be announced 14 March. Don't forget to check back to see if you've won!

Open to Australian residents only. All decisions are final.

The winner of this fab RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Pack, chosen by the junior members of Team Darlings, is...


Congratulations, Tammy!
Please email us with your postal address and we'll arrange to get your new nappy to you soon.
Thanks to everyone who entered.


Posted by Heather Ginn on 07 March 2013

I would love to win a Rawr stuff n snap night nappy pack because I have been using disposables at night due to leaks. I love that this nappy is super absorbent, and doesn't need a cover. My husband has been known to forget to put the cover on fitteds... I also love that it has a soft minky outer.

Posted by Hayley Knight on 07 March 2013

This nappy just seems so easy! I have just started cloth and I have been so hesitant to try a night nappy for fear of midnight leaks! I also love that this doesn't need an expensive cover!

Posted by Jana Howrie on 07 March 2013

Rawr just seems like the answer to our "dry cloth nappy" DREAMS! A super thirsty nappy to last the whole night and knockout the disposables once and for all! I've already ordered one Rawr night nappy from you guys this week to test but I'm sure I'm going to need more, especially with 2 in nappies at night.

Posted by kylie Ford on 07 March 2013

Love how it has lots of stuffing to soak up all the nightime wees

Posted by Sky on 07 March 2013

We exclusively use cloth nappies so we are always looking for great night nappy solutions. I love the fact that it works for heavy wetters and tummy sleepers. I also love that it's Aussie! Can't wait to try one!

Posted by Christine on 07 March 2013

I love the cute colours and soft minky outer. Just the cuddly thing for bedtime.

Posted by Sarah Tucker on 07 March 2013

My 5month old is in MCNs full time and is a super heavy wetter and tummy sleeper. No matter how many booster we put in and cover on we always wick! I would love a nappy that is suitable for her that I can cover up with PJs in winter and not worry about wicking and disturbing her sleep. This nappy sounds perfect for this!

Posted by Tanja Wray on 07 March 2013

I never had any luck with night nappies and would love to try one. My boys are ver heavy wetters and so we were never successfull with any cloth at night.
The minky is very cute too :)

Posted by Jen Neilson on 07 March 2013

We've tried a range of nappies for nights and have found none of them work reliably, so have fallen back on the next size up huggies which have done the trick. We are now starting potty training and it would be great to ditch the disposables entirely. Would love to win one of these cutie pie nappies.

Posted by Belinda Baker on 07 March 2013

I like so many others find it very hard to find an overnight nappy that doesnt leak. Would love to win this to see how it goes overnight and if there are no leakages, I will definitely be buying more

Posted by Kellie Banyer on 07 March 2013

It seems too good to be true - but I'm desperate to find the right night nappy as not only are all the options I've previously had been leaking, the worst part is major nappy rash on my poor boys bot due to being too wet. We really don't like using fitted nappies with covers as the wool covers seem too hot up here in Darwin. The fact that this doesn't require a cover is a major plus and the bamboo velour sounds amazing (reading how it works and how extremely natural and enviro friendly it is), so I'm hoping it will be good against his skin to help with nappy rash and leaving him feel dry. Also with a second baby due in under 3 weeks (!!!!!) I will be able to use this nappy for day use (and then night use) on them as hopefully my little guy will be toilet trained in the next 5-6 months or so.
Sorry for the long response - as you can see there are SO many features that appeal to me!

Posted by naurelle palmer on 07 March 2013

i love how these nappies don't require a cover because it makes it easier for other people are looking after my son of an evening to use them. My MIL always gets confused with more complicated nappies/nappies with covers.

Posted by Yen Vuong on 07 March 2013

We love that you can add extra boosting when/if required, and no cover means it's easier for dad to use. Also the tummy elastic means no gaping at the tummy which means no leaks!

Posted by Fiona Stubbins on 07 March 2013

Love that it is an all in one and super absorbent - no more looking for multiple bits in the wee (no pun intended) small hours when bleary eyes and fatigue are at their worst. Love that it is Australian made. Love that it is cure and cuddly. Got to love a nappy that ticks all three c's - cute, cuddly and complete.

Posted by Leanne Robertson on 07 March 2013

I too have been after a trim fitting super absorbent night nappy. I love the soft minky colours and the adjustable size. I can't wait to try one!

Posted by Kate Garcia on 07 March 2013

Would love to try this nappy as it doesn't need a cover and it has super soft velour inner!


Posted by Sally on 07 March 2013

I love the idea that this doesn't need a separate cover and sounds like it will keep bub dry all night. I use cloth full time during the day but disposables at night as I am yet to find a night nappy that will keep my bubs bottom dry all night. It always seems to be damp in the morning if I use cloth at night. i'd love to try the RAWr system and see if it would keep her dry all night!

