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RAWr Soakmaster1000 Night Nappy Demonstration

Added on 04 January 2017 in New arrivals, RAWr Nappies

RAWr Nappies is an awesome Tasmanian business with passion for ethical and sustainable manufacture. They are also specialists in cloth nappies for night.

RAWr have recently launched their latest night cloth nappy - the RAWr Soakmaster1000 Fitted Night Nappy.

There are so many great things about this night nappy:

  • it's one size, adjusting to fit from 6kg to 20kg+, so you don't need to buy several sizes
  • athletic jersey CoolMax fabric inside helps bubs feel dry
  • side snaps reduce bulk at the front of the nappy and make it possible to fit the nappy to legs and waist separately
  • it holds at least 650ml of liquid by itself AND there's room to add extra absorbency if needed
  • the outer is colour grown (no dyes!) organic cotton, and inside the nappy are full layers of bamboo terry and bamboo fleece. It comes with a bamboo trifold to pop in the pocket as well


You do need a waterproof cover over the top of these cloth nappies. Wool covers as well as PUL covers are both great options.

Here's a closer look at this awesome new night nappy:

If you're looking for a cloth nappy that will last the distance for your child at night, then the RAWr Soakmaster1000 may be just what you are looking for!



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