Posted by Dierdre Aila on 07 March 2013

I've tried many different cloth options at night, but nothing would work, even my favourite totsbots with extra boosting and a wool twinkle lily cover my daughter would still wake up with wet pyjamas (I'm still not sure how she slept as it was all so bulky and massive!). So very, very sad, but I've turned to disposables, especially when my second lovely baby came along, it was just too much. I love that this is an all-in-one, that I wouldn't need endless pyjamas to change every night and wash everyday. I love how luxurious they look as well as super trim and comfortable. I love that the extra boosting is included, so no guessing as to what will work well / fit with this nappy. I also love that it is made of natural fabrics against baby's skin and the choice of fabulous colours! So want to try this nappy and end my night time disposables for both my babies :)

Posted by Fran Graham on 07 March 2013

I have never been able to find a nappy that will outlast my toddler through the night. I've heard of so many good things about this one! Can't afford to buy one so winning one would be so good :)

Posted by Megan Merrett on 07 March 2013

My favourite feature of a non leak night nappy would have to absolutely be the no leaks! I've got 3 boys and I gave up the search for a night nappy before I even gave birth to #2 lol! If this nappy does all it claims to do I will be forever singing its praises (and the cute fluffy part isn't terrible either!)

Posted by Erica Garcia on 07 March 2013

I love that these night nappies are so versatile and would also work great once my son is daytime toilet trained but still not ready to go nappyless overnight!

Posted by Marisa on 07 March 2013

Would like to try the Rawr night nappy on my 3yr old son who is a heavy wetter. We are using disposibles atm but I'm using cloth on my 3rd baby and would like to rid the house of disposibles!

Posted by Kylie Mccarthy on 07 March 2013

With a toddler leaking at night and a husband yelling "disposables, disposables" I have been trying everything to keep my little boy dry and in cloth at night. I love the pocket for extra boosting (instead of lying boosters on top before the cover - as we are doing now), I love that he can wear pjs over top in winter without wicking and I really love that it's Aussie (won't destroy my carbon footprint AND helps Oz families) :)

Posted by Sharni Kennedy on 07 March 2013

I'd love to win one of these Rawr nappies as just as a great little black dress or a pair of dark skinny jeans it sounds like it can go effortlessly from day to night! And since I'm in the process of losing my baby weight and LBDs and skinny jeans are still a little way off for me then why not put something that transitions so easily and stylishly on my little one!

Posted by Eunice on 07 March 2013

Super absorbent, made in Australia, minky and soft - what's not to love in this nappy? So much better than disposables which leak and wet my little precious and my bed!


Posted by Bethany Bell on 07 March 2013

I have had so many problems with night nappies. I had a bad run of leaks every night for a week. Ugh, changing baby's clothing, sheets and mattress protector at 3am for a week is not cool >_

Posted by Teresa Bishop on 07 March 2013

The features that appeal to me is the fact it is a AIO and no leaks. I have tried some nappies and stuffing them full of inserts to keep my boy dry overnight but hasnt happened so we have resorted to disposables...Love the name and range of colours

Posted by melissa on 07 March 2013

I like that it's a waterproof night nappy so you don't need a cover and it's super absorbant. We're using disposies at night as I still haven't found the right night nappy.

Posted by Angie on 07 March 2013

Good fit, ultra absorbent = no waking at night. What more do you need?

Posted by Allison on 07 March 2013

Who wouldn't want a RAWr nappy pack! Love the bamboo velour inner and no need for hot, ugly wool covers.

Posted by Lisa on 07 March 2013

I love that the nappy is soft and minky yet also super absorbent AND can be used day or night. Not to mention that it's an Australian brand. Who wouldn't RAWr with glee and such a find?!

Posted by kristy lee malone on 07 March 2013

The fact that its highly absorbant gives this nappy great appeal.My little girl doesnt usually have much trouble with leaks but now its getting colder and she's wearing long pj's and trackies we are having lots of trouble with wicking. Also the fact they are a lovely minky is a bonus :)) k_lee_1@hotmail.com

Posted by Alison Mackie on 07 March 2013

I love that it is bamboo velour inner - so soft on bubs butt and can stuff with more inserts to boost. My son is a tummy sleeper who sleeps 10+ hours at night so would be keen to see if this can last the distance without having to use a cover too!

Posted by Emma on 07 March 2013

I'd love to have my son in cloth full time, but he is a heavy wetter so wears a disposable at night.
Winning this nappy will allow me to be 100% cloth!

Posted by Bibi on 07 March 2013

Ah maybe this could be the answer to my problem! I use MCNs during the day, but am yet to find the perfect night nappy for my darling 4 month old. He is already a heavy wetting tummy sleeping! As a single mum, I don't have the finances to buy and try each nappy, so winning one would be very very helpful. These nappies look super cute. I love the colours and soft minky fabric, and they sound really absorbent - just what I need! The trim fit is a bonus. And if they work for my son, then it's good bye to disposables for good :-)

Posted by Melissa K on 07 March 2013

What appeals to me is that it actually works and absorbs everything instead of leaking. An added bonus is the bamboo materials used, there's no better I think :)

Posted by Megan Jones on 07 March 2013

Although there are a number of praise worthy features built into this very cute nappy's design, I am most impressed by it's versatility. That it can be worn as a daytime nappy but also function dependably at night, in addition to being available in a wider range of sizes, makes this nappy a true standout among its contemporaries and well worth the investment.

Posted by KATE HOAD on 07 March 2013

Seriously, what isn't to love
About nappies that'll fit like a glove
Absorbancy tailored to fit
Nightime or daytime it's a hit
With a super soft minky
Gorgeous colours, so pretty
And Australian owned to boot
to argue otherwise is moot!

Posted by Emma Balkin on 07 March 2013

I love side snapping pocket nappies. They are so much easier to get the fit right on a wriggly bub. Quicker to dry after washing, too!

Posted by Katherine Lang on 07 March 2013

With baby no 2 due any day i'm determined to use cloth this time. I already have a variety of day nappies to try but have been scared off getting any night ones yet because they look a bit complicated for a novice like me.....wool covers vs pul covers, boosters and wicking etc. This pack looks easy to use and thats what i love most about it.


Posted by Miriam Malik on 07 March 2013

My little one is a heavy wetter- I long for those nights when she would sleep through, but now she's older she seems to wet more, meaning she wakes in the night. Changing her makes her more unhappy and she will scream the house down at 3 in the morning. I would love to try this and see if it really does work, and help her (and me!) to get a better night sleep.

Posted by Misty on 07 March 2013

I would LOVE to try this. We're new to cloth nappies and only started down this path because baby girl is a heavy night wetter and a tummy sleeper. I'm really over getting up at 4am every morning just for a nappy change. However we're still using disposables at night because we just haven't found a cloth nappy that has convinced us that it can cope. I love the sound of the bamboo velour and not needing an extra (hot!) nappy cover. Please convince me that this will work!

Posted by Kerry Cullen on 07 March 2013

My 8 month old is currently wearing cloth at night but he wakes up with a wet cover. I would love to try the Rawr nighttime nappy to see if it will contain his super wetness.

Posted by Sarah on 07 March 2013

Would love to try a RawR night nappy. my son is in cloth at night but they are stuffed full of boosters to soak up his wee and are twice the size of his little tushie. I like the sound of a 'trim' night nappy and one that can have the level of boosting altered as required!

Posted by Karen on 07 March 2013

Have never tried this brand and would love to win it.

Posted by Anonymous on 07 March 2013

love buying Australian .... woould be super happy with extra absorbancy and size for my wee man with chubby legs ;)

Posted by Marie B on 07 March 2013

I love that it is absorbant and gets such good reviews! We've tried 3 different brands of night nappies and my heavy wetting, belly sleeping son leaks through them all. He also leaks through disposables so our current night-time option is using disposables with a wool cover! I would love to find a cloth option that works at night... and if it doesn't work, I love that it can be used as a day nappy!

Posted by Kahlia on 07 March 2013

It looks comfy for on my little man's butt! Some night nappies although absorbent enough look very uncomfortable & have bits sticking into his back. These look nice and soft.

Posted by Vicki Mannes on 07 March 2013

I absolutely love MCN's, they are so much better on my sons skin than any other nappy I have tried, they look awesome and are fantastic during the day. However, I still have the nightly porblem of him having poo blow outs and wee leeking out of all nappies I have tried, cloth, MCN'S and various disposibles, which leaves me with a dirty wet cold baby and a load of washing each morning. It would be an absolute pleasure to know that my son is able to sleep without getting wet, dirty or chafed and that the poor washing machine could have a bit of a rest occasionally

Posted by Megan on 07 March 2013

I would love to try the nappy as my daughter is a tummy sleeper and heavy wetter. I've never never tried a night nappy as she is such a heavy wetter that even a disposable leaks.

Posted by Tammy Zorde on 07 March 2013

Loving the internal trifold microfibre PLUS insert... just what the doctor ordered for Master MaxWee!

Posted by page on 07 March 2013

i have never used a proper night nappy for night because they all look so HUGE but these look realy trim, would love to win one to give night nappies a try, might convert me!

Posted by Jill on 07 March 2013

Could this be the answer to my night time dilemma? I want to be a full time cloth user so please, please be what I'm looking for RAWr!

Posted by Julia on 07 March 2013

My bubba is a heavy wetter overnight, so this would be fantastic & so much less stress for me :-)

Posted by Lisa Z on 07 March 2013

I've been using disposables on one of my boys at night as he can't wear wool and is a heavy wetter, I'd love to try a Rawr, as nothing else has worked so far!

Posted by Skye on 07 March 2013

Between my partner and myself we have cloth nappied 8 babies, but have never found a nappy that lasts all night. We would love to have a sound night's sleep with a great night nappy. Who knows... maybe it'll even stop us reproducing as much... ;)

Posted by Jo Loeschenkohl on 07 March 2013

Day and night how versatile and minky as well, a night nappy that looks good stays dry and fits well, sounds like the perfect nappy to me!

Posted by Joanna on 07 March 2013

We would love to win the RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Pack as we've just had to switch to RAWr due to my 18 month old leaking through every disposable nappy out there. We ordered one two weeks ago, and it's the only nappy that's kept her dry 12hrs+. We definitely need to get another one so that she can she can sleep in it EVERY night!! I'm so sick and tired of having to wash all of her sheets and sleeping bag when she doesn't wear it. Not only does it work wonderfully, it looks adorable and the minky is so incredibly soft. I love the extra absorbency built in to the pocket. We'll probably be starting potty training in the next few months and I think the RAWr would be great for overnights without all the extra absorbency when potty training. We've found the answer to all our nighttime wetting problems with RAWr!

Posted by krystie khan on 07 March 2013

i would like to win this awesome sounding nappy because it sounds too good to be true! i have a 2.5 yr old who is daytime toilet trained but extremly heavy wetter of a night. we have tried double inserts in cloth nappies, changing nappy in middle of night, disposables...she soaks through everything. the only brand of disposables that seem to hold her amount is huggies and i HATE the idea of her having the dyes and chemicals that come with disposables up against her delicate skin. the idea of a mcn that can hold her night time wees is amazing and im almost doubtful, ( but hopeful!! ) that this nappy will work lol im sick of washing sheets everyday....

Posted by taleen smith on 07 March 2013

Would love to try the Rawr night nappy out.. This nappy sounds too good to be true!!
I am on the look out for a reliable night nappy for my daughter so that she can then have a cloth butt full time!
Thanks for the chance Darlings! :)


Posted by Alena Haines on 07 March 2013

My name is Sebastian and I am 6 months old. Every morning I wake up with a "RAWr!!!" before 5 am (which is before the sun gets up where I live) because I am all wet and cold :(

I 'RAWr!!' so loud I wake up my big sister and soon she is RAWring too!

No matter what my mummy has tried (even yucky disposables) nothing seems to solve this problem! Mum has heard that RAWr nappies are the very best and wants to try them so I can sleep happier :)

Posted by Kylie James on 07 March 2013

OMG this nappy has tummy elastic!!!! We have a quite heavy and long 8 month old little girl who tosses and turns all night long (and snores lol) we have been using the next size up disposable just so we can get them to wrap far enough over so it doesn't leak out the sides. I really wish we could be in cloth all night long but we haven't found a night nappy that works. I also love the fact that they cover a larger size range than other mcn's, which is great for heavier babies.

Posted by Hayley Edwards on 07 March 2013

I would love to win the Rawr night nappy as I have had to resort to using Disposables at night due to my 4 month old waking up every 2 hours because he is wet. Most of the time I was having to change him as well. We had to start putting him in sleeping bags as well as he was rolling everywhere so not sure if that was a factor. I would love to try one.

Posted by Emily Wilson on 07 March 2013

I love how absorbent it sounds. We've been using disposables too. Plus they look really comfy. Some of the fitted nappies with covers are so bulky and look uncomfortable.

Posted by Meredith on 07 March 2013

My 11 month old has just started sleeping through for the first time in his life and we have just had to switch to a more absorbent disposable to make sure he doesn't wake up wet in the wee hours of the morning (pun intended). I am so reluctant to do anything to upset the apple cart, as sleep deprivation is a very recent memory, but your enthusiasm for this product is infectious and I would love to try it! Absorbency, fit and comfort are all the features I want in a nappy. All that's standing in the way of us being a full time cloth family could be a RAWr!

Posted by Pamela on 07 March 2013

Have a 7 year old and a 5 year old and both wet the bed and both wear RAWR's. Great system, we are so happy and the kids are too. No wet beds since we started.

Posted by Melinda Farrow on 07 March 2013

I would love to compare a RAWR night nappy to my current combo of fitted plus wool cover and see for myself the reason for all the great reviews.

Posted by Brita Denton on 07 March 2013

I have all 3 of my kids in MCN's, my 19 month old, my 3 year old and my 5 year old but my 5 year old still wets the bed at night but nothing fits him anymore. So in the past month or so I have had to either put cloth on him that is too small and he has been getting sores where it is rubbing him or use a disposable. I would loooooove to try a RAWR night nappy that will actually fit him so I can stop throwing money away in disposables again.

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